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Dear readers,

I want to start of by apologizing to all of you. You have been most kind to me with your reviews and emails. I do have my excuses though, and they are many.  As some of you know, I was living in Canada for 5 years, now I'm finally back home in Kuwait.  God knows how much I missed my country. Anyway that was one of my excuses: you know with all the troubles that comes with moving along with fixing our home which was a mess since we left it unattended. Also there was a tragic death situation and don't forget my first year in college. Well those were some of the excuses. 

Please forgive me and don't think I'm rude for not answering your emails. They really meant alot to me.  The following chapters I wrote very quickly and the consequences are bad.  I wrote the sentence and never went back to read what I wrote.  I won't be surprised if everyone stopped reading the story; it's been a very long long time.  Let me know if you still want the story finished after this chapter.  Thank you.





Unbreakable Ties (6)




Wafts of the night's fresh air crawled through the open window in Matt's hospital room and slightly cooled his sweaty face.  The room was stiflingly hot and Matt had asked TK to open his window to let some fresh air in.  He was hoping that the fresh air would cool his burned body as well as his mood.. He was wrong.


Matt sighed and leaned further against the pillows behind him.  Everyone had left and he was alone again, just as he wanted.  TK had insisted in staying with him but he had refused.  He truly wanted to be alone.  He wanted time to think. 


They  told him that his father's death wasn't natural; he was murdured and Max was the one who killed him.  They also told him that Max was a very dangerous man and that he was wanted by the police.  He didn't just kill his father but also his father's business partner since he was working in their factory.  Matt couldn't believe all of that but he didn't say anything.  He just kept silent and listened.  TK said he was happy that Max was in jail and that he was no where near him.  Tai told him not to worry; that they won't let Max get near him ever again.  No one had said anything about Max being his brother or about the people who tried to kill him, no not only him but Max also.  But they got the story all wrong.  They think Max kidnapped him to kill him but it wasn't true.  Max took him away to keep him safe.  Max saved his life so many times.  Max was his brother.  Max wasn't a killer and most importantly, Max couldn't have killed his.., no "their" father.  But Matt didn't say anything.  He didn't try to defend Max nor condemn him.


The whole gang came today to visit him and to cheer him up.  They were all here TK, Tai, Sora, Kari, Izzy, Joe and Mimi.  "Mimi", Matt stopped right there.  Mimi was also here, and she sat over there and she hugged him and she...  He was aware of every single move and word that came out of her and right on that moment, Matt realised that Mimi meant far more to him than just a friend.  When he saw her walk right into his room and their eyes met and she smiled, his heart started to bound like a drum and his hands started to sweat and he couldn't let her out of his sight not even for a second.  That never happened before.  At first she was just another girl to him, a whiny and spoiled little girl and then as the days passed, she became a a dear friend but now that standard was broken.  Today, he saw Mimi as of seeing her for the very first time.  She was immensely beautiful, delicate and.......Dammit! What was he thinking!  Mimi was not the case now.  He's realy disoriented. 


Matt ran nervous fingers through his hair; Mimi's smiling face suddenly shattered out of his mind.  Yes, Mimi wasn't the case, the case was those people who tried to kill him and Max.  The case was Max.  Did Max lie to him about everything?  Could what TK and Tai told him be true?  What if it was?  What if Max was actually a killer.  What if Max had killed his own father and lied to him all the time?  Why not? After all, he didn't really know the guy.  He didn't know him at all.  He doesn't know anything really.  But he will, Matt vowed to himself...He will. After that he closed his eyes and allowed himself to drift into fitful sleep




Next morning, Matt woke up early.  He got dressed as fast as he could, the burns his body suffered from the fire were still causing him pain.  He got ready and left the room.  Just as he was walking past the hallway, he bumped into someone wearing a white uniform. 


Matt murmured an apology without even bothering to look up but he was stunned to hear the voice of his own doctor answer him.


"What do you think you're doing Young Man?" Doctor Jackson demanded sternly.


Matt cursed his bad luck inwardly but remained calm and confident.  He held the doctor's gaze defiantly.


"Nothing. I was on my way out."


"I see.  And did I give you my permission to do so?"


"I don't need it. I feel just fine."


"Sorry to disappoint then but you need to stay here for more tests and until I declare you fit to leave."


"But I have to leave now," Matt started to plead.


"Whatever it is, it can wait."


"No it can't. It's very important Dr.Jackson."


"Hmmm," the doc pretended to think the subject over. "Are you going alone?"


"No. Of course not," Matt lied. "A friend is picking me up."


"Well," the doctor sighed, "I'll tell you what, you can leave if you promise to come back and not take long."


"I promise," Matt smiled.


"And as you're feeling this well, do you think you're up to talking with the police?"


"What?" Matt was confused.


"They want to question you about the accident?" the doctor explained. "Shall I tell them you're ready?  Or do you need more time?"


"No, it's okay I guess," Matt told him.


"So you're up to it?"




"Very well then.  I expect you back in time for my next round. Do not exert yourself." With that last warning the doctor walked away.


Matt sighed and took off himself, only to bump into someone else he knew.




"Mimi!" Matt froze.


"And where do you plan to go?" Mimi wanted to know.


"I..," Matt stammered.


"Yes," Mimi demanded, hands on hips.


"I have to go," was all Matt could come up with. He suddenly turned red as he remembered his thoughts of her yesterday.


"Where to?"


"Later," with that Matt took off running causing three nurses to glare at him disapprovingly.


"Maaat!" Mimi watched as he disappeared from sight.


The cab he called for was waiting for him at the hospital's main gate.  He climbed in and the car sped away.  Another car followed, unnoticed.




"I'm sorry but it's not possible."


"Why not," Matt tried.


"Because he's not allowed any visitors."


"But I have to see him.  I won't take long I promise."




"It's okay," Lieutenant Martin declared cutting the man off.


Matt turned to him hopefully.


"But Lieutenant..,"


"I said it's okay, Mickey," Martin curtly said.


"Whatever you say, Lieutenant," Mickey murmured.


"Now if you follow me, I'll take you to Max's jail."


"Thank you," Matt said sincerely and followed. 


Martin stopped after they got out of Mickey's sight, and turned to Matt.


"I hope you get him to confess."


"I don't understand."


"You see, it's better for him to confess; there ain't no other way out," Martin told Matt.


A pause of silence passed between the two, until Matt finally found his voice.


"What if he's innocent?"


"Now," Martin grinned, "that ain't possible.  He's guilty as hell and you should know that better than anyone else. After all, you're the one he kidnapped."


Matt didn't reply causing Martin to narrow his eyes at him.


"Well, didn't he? Kidnap you I mean?" the lieutenant wanted to know.


Matt's only reply was a shrug.


The lieutenant frowned.  "What's that supposed to mean?"


"Nothing.  Can I see him now?"


Martin looked unhappy but he nodded nevertheless.


They stopped at Max's cell-door.  Max was lying on the bed, his eyes closed.


"Hey Max," Martin made their presence known rather loudly, "you have a visitor."


Max opened his eyes slowly and eyed them.  He frowned fiercely when his eyes fell on Matt.


"Don't take long," Martin told Matt before he left the two alone.


Max rose to his feet and walked to Matt; He looked angry.


"What do you think you're doing here?" Max demanded gruffly.


"See you."


"Well here I am.. Now leave."


Matt ignored him. "They say you killed my father, is it true?"


"They say lots of things..It ain't necessarily true.  You shouldn't have come alone. You shouldn't have come in the first place."


"So you didn't?"


"There're lots of things you don't know Kid."


"And I don't suppose you're going to tell me those things." It was a statement.


Max didn't reply.


"Exactly what I thought," Matt said after Max remained silent.


"Listen, Ki..,Matt .."


"No, you listen, Max," Matt cut him off rather sharply. "I want you to know that I'll do everything I can to uncover the truth.  If you're innocent, I'll get you out, but if I find you're guilty, I'll make sure you pay."


Max frowned. "You're making a mistake. You don't know what you're getting yourself into."


"I don't care.  I will know the truth. I will find who killed my father," Matt promised.


"You will not."


"But you can't stop me Max. Not anymore," Matt pointed.  "You're in jail and I'm free to do what I want."


"You're still in danger, you dolt.  Those people are still after you."


Matt shrugged his shoulders carelessly.  "Who knows?"


"I do," Max fumed.


"I'm not sure if I trust you Max."


"I do lots of things but lying is not one of them."


"It doesn't matter.  Take care."  Matt turned and walked away.


"Stay out of this kid.  Don't get your nose in ..."


Matt never heard the rest. 


The cab was still waiting for him. Matt wondered why he came to see Max on the way back.  He knew Max wasn't going to tell him anything but he thought he needed to see him all the same.




"Mr. Jimmy, there's been trouble."


"What do you mean trouble?"


"Well, uhh," the man stammered, "Sam and Frank are dead."


"WHAT?!" Jimmy was at rage. "How?"


"Bullets in the heads."




"We don't know."


"Job's done?"


"No. They didn't get to it."


"Well, I'll be damned if it weren't them."


"It could be a coincidence, Mr.Jimmy."


"There are no coincidences in our job, you idiot.  It's them but we'll see who wins at the end. I'll tell Mr.Forest there'll be a slight delay in the plan. What a lucky boy, he has more days to live."




Matt returned to the hospital to find all his friends there.  They didn't look happy.


"Where were you," TK demanded accusingly.


"I needed some fresh air," Matt lied with a smile.


"You could've told us.  We were worried," said Tai.


"I'm sorry." Matt then turned to Mimi.  He felt bad about treating her the way he did. "Sorry Mimi. I didn't mean to take off like that."


"It's okay," Mimi replied but it was obvious that she was still upset.


"The doctor told us you were ready to talk to the police," Joe put in.


"Are they here?" asked Matt.


Joe nodded.


"Matt, we can do this later. It doesn't have to be today." TK felt protective all of a sudden.


"It's okay TK, I don't mind.  I'll tell them everything I know and get it over with."


They nodded.  They walked into the room to find the police officer sitting there.  He rose to his feet and offered his hand to Matt.  "Name's Derek Watson.  You must be Matt."


"Yes,that's me." Matt shook the officer's hand.


They all sat down then. 


"How're you feeling today, Matt?"


"Good," Matt answered drily.  He wanted this conversation to end as fast as possible.


The officer smiled, all used to dry attitudes.  "Can you tell me what happened to you from the night you disappeared to the day you were found?"


Matt too a deep breath and began telling his tale.  He told them everything from the day he met Max to the day he regained consciousness at the hospital.  Only he held back the small detail of Max telling him he was his brother.


By the time he finished telling his story, everyone was at shock. 


"So you're telling me that Max Brandon didn't actually kidnap you or try to kill you?" The officer wanted to make sure.


"Yes," Matt nodded his head.


"It doesn't matter," TK announced drily, "I still don't trust him."


"And the injuries you suffered were not inflicted by him?" the officer ignored TK and questioned again.


"He never tried to harm me, not purposely at least.  The injuries were caused during the incidents I told you about."


The officer nodded.  "And you don't know who they are,the men who tried to kill you?"


Matt shook his head no.


"Okay," the officer sighed, "I would like you to describe the men you saw, the ones who caused the fire, to us.  We might be able to identify them.  Can you do that?"




The officer nodded.


"Does this mean that Matt's still in danger?" questioned Tai.


"Until we know for sure, it is best if you watch eachothers' backs.




One week later, Matt was released from the hospital.  His friends drove him from the hospital to TK's home, where they decided to hang out for the day.


"Well, what do you guys think?" Joe whispered.


"I don't know," Tai looked sceptical.


"I don't think he'll like the idea," Izzy said, glancing toward Matt who was oblivious to them, staring out from the window.


Sora and Kari nodded in agreement.


"Leave it to me guys. I'll convince him," offered Mimi.


"I don't know, Mimi," TK was worried.


"I'll show you," Mimi promised and walked to Matt.


She stood beside him.  "Hi."


He turned to face her and as soon as he saw her he smiled.  She had this strange influence over him, she could make him smile and forget all his troubles any time.


"Hi." He extended his hand to her, she took it and he gently pulled her to sit beside him.


"Can we talk?" she asked innocently.


"Of course." He stared at her merry face eagerly.


"What do you think about spending few days at a farm?"


"A farm?" Matt was surprised. 


"Yes, a farm? You like farms, right?"


"Yeah, but.."


"Oh common Matt," Mimi whined, "We'll have fun. You know you want to!"


"I don't know," Matt was clearly doubtful.


"Yes, you do.  Joe's uncle owns the farm and he invited us. Everyone thinks it's a great idea." Mimi put her hand on top of his and squeezed. "Please Matt?"


Matt stared at her eager face and lost himself in her beautiful eyes.  At that very moment he wished that everything was back to normal and that he could hug Mimi and say yes and worry about nothing else.  That was impossible of course, he reminded himself.


"Matt?" her eyes pierced through his very soul and he couldn't take anymore.




"You really mean that?"


He smiled. 


"YES!" she cheered and flung herself into Matt's welcoming arms.




Everyone was busy packing, that's when Matt sneaked out, got into his car and rode off (yes, he's old enough to drive). He reached his destination fast and parked. He got out of the car and entered the building with hasty steps.  He took the elevator to the third floor and when elevator's door opened, there was a man standing close, waiting for him. 


"Mr.Simon, I presume?" Matt asked carefully.


"That's me, and you must be Matt Ishida."


They shook hands and the man invited Matt to his office.  They sat down.


"What can I do for you, Matt?"


"I have a job for you."


The man narrowed his eyes.


"In another words, I would like to hire you Mr.Simon."


Private Eye, Rick Simon smiled.




At the farm, everyone was busy with something.  It was sunset time and Matt was leaning against the fence lost in his own world, when his younger brother TK approached him.


"You're okay?"


"Yeah." Matt turned and smiled warmly into his brother's worried face.


"I hope this trip will make you forget everything that happened and start over again," TK said sincerely.


"Yeah, me too TK."


"It's beautiful, isn't it?" TK asked.




"The farm."


"Yes it is."


They watched in admiration as the sun slowly disappeared behind the mountains clouring the horizon with a sleepy orange colour. 


"TK?," Matt broke the silent suddenly.




"What did you think of father?"


TK frowned.  "What made you ask?"


Matt studied him carefully. "You didn't hate him, did you?"


"Of course not!"


"But you didn't love him either."


"Matt, I..."


"I'm not judging you TK. I just want to know how you felt about him?"


"Well, he's dead anyway."


"I know."


TK sighed and a pained look crossed his face.  "I just couldn't forgive him for abandoning us, me and mom, I guess.  He always prefered you over made me jealous some times but not always."


"I'm sorry TK."


"It wasn't your fault.  Anyway,it didn't bother me much having him far away. What bothered me is having you far away and I don't mean it literally of course."




"You never let anyone get close to you Matt.  Not me, not my mom, not anyone. You always shut me out of your life, but I love you," TK's eyes started to tear up, "I love you more than anyone else. I really do.  I don't want to lose you. Never."


"I love you too, TK. You know that. Don't you?"


TK nodded, unable to speak.




Slowly TK hugged him and quickly he hugged him back. 




The phone started to ring and Tai picked up.  They were all sitting around eating dinner and laughing at jokes. 


"WHAT? Are you sure?" Tai demanded into the phone. 


Everyone was quiet and listened.


"Is he dead?"




"Okay, thank you for letting us know."  With that Tai hung up.


"What?" Kari queried.


"Max escaped."


"But that can't be true!" TK said loudly.


"They were transporting him for trial when they were, the police, attacked by probably Max's friends."


All faces turned pale.


"But officer Derek said they shot him.  They shot Max."


Matt could feel panic rise up in his throat.


"He's dead?" Matt asked shakily.


"No. But who knows how serious it is? He might be dead now," Tai tried to comfort Matt.


"We have to get back," Matt announced.


"No," Tai told him,"the officer said it's best if we stayed here because no one knows that.  We will be safer here Matt."


'We,' Matt thought quickly. That's true, now it was we. He was with his friends now and if he was in danger that mean they are too.




"Okay. We stay."




Two days later, Tai, Sora, TK and Kari went horse riding. Joe and Izzy went with Joe's uncle to visit the owner of the next farm.  Jack and Tom, the two farm-hands went to get some supplies from the closest store available, which was three hours ride from the farm.


Matt and Mimi stayed at the farm. 


Matt was brushing one of the horses when he smelled smoke.  He looked around and saw the empty stable burn.  But what terrified Matt wasn't the fire, it was the loud scream coming from the stable.  Mimi's scream. 


Matt grabbed the first thing he saw, a hay-fork, and ran wildly toward the burning stable.


The door was open and through the nearing smoke Matt could see a man standing over Mimi holding a gun.  Without thinking Matt threw himself at the man, hitting him with the hay-fork.  Mimi shrieked as both men fell to the floor.




The man wasn't expecting the sudden attack. The force of the hit he received and Matt's body caused him to lose his gun and fall down cursing savagely. Though he recovered fast and bunched Matt in the face.  Matt fell backward and away from the man, yet near the man's gun.  Matt grabbed the gun quickly and pointed it at the man as both he and him raised carefully to their feet.


"Now, now, boy. I wasn't trying to hurt her," the man said, raising his hands.


"He's lying Matt.  He was going to kill me.  He told me so," Mimi said coming up behind Matt and clinging to his back.


"Uhh, how can I hurt such a pretty thing?" the man said taking a step toward them.


"Stay Back!" Matt warned pointing the gun at him.


"You can't shoot me, boy," the man smiled evilly.


"I can and I will if you take one more step forward."


"But I ain't done nothing," the man said as his hand slowly went to his other gun which he hid in his jacket.




But the trigger was pulled and the bullet hit its target.  The man fell to the floor, dead.




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