Unbreakable Ties! (Part 4)

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"Here," Max offered Matt a plate of what he was cooking. Matt accepted the plate silently. He eyed the food and decided it didn't look bad. He took a bite then another.

"How is it?" Max asked after a moment of silence.

"Good," was Matt honest answer.

Max nodded, satisfied, and continued eating himself.

Max stared at Matt while he ate. The younger boy was too occupied with satisfying his hunger to notice. Many thoughts raced in Max's head. *They have to get out of here soon. It wouldn't be long before "they" track them down, he knew it. And he has " him" to worry about too. Well at least he doesn't seem to ask as many questions as before. First of all he has to fix that junk car parked outside.* Max sighed, causing Matt to glare at him.

"Something wrong?"



After the meal Matt gingerly stood. Max noticed. "Your foot hurt?"

"A little."

"Come here," Max motioned him to the couch. Matt hobbled to it and sat down.

Max helped him stretch his legs and then started massaging the injured foot. At first Matt gasped with pain but soon the gentle touches forced him to relax.

"Feels good," Matt murmured sleepily; his eyes closing slowly.


During the next 24 hours, Max continued to work on the car almost at all times. Matt's foot was almost completely healed by the next day.

Billy barked excitedly trying to draw either boy's attention but was unsuccessful as the two had their hands full working on the car. They've been working on it for hours without stop. By the time it was finished, both boys were exhausted. They stood, gasping, their faces, hands, and clothes were greasy and filthy but a smile played on both their lips as they stared at their handwork.

Rain started to fall without warning. Both boys stepped into it, allowing the rain drops to wash them down. The sensation was pleasant for both...They looked at each other, smiling-no words were spoken..Only the sound of the falling rain and Billy barking as he danced around the two brothers, willing as they are to soak himself to the bones.


"Open it," Sora urged.

TK eyed the package warily, only partly interested. He couldn't figure out what lead a small package could give. He sighed and began to tear the package open.

"It's addressed to your dad," Tai remarked.

There was suddenly loud knocks on the door followed by Mimi's voice.

"Open up guys it's us."

Kari went and opened the door. Mimi burst right in followed by Izzy and Joe.

"Guys you gotta hear this!"

TK ignored the package and looked up-his eyes full of hope and anticipation.


Max decided to leave soon after they eat and rest up a little. He entered the house to prepare something fast to eat while Matt was still outside calling for Billy.

Matt looked around for Billy. He was getting bored.

"Come on Billy! I'm not waiting here forever!"

Matt sighed with frustration and decided to head back inside..Billy was probably playing somewhere and would follow as soon as he felt hungry.

Matt turned but before he took one step, he heard a sound.

"Billy??" There was no reply. Before Matt could take a step further, strong hands grabbed him from behind.


"What?" Tai demanded.

"What is it?" Sora urged impatiently.

"You know Nicky, Mrs. Goapy's son, right?" Mimi began.


"Well, I saw him just now and thought it wouldn't hurt to ask him. Well, guess what? He saw Matt!"


"Hey kid! Food's ready!" Max called. There was no answer.

Max stepped outside but paused suddenly. He was getting an uneasy feeling. He went back inside and retrieved his gun. He stepped outside again, this time carefully.


"Well, well...Nice to see ya again Max!"

Max turned sharply towards the voice.

"Drop it," Dan ordered pressing his gun against Matt's temple. Max eyed the scene before him.

A man stood pointing a gun at him. Another one restrained a struggling Matt, while Dan stood over them pointing a gun at Matt's head while locking eyes with Max.

"I said drop it unless you want me to put a hole in your brother's head," Dan threatoned.

Max stared at him icily. After few moments, during which everyone including Matt thought Max was never going to obey, Max slowly dropped his gun-never breaking the eye contact.

Dan smiled spitefully. "Well, you disappoint me Max. The Ice Boy got a heart after all!"

Dan yanked Matt's head up roughly. "You look nothing alike," He breathed in Matt's face. "You got a good looking little bro Max, I'll tell ya that!" Dan then dropped Matt's head not so gently but kept his gun trained on his temple.

"He doesn't know anything, Dan. You might as well let him go," Max said.

Dan burst laughing as if he had just listened to a good joke.

"Thought you smarter than this Max. You know better. Mr. Forest doesn't leave anything to chance."

"I tell you, he knows nothing."

"Doesn't matter and you know it."

Matt never stopped struggling. He was shocked to find that Max knew these men. He was scared and dreaded what's coming next but tried his best not to show his fear.

"Too bad Max.. I really liked you."

"What now Dan? You're gonna kill us?" Max inquired.

"Him, Yes. You on the other hand, have another thing coming," Dan smiled.

Max stared back angrily.

Dan produced a bottle and a cloth from his pocket. He soaked the cloth with the contents of the bottle and advanced toward the still struggling Matt. He held Matt's chin in place as he covered Matt's mouth and nose with the soaked cloth. Matt tried to struggle harder, to get away but was unsuccessful..

Max moved with intentions of saving his brother but was stopped by the gun aimed at Matt.

"One more step and I'll blow up his brains."

"You're gonna do it anyways," but he did stop.

Max watched helplessly as Matt went limp in the man's arms.

"Get him inside," Dan instructed. The man carried Matt's limp body to the house.

"Nice meeting ya Max!" was the last thing Max heared before he felt a painful blow to the back of his head. He swayed on his feet and dropped to the ground as darkness claimed him completely.


"When?" Tai asked again.

"On the day he disappeared. He saw a guy drag him to a car and then drive away."

"Why the hell didn't he say something then?" TK angrily asked.

"He thought it was one of Matt's friends joking with him."

"What kind of a car?" Tai asked calmly.

"Red," Mimi said in a soft voice.

"THAT'S IT!" TK cried.

Mimi nodded sadly, her enthusiasm gone.

"Well that doesn't get us anywhere," Izzy stated.

TK hit the wall with his fist..Mimi looked down, feeling ashamed.

"It doesn't get us anywhere..."


(To Be Continued..)

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