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"Nooo!!" TK screamed as he bolted upright in bed, sweat covering his face.

   "It's allright, TK," a soft soothing voice whispered into the frantic boy's ear. "It's only a dream."

   "Kari?!! How..?When did you come here?"

   "Tai called me, told me you guys are staying here tonight. You okay?"

   "Yeah," TK sighed as he ran shaky fingers through his sweaty hair. "I had a bad dream. Sorry I disturbed you."

   Kari shook her head. "Don't be, I was up already. Want to talk about it?"

   TK looked sadly down, the darkness of the room hiding the glitter of tears filling his eyes. "It's Matt..I saw him hurt and screaming in pain only I couldn't reach him. I couldn't help him or even talk to him."

   TK was lost in his own miserable world untill gentle hands touching his face brought him out. TK blinked and stared at the honey concerned eyes watching him: The moon shining through the window providing the room with undetectable magic.

   "We'll find him TK. It's gonna be ok,"Kari promised.

   TK managed a small smile."Thanks Kari," he said, thankful to have her there.


   He woke to the smell of a strange odour and sharp pains. His eyes fluttered open slowly and he stared at the wide eyes of the huge dog that was inches away from his face.

   Matt blinked and as he became more allert, he also came to feel hands touching his injured foot, causing him intense pains.

   "No, stop. Hurt," Matt hissed as he tried to sit upstraight. The move only caused the pain to intensify and Matt ended up stretched back in bed, gasping sharply.

   "Sorry," a voice murmured.

   Matt blinked again and stared up and ahead at Max. Max was a mess, his face and clothes were dirty, his face was just as filthy and the gash on the side of his head contributed to his awful look.

   Matt tried to remember what had happened and was successful up to the point where he heard the sound of the explosion. After that he remembered nothing, his mind was blank. Obviously, he lost conciousness at that point.

   "What happened?"

   "Be still!" Max ordered.

   "Oww! What are you doing to it?"

   Max sighed impatiently. "Trying to put something on it and wrap it up,so quit squirming around,will ya?"

   "Where are we? What happened? Was that really a bomb?"

   "No a chocolate cake!" Max said sarcastically. "What do ya think?"

   "But why?"

   "It doesn't matter."

   "If course it matters. People don't just blow up people."

   Max finished wrapping Matt's foot up, and looked up at him. "How's the head?"

   "Okay I guess," Matt said as he ran his fingers over the back of his head feeling a large bump there. He then stared at his wrapped up leg. The pain had already subsided.


   "No big deal,"Max shrugged.

   "Are you okay?"

   "I'm fine," Max answered sharply.

   Matt didn't know what to think of Max. The guy seems gentle and nice one second and cold and mean the other.

   "Will you fill me in?"

   Max glared hardly at him. "Well here's this: We're both marked for death now so we're on the same line..How's that?"

   "Are they the seem people who tried to kill me?"


   "So your life's in danger because of me?"

   "Well, you're sure part of it."

   "I don't understand."


   "Shouldn't we tell the police?"

   Max only laughed at the suggestion. "Dumb idea."

   "Why not?"

   "Why don't you rest for a while, huh?"

   "Where are we?"

   "A place a friend of mine offered."

   Matt nodded. He will expect that much information for now..Right now, his head and foot hurt so badly to keep pressing for more.

   He laid back, closing his eyes.

   "Are you really my brother?" Matt asked softly, eyes still closed.

   He never heard a reply.


   "Stupid idiots!! Can't you do a thing right!"

   "Well, I thought,..."

   "I don't give a damn what you thought! Listen Dan, I'll say this one more time: I want the boy dead and Max in prison. Got that? You have till Monday, then I'll take the case myself. Now get out of my face. Mr. Forest won't be happy to hear this."

   "I'll get it done Jimmy. Don't worry. I know where they are"

   "I hope so. Just get on with it now."

   "Right away."


   This time Matt woke to a loud noise. He sat up, finding the try not as painful as yesterday. He then swung his legs carefully off the bed. He gingerly made his way, with painful steps to the front door. The door to the room he was in was open and so was the front door. He opened it and peeked. He found Max working on an old car.

   "What are you doing?"

   Max ignored what he was doing for a second to glare at Matt.

   "I should be asking that. You shouldn't be using that foot for awhile."

   "I'm fine," Matt said.

   "It'll get worse if you keep that up." Max turned back to working on the car.

   "Is that your friend's car?"

   "Not your business."

   Matt sighed and looked around. "Where's Billy?"

   The dog answered him before Max could. "He's hobbling. IS he okay?,"Matt observed with concern.

   "He'll be fine."

   Matt patted Billy's head gently. "Listen, if I cause you that much trouble then you should let me go. I don't understand why you're keeping me here anyways. You said 'business', well I don't think any business is worth your life, do you?"

   "Will you shut up so I could work?"


   TK came out of his room just as the door bell started to ring.

   "I'll get it," Tai offered.

   TK sighed deeply as he slumped to the sofa.

   "Good morning TK!"

   "Morning Kari!"

   "What do ya want for breakfast TK?" Sora called from the kitchen.

   "I'm not really hungry,"TK murmured.

   "TK, come here," Tai called.

   TK stood and walked over to the door.

   "Sign here," the strange man said.

   Matt glared at the package in Tai's hand then signed the sheet.

   "I wonder what's in it?" Tai said observing the small package.

   "Well, why don't you open it?"





   (To Be Continued!)


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