Unbreakable Ties! (Part 2)

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"WHAT DO YOU MEAN YOU DIDN'T FIND HIM!!? It's been almost a week, dammit!"

   "I'm sorry but we did all we could. Your brother had disappeared without a trace or a single lead to his whereabout,but we're still trying so don't give up son," The police officer assured the enraged TK.

   Tai and the rest of the gang were not happy either. No one bothered to show the officer out or to even return his 'goodbye'.

   "There must be something we could do. What if he's hurt and needs help? We can't just sit here and do nothing. I'll go crazy if I did," TK was angry but his anger was directed to no one in particular.

   "Relax TK. ," Tai said calmly. "You have to be strong, for Matt's sake."

   Tai surprised even himself. It was usually him who'd be screaming and angry not TK but it seemes no one was themselves lately. TK was on the edge, everyone could see that. He was sick with worry about his brother. Since no one was willing to take the strong-sensible leader role it was natural for Tai to claim it. Someone needs to be cool and strong. Someone needs to get everyone together and think of a plan. Tai decided to be that someone.

   "We should be strong. All of us. Matt needs us to be," Tai said glaring at his friends one by one. Mimi and Sora looked like they were ready to burst into tears any second. TK was 'angry' and that was an understatement. He was nervous, scared and angry. Joe looked lost and Izzy was unnaturally quiet.

   They stared at Tai and all of them nodded, accepting his unspoken leadership once again.

   Tai sighed, satisfied. He wasn't less scared or worried for his best friend but he needs to be strong. Some one has to.

   "I don't think the police are doing a good job," Tai paused to see if there was any comments from his friends. There were none so he continued. "I agree with TK, we must do something. There must be some lead out there and we'll find it."

   "But where do we start? I mean..I .." Sora stammered.

   "Well what about the house?"

   "But the police already searched it," Joe pointed.

   "True, but as I said, there must be something out there that was missed. We'll search and ask the neighbours again. We'll do everything we can."

   Once again, the team nodded. They were feeling better already. TK was staring miserably at his feet. Tai walked to him and put his hands on the younger boy's shoulders. "TK, we'll find him," Tai promised. "You must believe in him TK."

   TK raised his head and looked into Tai's confident eyes. He nodded forcing determination into his heart.


   "I, .. I don't understand."

   "What part don't you understand kid, huh?" Max said with bitter sarcasm. "The man was my father as well..Not that I liked it of course."

   "YOU ARE LYING! That can't be true!" Matt felt his anger raise again.

   "Why would I lie to you, you tell me? Look I don't like this anymore than you do. The man was a screw!"


   Max stared at him petulantly but said nothing. He seemed to suddenly realise what he had said and turned to leave.

   "Don't the hell turn away! You tell me why you're doing this..! I want to know NOW!" Matt demanded.

   "I already told you. You're free to believe or deny: it won't change anything."

   Matt just stared at him. He was breathing heavily and shaking as of anger had drained off his whole energy.

   "Why did you bring me here? Why did you care to save me?"

   Max laughed but his laugh lacked humour. "You got it all wrong kid. I don't care a damn about what happens to you! Hell,I don't even know you, why would I care?! You're here because of business kid. Nothing less, nothing more."

   Max words hit Matt hard. He stared at Max cold face and passionless blue eyes. The guy had just insulted him and his father..He didn't give a damn about him or anyone. Matt face turned cold as well.

   "What kind of business?" Matt wanted to know.

   "It's nothing you should worry about," Max said coolly glaring at Matt with one eye.

   "Is it money? They're giving you money to keep me here,is that it?"

   Max smiled sarcastically. "You don't even know what you're talking about kid."

   "Then,tell me."

   "It's my business not yours."

   "Well, as I see, I'm in the middle of your business."

   "Just shut up will you?"

   Matt was about to spit back angrily but from the corner of his eye he caught Max's jacket lying neglected on the sofa. From past experience, Matt learned that the keys are in the top pocket of Max's jacket. There was his ticket to escape,Matt realised. He sighed and as Max turned his back on him, Matt dove for the jacket. The keys were there just as Matt expected, and he snatched them and ran for the door. Max realised what Matt had done a second late. The boy had already unlocked the door and was running wildly down the stairs, making a run for it. Max ran after him like a shot.

   Matt was running faster than he ever did; his chest started to hurt and breathing came harder and harder. Matt could hear steps running after him and Billy barking loudly..He kept on running, concentrating on nothing more. Just as there were nomore but two steps remaining, Matt's left foot suddenly gave away and twisted painfully under him. Matt fell face down gasping as sharp pains erupted his leg. The next minute Max's arms held him. Matt pushed him with all his remaining energy. "Let me go! LET ME GO YOU #@$%" Matt screamed hitting and pounding against Max.

   Max said nothing, but Matt could feel Max's tension from within. Max only held Matt and carried him as he kicked, screamed and swore, back to his place. Max carried Matt to the only room available, dropped him wordlessly and not too gently on the bed, and left.

   Matt could hear the door being locked on him before he got the chance to even straighten himself. He gingerly sat up, careful not to cause further pain to his abused leg. He stared at the door hopelessly. With Max not there to see him, Matt allowed the tears to well up in his eyes and fall down to wash his face. Tears of hurt and anger. Matt hadn't realised himself how much Max words had hurt him. He lay back on bed, face down, tears flowing freely and one thought haunted his mind "I HATE HIM. I HATE HIM."


   Just outside the room, Max stood leaning heavily on the door. His face grim and pale. He then looked up at his dog and his expression softened. He kneeled and held his hand out to his dog friend.

   "Come here boy! Come here!"

   Billy walked to him. Max started to scratch Billy's head softly.

   "This is the best way you know." Max wasn't sure whether he was trying to convince Billy or himself.


   "Nothing! There's nothing!" TK was frustrated.

   "TK's right Tai. There's nothing out here that could lead us to Matt," Sora said as she brushed a tear that slid down her face.

   Tai glared at his friends. Everyone had given up. Tai was now angry. "What does this mean? You guys wanna give up on Matt? If that what you want to do then do it..but I'll never give up on him. He's my best friend..I just can't give up."

   TK shook his head. "I'm not giving up on my brother. We'll find him. I know we will. I'm just..I'm just so scared and worried." TK looked down trying to hide the tears that threatoned to slid down his face.

   Tai walked up to TK and gently lifted his head, forcing him to look into his eyes.

   "TK we're all scared and worried about him but we can't give up. The police already did but we won't. We're all Matt's got, we can't let him down."

   "Tai's right. We have to keep looking," Izzy stepped in.

   Mimi nodded.

   Tai forced a smile. "Why don't we start with the neighbours? What about Mrs. Coffee first?"

   Everyone nodded.


   Max walked back to his place carrying a bag of groceries. As he neared the deserted building, he caught sight of three men exiting the building carefully. Max didn't move and waited till the men got into their car and drove away. Max hurried into the building, his guts tells him something was wrong. He quickly opened the door to his place and ran to his room he opened the door to find Matt still sleeping soundly. He couldn't figur out what was wrong. He sat down on the sofa. "Billy what were they doing here?"

   Suddenly it occurred to him. Max was almost 100% sure about his instinct. He ran back to the room and shook Matt awake urgently.

   Matt groggily opened his eyes and stared at Max.

   "Get up!" Max ordered pulling Matt up.



   Matt eyes widened with horror. Max yanked Matt up and out of bed, not minding the hisses and gasps of pain escaping Matt.

   "COME BILLY!" Max instructed as he ran his way out of the building dragging Matt after him. The dog followed.

   Once out of the building Max continued to run. The pain was unbearable, Matt was screaming with pain. They were away by short distance when the explosion happened. The force of it sent the three bodies flying.

   Max recovered from the force of the explosion quickly and turned to his left. Billy was hobbling but he was okay, Max was relieved. He then remembered someone else and frantically turned to his right where Matt lay very still on the dirty ground.

   "Dammit,don't do this to me!" Max brushed the rebellious bangs from his little brother's face.


   To Be Continued (if desired)..........


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