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Matt sat upright, arms circling his knees, the shadow of the burning fire dancing in his eyes. He couldn't go back to sleep; he wouldn't even try.

   "Matt?!" His digimon friend whispered with concern. "What's wrong?"

   Matt looked at his friend, the fire provided him with enough light to see the concern planted deep in Gabumon's eyes.

   "I'm okay Gabumon," He said carefully, trying to spare his friend the worry.

   "No you're not. Why are you not sleeping? You feeling okay?"

   Matt nodded. "I had a bad dream, 's all. And really don't feel like going back to sleep. You go ahead Gabumon."

   "Come on Matt, You need rest. You look tired."

   Matt was going to argue then thought better of it. "Allright I'll go to sleep. See?" Matt laid down and closed his eyes demonstrating his word.

   Gabumon, partly satisfied, stretched out next to his friend, and went to sleep.

   Matt waited patiently untill he was sure everyone was asleep. He sat up slowly and carefully, throwing suspicious glances over at his sleeping friends. Tai was on the other side, Agumon was beside him. Both were sleeping soundly. Satisfied that no one was watching him, Matt walked away from their little camp. He can't afford going back to sleep and have the nightmare attack again. He needed to get away, to think. He walked further and further into the dark forest stopping only when it got too dark to see. Matt felt fear rise up inside of him.

   "It isn't safe for you to go wandering around," the strangely familiar cold voice said.

   Matt turned sharply around, staring into the dark. Firomon stepped closer, slightly lighting his body with fiery glow. Matt was secretly thankful for the gesture,but he'd do anything but confess that. He stared gruffly at Firomon. "Don't you sleep?"

   Firomon didn't reply, he stood few inches away from Matt, arms folded infront of him making himself a perfect target for Matt's hidden anger.


   Firomon's expression remained blank, provoking Matt even further.

   "LEAVE ME THE HELL ALONE!!! I MEAN IT!" With that Matt turned around and stormed into the dark. Firomon stood where he was staring at Matt as he disappeared into the frightening dark.


   Many feelings raced inside of him. He wanted to think but found himself unable to. He was angry scared and very,very confused. Matt stopped once again. He looked back with dread. He wanted desperately to go back but he knew that Firomon was still there and the last thing he wanted was to show any kind of fear or weakness infront of him. Matt walked a little more, his steps careful and slow. It was too dark, he couldn't see a thing. Matt used his arms to feel ahead and once he felt a body of a tree, he drew closer and leaned against it. The cold wind whistled and roared causing his body to shiver from cold. He sat down, his back against the unseen tree,hugging his knees close, willing warmth to take over. Only it didn't.

   Matt forced his eyes close, deciding it was The best thing to do. The freezing wind soon numbed his body and senses, pulling him to sleep. Matt's head fell limply against his drawn knees.

   Few seconds later a figure stepped closer and stared down at the sleeping boy.


   "Wake up Tai!" Aguman urged.

   "hmmm," Tai sleepily responded.

   "Wake up, Matt's disappeared."

   The words seemed to work as Tai's eyes snapped wide open and he bolted upright. "What do you mean disappeared??" He demanded.

   "He's not here. We have to look for him," Gabumon stated.

   Tai nodded grimly, becoming more allert.


   Matt didn't want to wake up. He was comfortably warm and there were no bad dreams. He wanted to stay there forever but then, sounds reached his ears and woke his sleeping mind. His eyes flickered open lazily. Suddenly something which was very close to him moved fast away, taking the warmth along.

   Matt straightened himself and watched as the tall figure of Firomon walked away, the fire within disappearing. Suddenly it drowned to Matt what Firomon had done. He had saved his life once again.

   "Matt! Thank God you're okay!" Tai ran over to his friend, glaring not too kindly at Firomon. Gabumon and Agumon followed closely.

   Matt stood up slowly and stared at his friends without words.

   "Next time when you decide to go somewhere let us know, will ya?"

   Tai deliberately waited till Matt and the two digimons walked back before he turned to glare sharply at Firomon.

   "Listen you, I wanna make something clear here. I don't want you to think that I'm not grateful to you for saving my life because I am. Just don't expect that to change what I think of you. Make everyone happy and leave Matt alone, okay? 'Cause I won't let you hurt my friend, never..I don't care what powers you have, I will fight you all the way...so just leave us alone...And whatever lies you'd told Matt, won't work." With that said, Tai walked away, not waiting for a response and not expecting one.


   During the following days, Matt grew more and more introvert. He wouldn't talk or eat. The nightmares haunted his dreams making sleep an enemy. His friends would wake to hear him scream and cry in his sleep. They tried their best to comfort him, but to no vain.

   Firomon kept his distance when there was no trouble in the air.

   One day, the four friends were walking as usual, when Matt suddenly froze. Tai, Agumon and Gabumon stopped as well and turned to Matt with a puzzled look.

   "Matt what is it?" Tai demanded.

   "The light can't you see it?" Matt pointed at a a void space.

   Tai shook his head. "There's nothing there Matt. You sure you're okay?"

   "But it's right here..It's getting more brighter now.. Can't you see it?" Matt moved excitedly and pointed to the void space once again.

   Tai, Gabumon and Agumon only stared at him blankly. Matt excitement eventually faded away. Tai stepped closer to his friend and placed his hand on Matt's shoulder. "It's going to be allright Matt."

   Matt shrugged the hand off and moved closer to the void spot, staring at it weirdly. "It's showing me a way. He then looked at his friends. "I'll follow it," he announced before he took of running.

   "Matt wait," Gabumon complained.

   Realising their blond friend won't stop, the three ran after him.


   "Will you stop, I need to catch my breath," Tai gasped.

   Matt stopped.

   "Thanks buddy."

   "It's strange. I've never seen anything like it before. Look at it Tai!" Matt said dreamingly, staring at space.

   Tai blinked with confusion. The two digimons caught up with them. "There is nothing out there Matt."

   "Yes there is..Look at the light Tai. I can't believe you can't see it," Matt said angrily.

   "We can't see it either Matt," Agumon pointed.

   Matt blinked and then his expression changed. "Can't you hear the noise?"

   Tai stared at Matt worriedly. "Uh, not really."

   "But, it's geting louder, listen."



   Before Tai could answer, a loud noise, similar to wild ocean waves erupted the place suddenly closely followed by a huge light-filled whole in the air.

   Everyone froze. A female scream, then a body came flying towards them from the whole.

   Then there was nothing but light, intense blinding light. Few mixed screams,gasps and moans..Then quiet.

   Tai moved his arms from his eyes, and stood up staring, mouth gaped, at the sprawled bodies of his sister ,his five friends and their digimons.

   Forcing himself to snap out of the shock, Tai ran to his sister's side. "Kari? My God, are you okay?"

   All bodies started to move and moan. Matt ran to his little brother's side. "TK? Are you hurt? Answer me!" He frantically pleaded holding his brother.

   "Yeah," TK answered weakly.

   "Mimi, are you okay?"

   "Is everyone okay?"

   Everyone nodded.

   "What's going on?" Joe demanded shakily.

   "Matt," TK stood placing both hands on his brother's shoulders. "Are 'you' okay? What's going on? Tell me!" TK demanded.

   Matt stared at his brother unable to speak.

   "Not now TK. Right now we need to go back home. We'll talk later."

   "But,..!!"TK tried to argue.

   "Tai's right TK," Sorra offered.

   "Then let's go back."

   Tai seemed to remember something..He turned to Agumon. Agumon stared sadly back.

   "We're gonna have to say good bye again."


   Matt stared through the window of his room. The moon was big, clear and very bright. Matt was once again unable to sleep. He was afraid the nightmares would come back. It's been a week since they've come back from the digital world. A week since he'd said good bye to Gabumon. A week since he'd last seen Firomon. Did he even come after him? Nothing much happened since then. Tai had told the others all the details. TK is being over protective of him..Funny it alway been the other way around! Tai and TK had insisted they stay with him at all times. Mimi would be at his door steps with the sunrise. The others won't be very far behind. They would just stick around Try to cheer him up and try to not mention what happened.

   Now it's late, and TK and Tai must be sleeping soundly by now. Only he couldn't sleep. He was scared of sleep. 'What a coward,' he told himself.

   Staring at the perfect moon, his previous fight with Mimi played back in his mind. He can't even remember how it all started. He remembers going on a walk alone without letting anyone know, worrying everyone in process. When he came back everyone was mad at him. He can't remember what he said but he remembered Mimi shouting back at him. Saying how careless and selfish he was. She said many angry things...that he cared about no one but himself..that he doesn't care everyone is worried sick about him...that he can't see that he has people who love him and care about him so much..She said other things too but Matt couldn't remember them..By the time her outburst faded, tears were streaming down her face. "Damn you Matt," were her last words before she stormed out that day. He didn't see he since that time. Was she still mad at him?

   Matt sighed and decided to leave the room. He got out and walked to the couch where his little brother TK was sleeping soundly. The cover was on the ground. Mouth slightly gaped, TK's features were very peaceful. Matt picked the cover and carefully covered his brother. He stood there staring down at his sleeping brother.

   'God TK! I can't let anything happen to you. I can't take any chances.' Matt kneeld over his brother and kissed him so gently on the forehead. TK didn't even stir.

   Matt stared at his brother for one last time. His expression stern and resolved.

   Matt decided that it was best for him to leave. He wasn't sure whether he believed what he was told or he didn't. He wasn't sure about himself or his feelings but he was sure about one thing. He was not going to take any chances with his brother's and friend's lives. He felt that he'd be protecting them if he left.

   He took some money and food, and left looking back only to regard his sleeping brother and friend with a sad look.


   Matt didn't know where he was going but kept moving anyway.. He wanted to get as far as possible from his friends.

   It's been hours since he'd left his house, everyone is propably looking for him. His legs were starting to hurt. Matt crossed the street and turned to an alley. He leaned against the wall, comforting his aching back.

   "It isn't a good idea to walk around alone."

   Matt stared at the tall figure infront of him.

   "Dammit! I thought I made myself clear last time. Just leave me alone! Stop following me around and telling me what I should and shouldn't do!" shouted Matt.

   "It is my job to protect you!"

   "I can protect myself here. I don't need you to protect me. Listen if it makes you go away; I've decided to do what they told me. You don't need make sure I do it anymore."

   Firomon remained quiet.

   "Now what?" Matt spat.

   "I'll follow you wherever you decide to go."

   "Fine! BE MY GUEST!"


   The man quietly knocked on the door and waited.

   "Come in," the voice called.

   The man opened the door and entered the room.

   "Hello Mr. Karikan," the man decently greeted.

   "Hello Carlos! Tell me the news."

   "Well sir, the kid had set off on himself."

   Karikan smiled. "So he thinks he's a hero!"

   "But there's a man accompanying him."

   "A man?"

   "Yeah. A strange man I've never seen him before."

   "Hmm, I see," Karikan said thougtfully.

   "What're your orders, sir?"

   "Well, I don't care if the army with him; it is nevetheless a good opportunity. Snatch him. Bring him alive."

   "Consider it done."


   To Be Continued???


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