What Hearts Can Say! (3)

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Matt was very confused and disoriented. He didn't know what he's supposed to feel..Should he be feeling angry? Scared?..At the moment he felt nothing but the need to see his friends and be reassured by their closeness. He was also tired and emotionally beat. He followed Firomon silently.

"You're free to tell your friends what you want but you're forbidden to tell them,or anyone, about the castle of light's whereabouts," Firomon said with his usual cold voice.

Matt turned to stare at the castle once he and Firomon where out. The castle was the hugest thing he ever saw..and it was very beautiful,Matt didn't help noting. Matt sighed and silently wished he would wake up to find this whole thing was nothing but a bad dream.


The reunion was very pleasant for everyone. After the hugs and retelling of what has been going on, it was back to their current situation.

"How did you two come here?" Tai asked the two girls.

"We followed you," Sora replied.

"I don't think it was wise,"Tai said.

Both girls shrugged their shoulders.

"So, we're back at the digital world. But how?" Tai wondered.

"We should find Matt.He could be in danger," Gabumon stated.

"You're right Gabumon! That's what we're going to do," Tai declared.

Everyone stood up.. "But where should we start?" Sora asked. Tai looked both sides and then made his choice. "Let's start over there." With that, the group started moving.

Flying ahead, Patamon saw something moving. "Someone's coming," TK's digimon announced.

"MATT!!!" Everyone cried with surprise upon the unexpected appearance of their friend.

Matt froze upon seeing his friends. Gabumon was the first one to react. The furry digimon steped closer to his long time separated friend. "Matt, are you okay?"

Matt stared at Gabumon, his heart racing..The scene where Gabumon is killed is playing over in his head.

"Matt answer me!" Gabumon urged.

Matt snapped himself out of the flashback...He kneeled and held his hand out to his digimon friend. Gabumon rushed to Matt without hesitation. The two friends hugged. Matt held Gabumon so tightly afraid to let go..He fought to prevent the tears from falling.

"Matt? Are you okay, Matt?" Gabumon could feel Matt shaking, and he was instantly worried.

Matt nodded against his friend and then reluctantly broke the hugg. "I missed you," Matt confessed.

"I missed you too Matt," said Gabumon.

Mimi rushed to Matt side and hugged him wordlessly. Matt shortly realised that Mimi had begun to cry. "Don't cry Mimi..Please don't cry," Matt put his arms protectively around Mimi. He momentarily forgot about his problem and only felt the need to comfort the girl in his arms.

Mimi let go slowly and started to wipe off her tears. "You scared us," she explained.

"Sorry," Matt said miserably.

Tai stepped closer-and kneeled beside the still shaking form of Matt. He put his hands around Matt's shoulders and looked into his friend's eyes. "Matt what happened? What's going on? Are you okay?" Tai demanded rather harshly. He was worried and he needed answers.

"There isn't much time," a cold voice suddenly spoke from behind.

Everyone stared at Firomon with fear mixed with surprise. Tai's eyes widened with rage. "YOU!! WHO THE HELL ARE YOU? WHAT DO YOU WANT?? WHY DID YOU BRING US HERE?" Tai screamed.

Firomon glared coolly at him. "I did not bring you here. You rather brought yourself."


Gabumon stood protectively infront of Matt.. "Don't Come any closer!!!" Gabumon threatoned. The other digimons stood infront of their friends too. Firomon only glared coolly at them.

"He won't hurt us. At least I don't think he will," Matt offered.

Tai looked incredibly at his friend.."What the hell are you saying?!! He kidnapped you remember??!!"

"Tai I'll explain later..Now just trust me: he won't hurt us," said Matt.

Everyone looked questiongly at Matt.

"Fine! Now tell us what's going on!" Tai said-arms across his chest.

"There isn't time," Firomon repeated.

"What do ya mean?" Sora asked.

"If you want to go back to your world you need to bring the others."

"The others?" Mimi was confused.

"Joe,Izzy, TK and Kari," Matt explained.

"But why?" Biyomon asked.

"There isn't enough power to send us all back," Firomon explained.

"Us?!! You're coming back with us?" asked Sora.

"Well you brought us here!! Sure you can get us back!" Tai snapped aloud.

Firomon replied with his cold stare.

"They said only with all eight of us, will we be able to form enough power to go back," Matt decided to offer what he knows.

"They?? Who are 'They'?" Tai wanted to know.

"There isn't enough time," Firomon repeated before Matt had the chance to reply. "If you don't act now, you'll all be trapped in the digital world forever."

Everyone's eyes widened with worry and fear. "What should we do?"

"There's only enough power to send two of you back,"

Tai and Matt looked at wach other then at the girls. Matt decided to start. "Mimi, you and Sora should go back and bring the others."

"We can't leave you two here! We have to go back together," Sora complained and Mimi nodded.

"Listen Sora, someone has to go back and bring the others or we'll all be trapped here forever. Now what will it be?" Matt reasoned.

"Well, why don't you two go instead?" Mimi challenged.

"Mimi, we don't have time..Listen, everything will be okay but you have to go back and bring the others."

Mimi and Sora looked at each other then nodded, accepting.

"But how will we be able to bring them back? They're all away," Sora questioned.

"Call them, Get hold of them somehow..Tell them it's important."

The girls nodded. "How can we go back?"

Firomon handed them a device. "Use this. When you come back, all of you try to jump at the same time..and your digimons should go with you. They'll help you gain enough energy to come back." Firomon adviced.

"You mean we should take Palmon and Biyomon with us?"

"Not only them but the others digimons too."

"But why?" Mimi was confused.

"Don't ask many questions. You're wasting time," Firomon said.

After saying their good-byes Mimi took the device and not seeing but one buttom she pressed it. The same wide circular hole reappeared.

Both girls jumped through the hole. Shortly afterwards, the hole colsed. Only Tai, Matt, Gabumon,Agumon, and Firomon remained.

Tai looked at Matt. "Now tell me what happened!"

Matt nodded grimly. Firomon kept his distance.


Matt finished telling his friends about what happened to him. The three friends were shocked. Tai couldn't believe his ears. He could just imagine what Matt had been forced to go through.

Matt was staring miserably at his feet. Tai walked to him and put his arms firmly around Matt's shoulders-he wanted desperately to comfort his friend.

"Matt, I'm sorry. It's horrible what you've been through, but whatever is going to happen next, you have to know that you're not going to face it alone..We're here with you.. I promise. And we'll find away to get rid of him," Tai said staring at Firomon, "..once we get back. Don't worry," Tai firmly said.

"Matt, I won't let anyone hurt you. I promise," Gabumon offered.

"But, what if it's true? What if what they said is real? What then?" Matt looking right into his friends eyes..He wanted answers now!

"Even if what they said is true..there must be another way Matt..We'll find it."


Tai didn't like what he was hearing.. He shook Matt firmly. "Matt you can't think this way! We're here with you..I won't let them near you again,I promise..But you mustn't do what they say Matt..Promise me you won't, " Tai demanded.

"YOU DON'T UNDERSTAND!!" Matt screamed before he took off running.

"Matt?!!" Gabumon cried as he ran after him.


"MAAATT?!! Where are YOU?"

Tai, Agumon and Gabumon, were looking for Matt.

"There he is," pointed Tai. He sighed-relieved his friend was okay.

Matt was sitting on the edge of a large rock, staring sadly at the ocean underneath him..He craddled his knees with both arms and rested his head on top. Tai sat from distance-making sure he could see Matt- Agumon sat beside him.

Gabumon on the other hand, made his way to where Matt sat. He reached him then sat beside him. "Here," Gabumon said, handing Matt something.

Matt stared at the harmonica he was given. "How,??" But then it was not important. Matt looked at his friend, his eyes full of appreciation. Gabumon only smiled.

Matt started to play a sad captivating tone...Everyone listened. Firomon watched and listened from distance.

Matt stopped after a short time. They silently stared down at the ocean waves dancing beneath them.

"Matt?" Gabumon said after the short pause, "Everything will be allright. I won't let them hurt you. I won't let them sacrifice you, I promise,"

"What if it's my choice, Gabumon?" Matt asked softly.

Gabumon's eyes were wide. "Matt, you can't think this way!! We will fight them together, whatever it is we have to fight-we'll fight it together..You won't be alone Matt," Gabumon finished.

"Thanks, Gabumon." Matt turned his head away..He didn't want his friend to see how much his words had affected him.


"Hey," Matt greeted Tai and Agumon.

"Hey," Tai said. Tai then stared at Firomon. "What is he anyway?"

"The lady said he was half digimon," said Matt.

"I've never heard of him," Agumon offered.

"Strange!! He looks human," Tai observed.

"Well human eyes don't light with fire and their hair don't set itself into flames," Matt pointed.

"You have a point there."

"It isn't safe here."

The four friends looke at Firomon who had stepped closer.

"What do ya mean?"

Suddenly two strange looking digimons attacked. Both Agumon and Gabumon set themselves into action. Matt and Tai ran for cover and stared at the fight from distance...

"What if they can't beat them? Can they digivolve?" Matt was worried.

"I don't know,"Tai shook his head.

Matt stepped closer to see. The strange digimons were firing strange red rays.

Matt felt a movement from his right, he turned around in time to see a similar strange looking digimon about to fire a shot at him. Matt froze with shock but before the digimon fired, something came flying like a shooting star pulling Matt away. Matt felt himself hit the ground hard. Then he realised that his body was covered completely by something..or rather someone. He could hear the sound of firing so near..then it stopped. The body covering him moved slightly. Matt sat up, looking at Firomon. "Thanks," Matt said.

"It's my job,"Firomon answered gruffly.

Suddenly Tai screamed..Matt stood instantly.. Another one from those digimons were about to attack Tai. Matt ran to help Tai , but was grabbed firmly by the arm.

"LET ME GO!!" Matt screamed.

Firomon said nothing, but kept his firm hold on Matt. Matt looked desperately to where Agumon and Gabumon were still engaged in the battle. He then looked urgently at Firomon.. "DO SOMETHING! HELP HIM!"

"My job is to protect you and no one else," was Firomon's cold reply.

"Fine, I'l do it..just LET ME GOO!!!" Matt struggled with all his might. Firomon threw Matt to the ground with no effort..Matt was about to stand and run to help Tai but froze when he saw Firomon's eyes turn to pure fire...Firomon then turned to where the digimon about to attack Tai were and his eyes fired strong flames that hit the digimon and sent him to the ground unmoving...Soon the digimon vanished in the ground.

Matt, still on the ground, blinked with surprise. Tai came running toward them.

"Thanks," Matt said to Firomon before Tai reached them.

A cold glare was Firomon's only reply before he turned and walked away.

"Hey, Matt Tai, you okay?" Agumon asked.


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