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Matt felt his heart beat wildly in his chest upon feeling the hands come around him. He struggled but it was in vain-the arms restraining him were iron-made. Although Matt's arms were free, they didn't help him the least. He couldn't scream because the cold hand was still covering his mouth, and he couldn't move because the arm surrounding his waist prevented him from getting away. All Matt could do, was use his hands to beat whatever part of the man's body he could reach and keep whirling fatally against the body restraining him.

"Stop fighting," the cold voice whispered. Matt didn't budge; his struggles only grew wilder.

"Don't fight me," the voice repeated but apparently Matt wasn't going to carry the command.

Matt felt the arm circling his waist shift slightly and then he felt the hand tug at his shirt and pull it slightly up. Matt's panic increased and he fought even harder against his restraints.


'What's taking Matt soo long?!!' Tai thought.

"What the hell is taking him too long?" the coach boomed, glaring at Tai.

"Uhh," Tai stammered, "dunno coach."


"Yes Sir coach!" with that Tai ran to the building.


"I wonder what's keeping Matt?" Sora said.

"Well, let's go see," Mimi stood up, her eyes serious. Her guts tells her something was very wrong.

"Mimi, I don't think we'll be allowed into the building," Sora reasoned.

"Well, why don't we go and see."

Sora noded and followed Mimi to the building.


Matt felt a sharp brick in his side and his hands went directly to inspect but it was blocked away. Within seconds, Matt felt himself grow weaker.. "No, what did he do to me! I can't go to sleep now! I havta keep fighting.."

But his eye lids only grew heavier. Matt's struggle stopped and his eyes involuntarily dropped shut. He went limp in his aggressor's arms.


"Maaat!! WHAT'S TAKIG YOU SO LONG? YOU'RE GONNA GET US BOTH KILLED YOU KNOW!" Tai entered the locker room expecting to see Matt there, alone. What he saw made the blood freeze in his veins. A tall man held a limp Matt in his arms, the same man from the restaurant! Tai froze unable to react for the moment.

The man turned to glare at Tai, his eyes lit with fire, but as soon as he saw Tai, the fire disappeared..The man only stared coolly at Tai making no move to fight.

"LET HIM GO!" Tai screamed. "What have you done to him? LET MY FRIEND GO!"

The man kept his cold stare.

"DO YOU WANNA FIGHT? OKAY! I'LL FIGHT YA. JUST LET MY FRIEND GO!" Tai shouted, hand clutched. Tai could hear a weird sound, a sound that filled the room. It sounded like the ocean waves.

The man stared at Tai for one more second before he circled Matt's body with his own and turned around. Before Tai could take one step forward, the man had jumped and disappeared into the floor. Tai blinked with surprise, but then frightened for his friend, he rushed to the spot in which the man and Matt had disappeared. Even before he reached the spot, Tai could feel the weird sound intensify. Upon reaching the spot, he saw a very wide circle - more like twister kind of hole. Tai backed off with fear. The hugeness of that thing made him shiver. But then his fear for his friend got the best of him and he kneeled before that thing in the floor.

"MAAT!!" he screamed, although he expected no answer.


"Hurry up Sora," Mimi urged.

"I don't like this Mimi. What if we get caught?"

"Well, we made it this far!"

"Okay. But this's the last time I listen to your ideas!" Sora said, and ran to grab Mimi's arm. Both girls made their way carefully into the building.

"Now if we could just find the locker room."

Just then they heard sounds coming from the hall.

"There!" Sora pointed.


Tai was at loss of what to do. He was scared and couldn't think clearly. He then realised the hole was getting smaller and smaller. It's going to close. "If this thing closes, I might not see Matt again!" Tai concluded. "No, I can't let him down!" Tai closed his eyes and then opened them..the fear had dissolved into sheer determination. He took in a deep breath and jumped.


"TAAI!!!!" Sora screamed as she came into the room. She and Mimi had witnessed Tai's jump and disappearance. They made it to the same spot and stared with wide eyes at where their friends had disappeared.


In some white room, and on a wird bed-like thing, Matt was laid-unconscious and vulnerable. The black haired man stood near, watching the sleeping features in silence.

An old man with a white beard entered the room. "You've brought him with you," the old man stated.


The old man then slowly approached the bed and laid his hand on Matt's forehead-his eyes closed.

"He's the destined one indeed."


Tai felt himself drift further and faster into the bright hole. The lights were so bright he couldn't keep his eyes open..Then there was this intense pain in his ears, that kept increasing and increasing- Tai screamed in pain as he covered his ears..the pain got too strong to handle and soon Tai lost his fight with consciousness. Nothing but darkness.. Tai's body kept sweeping faster into the mysterious hole.


The first thing Matt felt upon regaining his consciousness was cold..He was freezing! Matt sleepily blinked his eyes open. Someone was messing with his hair, he felt it. Matt looked drowsily at the person touching him. He saw a woman, a beautiful-breathtaking woman smiling at him. Matt blinked some more in an atempt to clear the fog surrounding his mind.

"You're awake," the soft voice stated.

Still unable to think clearly and comprehend his situation, Matt said the only thing he felt. "Cold. Soo cold," he murmured.

"Sorry," the woman quickly drew away from him. Matt felt a sudden sense of warmth as the woman stepped away. He closed his eyes, feeling comfortably warm and relaxed...Suddenly a flash of what had happened to him came crushing to his mind. 'Was it a dream?!!' Matt's eyes snapped open and he jolted sharply upright -his eyes wide.


"Don't be afraid," the woman calmly said. Matt stared at her, his eyes held anger and confusion. The woman was tall, and magically beautifull. Her snowy white hair fell long around her shoulders. Her skin was mysteriously pale, and her eyes were crystal bright.

"WHAT DO YOU WANT FROM ME!" Matt angrily demanded-both hands clutched tightly.

"You are here because you are destined to save our world. We've brought you here to show you."

"I, I don't understand,"

The woman smiled sadly at him. "I am princess Lorinama, the princess of the castle of light."

Matt confusion only increased. She smiled and held out her hand to him.

"I will show you what you need to see."

Matt stared at her doubtfully but climbed out of bed and made his way to where she stood anyway. He waited.

The princess walked to a table that was placed in the middle of the room. On the table was a white box. She opened it and produced a sparkling crystal. She then held it out to Matt.

"Come closer and touch it," she ordered.

Matt didn't trust the woman but he was curious so he decided to do what he was told. He stepped forward and lifted his hand to touch the crystal.

As Matt's hand connected with the crystal, it started to glow and light very brightly, Matt was blinded by its light. He felt scared and wanted to draw away but for some reason, he couldn't. It was like his soul was suddenly connected to the sparkling crystal.

The light grew brighter and suddenly Matt found himself somewhere else. It was strange-very strange. He was up, and looking down, he witnessed horrifying scenes. There was a barrier wall that lit with blinding light...People were walking through it and getting to the other side. On the other side.. 'OH MY GOD!!' On the other side was the digital world..and Digimons, both evil and good were passing through the barrier wall and getting to the other side- to his world.

Matt blinked. This was a barrier between the two worlds and it was open and both humans and digimons were crossing to the other side. What Matt saw next made him shake with panic. There was a war- a deadly war taking place..a war were digimons and humans were killing each other.

From within the bloody scene Matt recognized his digimon and friend Gabumon. There was a man behind Gabumon and he had a huge spear directed right at his friend...."NOO GABUMON LOOK OUT!!!" Matt screamed with all his might. But it was useless, he watched with sheer fright as the spear hit Gabumon and ruptured his heart... Matt screamed, he wanted desperately to get down to his friend but was unable to..He could only watch as the war rages under him...Both digimons and humans dying each second.. Then Matt saw his friends..There was Joe,Izzy and Sora...and there was Mimi, Tai and Kari.. They were all fighting but he could see that they were all scared and hurt. Matt looked around for his brother..He needed to know that T.K was alive.. He saw him, his little brother was on the ground, bleeding from several deep wounds and there was a huge strange looking digimon kneeling over him implanting his claws into his brother's thigh..."NOOOOO T.K!!!!. OH GOD PLEASE!! THIS CAN'T BE HAPPENING!! NOOO" Matt screamed as loud as he could with all the anger,fear and despair he felt..Tears were streaming down his face. He wanted all the horrible scenes and sounds to stop..He wanted it all to stop: the blood,pain and suffering..He wanted the fighting to stop. The sounds grew louder and the scenes grew uglier..."NOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!" Matt screamed as he pulled away with all his might.

Suddenly it all stopped and he was back in the white room-the princess stood near,still holding the crystal, looking at him with sad eyes. Matt was shaking violently, his heart beating faster than it ever did...His knees buckled and he slumped to the floor clutching his ears so tightly trying to block the sounds and images that still haunted him as the tears continued to run down his face without him willing to stop them.

"No..Please. This can't be happening,this can't be happening," Matt repeated in a small frightened voice.

The princess kneeled before him, touching his shoulder tenderly. Suddenly the cold returned and Matt felt as if he was touched by ice.

"No, this isn't happening..But it will," the princess said sadly.

Matt looked up, his look was as confused as his soul. "Why?!!"

"Somethings cannot be explained. Listen 'destined one' , what you need to know is this: There is a forbidden barrier between the two world - a barrier that has been closed since the first creation. The prophecy of light states that this barrier will be destroyed by light and upon its destruction the two worlds will collide.." the princess paused. Matt blinked trying to make sense of what he was hearing. The princess continued.

"A war will take place afterward..A war that will lead to the destruction of both your world and mine. People and children will be killed-no life will be spared. We cannot stop this from happening but you can. Within you a hidden power of light- You are the destined one."

"huh!!" Matt blinked with surprise and disbelief. "How could it be true? How do you know? Why me?" Matt had many questions and he needed answers right away.

"It is all written in the book of light..It is destined and you can't change destiny 'destined one'"


"I'm not lying to you. You saw it yourself..If you have no powers, then you wouldn't have been able to see our destiny. You might not be aware of it, but you do have the powers of light within you."

Matt stood staring at her searching for words to help him deny but he couldn't. "Why me? Why not someone else?" Matt's voice was small and soft.

The princess stood. "It is written. It is your destiny."

"How, how can I stop it?" Matt wanted to know.

"Once the light cross the hiatus between our worlds, no one can stop the barrier from destruction. No one but you 'destined one'..But you can only stop it once the light destroy the barrier."

"I, I don't get it."

"When the light hit the barrier and before it disappear, your body must jump in the hiatus..and only then will the war be avoided. The power of light within you will seal the barrier and stop the destruction," Princess Lorinama concluded.

"I still don't believe you!" but Matt's voice couldn't even convince him.

The princess smiled.

"What will happen to me once I encounter the light?" Matt reluctantly asked after a short pause.

"Your body will be destroyed by the light.. You 'destined one' are going to sacrifice yourself to save both our worlds."

"I'll be killed?" Matt wanted to know.

The princess sadly nodded.

"When, when will the light cross the barrier?"

"No one knows for certain..but the signs had already started."

"Signs? What signs?" asked Matt.

"You are the only one who can see those signs."

"If you can't see them how do you know that they had already started?" Matt snapped.

"The Master of light had told us."

"And who's that?"

"You'll meet him shortly. Now you'll go back to your world...but Firomon will go with you."

"Who's Firomon?"

"Firomon," The princess called aloud.

The door opened and Firomon entered. Matt's eyes widened. "You!! You're the same man from my dreams..You're the one who kidnapped me!"

Firomon only stared coolly....

"Firomon will go with you and continue the job he's assigned," the princess explained.

"What job? Stalking me and haunting my dreams?" Matt angrily said.

"No," the princess said patiently, "his job of protecting you."


"He needs to protect you from your people."


"Look 'destined one' you should be aware that some of your people already know about the prophecy of light..They know, and they know that you are the destined one. They'll try to prevent you from stopping the destruction of the barrier."

"Why, why would they do that?" Matt was confused.

"They'll do it because they think it is a great find-they'll do it thinking it will get them famous and rich-Some will do it just out of curiosity..They want to descover what the digital world is all about. They'll either try to kill you before the time comes, or will try to kidnap you and lock you up till the time passes."

"But how did they know about it in the first place?"

"I cannot tell you anymore destined one. Firomon will give you your device and crystal crest."

"What? Are you digimons? I mean you don't look like digimons!"

"Firomon is half digimon..and I'm not a digimon..but the digital world is our world..Now I've said enough. Firomon will bring you back here when time is near or when something comes up."


"You don't have a choice," a new voice said.

Matt looked at the old man with white beard who had just entered the room.

"And who're you?" Matt sarcastically asked.

The old man approached Matt slowly. "I am the Master of Light of the digital world. And you young man have heard enough. Just know that willing or unwilling you will be sacrificed..You believe in your heart that it's the right choice," the Master said in a cold voice. "You were not supposed to come here right now but the princess thought you deserve to know of your destiny and Firomon had difficulty fulfilling his job of protecting you while you think he's trying to attack you."

Matt was terrified but didn't want to show any signs of fear or weakness in front of those people.

"We don't have enough power to send you all back to your world..Remember that your duty in the digital world has been over..You are here because you are the destined child of light..and your friends shouldn't be here in the first place."

"My friends are here?"

"Yes, three of your friends had joined you," the Master quietly said.

'Tai, Mimi, and Sora,' Matt thought quickly. 'they've come to save me.'

"You can't all go back unless all of you past digi destined get together...You and your digimons still are connected and you can form enough power for your return. Maybe two of you could go back and bring the others-only then will you be able to return. We can't tell you more right now. Just don't make Firomon's job any harder and..do something about that attitude of yours," the Master finished.

" 'Destine one' we are sorry. If there was another way we would've taken it-but there isn't..You're the only hope for peace." the princess said sadly. Matt only glared at her.

"Firomon?" the Master signaled Firomon to come closer. Making sure, Matt wasn't listening, the master began.

"Listen Firomon, your job is to protect him and keep him alive till the time comes-But whatever you do, do not get attached to him...He is destined to die. Keep your job in mind..and do not ever get emotional with him. Understood?"

"Yes Master," Firomon said with an emotionless tone. The Master nodded.

"It's time you leave. Firomon.." With that the Master and Princess left the room, leaving Matt alone with Firomon.

"I self-digisolve but sometimes you'll need this," Firomon handed Matt a weird-shaped dagger.

Matt's eyes widened. It's the same one from his dream..but he said nothing.

"And this is your crystal crest..You should wear it around your neck," Firomon handed Matt a crystal. "Wear it," he ordered Matt. Matt wanted to see his friends so badly, he thought it was best he did what he was told. Matt wore the crystal around his neck. "You have to know that I'll follow you wherever you go. My job is to protect you, and keep you alive till the destined time comes." Matt noded. Satisfied, Firomon walked ahead of Matt. "Follow me. It's time we find your friends." Matt followed.


"Tai wake up! Common Tai,please wake up!" a very familiar voice urged.

Tai struggled to open his eyes. When he did, he saw a very worried Sora kneeling over him. He sat up-his hand massaging his sore head. Sora suddenly hugged him. "I'm so happy you're okay!"

"Umm Thanks." Tai was suddenly at loss of words.

"We're really glad you woke up!" Mimi said.

Tai looked over to where Mimi sat, he was momentarily confused. "What happened?"

"You just fell down to the lake, we had to get you out..Are you okay?" the new familiar voice said. Tai's eyes widened with sheer surprise.



{P.S. In case you're wondering: This is not a 'Matt-death' fic. I won't kill him..I mean, common!! How can I?!I might hurt him-but not kill him ^_^ }

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