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Hi I'm Domo, Welcome to my web page. Below explains about each of the links

-Links: Really random sites that I visit.

-Supplies:NEW I used to get copic markers for people at around $4 a piece. But I guess copic markers are more popular now and there are popular sites where they can be purchased. If you really need it, I can buy them for you but you need to send me an email.

-How to: You know I have re-considered doing this section since I'm not really good to begin with so I guess it won't be happening unless I get some stroke of inspiration.

-gallery: NEW Well I put up more pics. Some were gifts for my friends and or old stuff or stuff I'm selling.

-Jibberish: Random thoughts and comments.

-Profile:A little something about me.

So now that you have gone through everything pick a place to go! Have fun!

Links Supplies How to Gallery Jibberish profile


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This page was last updated on January 23, 2004