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The following material is based on the SPD-1 Stampede Valkyrie. Which appeared in a Macross game trilogy by FamilySoft. This RPG adaption is based on the work from several sources. Please feel free to use, copy, and distribute it as you see fit. All I ask as Editor is that give proper credit to where you found it.


RPG Stats (Version 1&2)Edited by JetJocky
In Game Research, Pictures and Translation from French to English by Yoshi
Original Translations from Japanese to French by MSZ-006C1


During the first battles in the Sol System between Macross and Zentradi warships of the 67th Glruimual Class Division Vrlitwhai Branch Fleet , the VF-1 Valkyrie series capacities proved to be too weak against enemy warships and thus, the Valkyries were useless for military operations implicating anti-warships actions. The only way to disable enemy warships was to use the SDF-1 MacrossMain Cannon. But the intervention of the Macross during each anti-warship action wasn't efficient in terms of strategy and was even hazardous, implicating first the transformation and internal reconfiguration of the ship. Under these circumstances, the military saw the need of a space variable fighter equipped with optional / removable parts with a specialized anti-warship armaments in mind. This anti-warship space fighter should also conserve the capabilities of transformation. The project was drafted on the Macross as it was traveling through the Sol System. The resulting performance of the new anti-warship pack far exceeded the performances of the VF-1's Super Pack, but stayed close of the project's objectives. The only problem was a great loss of maneuverability compared to the Super Valkyrie, because of the increase of fuel and armament loading. Thus, during anti-warship operations, Stampede Valkyries are always escorted by a squadron of Super VF-1 or Ghost Fighters. The task of this squadron being to protect the slower SDP-1's against enemies like the Regult battlepods.

The anti-warship pack is designed for the VF-1 Valkyrie. Unlike the Super VF-1 there are a few modifications that need to be made before a standard VF-1 Valkyrie can be converted into the SDP-1 Stampede. A unique feature of this conversion is the lack of the VF-1's Gerwalk mode. This is because the Gerwalk mode has little useful value in space. Another alteration due to the gestation of this great firepower ( ten times greater than on the VF-1) was the replacement of the head-unit by a new one. Apart from the weaponry and the weapon control systems, the global performances in others domains are roughly the same as on a Super VF-1.

Very few SDP-1 were made during the Space War I and they were used exclusively during the war for the Macross which was the sole source of production. The first production run was limited to only 8 SDP-1s for only one squadron. A second squadron was equipped with SDP-1 by the time Macross arrived back on Earth. The two Squadrons of 16 SDP-1s were seen in action against Bodolzaa and Laplamiz fleets in the final battle of the Space War One. After the war the remaining SDP-1s were assigned to Vrlitwhai's UN Spacy flagship, and helped in the capture of the factory satellite. After the war they remained in service in the UNSpacy and Vrlitwhai allied fleet until 2014. A total of 32 SDP-1s were eventually produced before the dawn of the New Era (2013).


Vehicle Type: Variable Anti-Warship Space Fighter (two modes only)

Vehicle Types:

Class: Strategic Variable Fighter
Manufacturer: Stonewell Bellcom/Shinnakazu Heavy Industry
Crew: One pilot wearing Tactical Life Support System


 (1)Head                                            100
    Head Mounted Lasers                          35 each
    Arms                                         60 each
    Hands                                        40 each
    Legs/Thrusters                              225 each
(2) Main Body                                   325
    Pilot's Compartment                         225
    Retractable Utility Arms                      3 each
    Wings                                       150 each
    Gatling Gun (On Left Arm)                   110 
    Beam Cannon (On Right Arm)                  130
    Dorsal Missile pods/Thruster                150 each
    Auxillary Vernier Thrusters                  30 each   
(3) Propellant Tank                             200


(1) Destruction of the head of the fighter will knock out the mecha's major sensor systems, including all of the optics systems (infrared, nightvison,thermal. Radar and communcations will be unaffected.
(2) Destruction of the main body will shut the unit down completely.
(3) The Propellant Tank will explode violently when MDC reaches 0. If it is not ejected from the fighter the tank will explode. Causing 1D6x1000 M.D. to the fighter.


45 mph (72 kmph)
20 ft (6 m) high or 45 ft (14 m) long without thrusters.
150 mph (241 kmph) maximum speed limit in an Earth-like atmosphere. Can also hover in place indefinitely.
Mach 1.2+ (820 mph/1320 kmph) max speed at 10,000 meters or less above sea level. Mach 1.8+ (1190 mph/1915 kmph) max speed at 10,000-30,000 meters above sea level. Max altitude of 30,000 meters without rocket booster assistance.
11,500-23,000 kg x2 from main engines; 138,000 kg x2 for up to 150 seconds maximum from Super Booster engines .


58 ft (17.7 m) in battroid configuration.
21.3 ft (6.5 m) in fighter configuration.
33.1 ft (10.1 m) at shoulders in battroid configuration.
48.9 ft ( 14.78m) in fighter configuration with wings at maximum extension.
18 ft (5.5 m) in battroid configuration.
49.5 ft (15.1 m) in fighter configuration.
With Fast Packs:36,950 kg.
Standard T-O Weight:45,000 kg
Max T-O Weight:72,000 kg
Equal to a P.S. of 50
Small compartment behind pilot's seat for personal belongings.
Two thermonuclear turbine engines. Two super FAST pack boosters. Four Reverse thrusters on large propellant pack.
Anti-Warship Pack: All ready included.


  2. These are basically the same "head lasers" that the standard VF-1 Valkyrie has with a longer barrel. They are capable of firing 6000 pulse per minute. It is fixed mounted on the head when in Battroid mode, but located Fighter mode. 360 degree rotation. Both models have two attacks per melee or one extended blast.

  3. TRI-BARREL 35 mm GATLING GUN: The Gatling gun carried by the SDP-1 is tri-barreled like the VF-1's GU-11 gunpod. However the SDP-1's gun is only 35mm caliber and has a longer barrel. Range is increased by the the barrel and a high rate of fire makes damage equal to the GU-11. For Fighter mode the Gatling Gun is located on the left dorsal booster or the left arm in battroid mode.

    • PRIMARY PURPOSE: Assault/Defense
    • RANGE: 5000 feet (1500 m)
    • DAMAGE:Does 6D6 M.D. per short burst, 1D6x10 M.D. per long burst, or 2D6x10 M.D. for a full melee burst. Spray mode, which is also avaliable, uses the same amount of ammo used in a full burst, does the same damage as a long burst but, can hit 1D4 different targets.
    • RATE OF FIRE: Equal to the pilot's combined number of attacks. However, only one full or spray per melee.
    • PAYLOAD: 600 rounds contained in a sealed rotating chain feed inside the barrel of the GU-11 equals to 40 short bursts, 20 long bursts, or 10 full melee bursts. The Gatling Cannon CANNOT be reloaded in the field; once all ammo has been expended the gun must be taken to a UN Spacy base for reloading.

  4. HIGH CALIBER SINGLE-BARREL HEAVY PARTICLE BEAM CANNON: On the right dorsal pack/left arm of the Battroid the SDP-1 is a heavy particle beam cannon is similar to the RO-X2A found on NP-BP-02 Fast pack of the Strike Valkyrie. The SDP-1 Cannon is single-barreled yet a higher caliber that delivers much more damage then the double barrel R0-X2A. This cannon is was developed from the Particle Cannons of the ARMD class carriers.

    • PRIMARY PURPOSE: Assault/Defense
    • RANGE: 10000 feet (3000 m)
    • DAMAGE: Does 1D4x100 M.D. per blast.
    • RATE OF FIRE: Many be fired at a rate of two blast per melee.
    • PAYLOAD: Effectively Unlimited.

    Like the VF-1 Valkyrie, the SDP-1 is equipped with 4 hard points (2 per wing). Technically, they're exactly the same than the VF-1's hardpoints. Like the VF-1 the SDP-1 can carry a variety of ordinance on it's hard points. Missiles for the VF-1 can be found here. or the missiles stats of . Dave Dietrich can be used. Do to the Anti-Warship nature of the SDP-1 the RMS-1 Anti-Warship Missiles are the most commonly used. Either the following combinations can be used.

    • RMS-1 ANTI-WARSHIP MISSILES: (6) 2 per outboard hard point and 1 per inboard hard point.
    • AMM-1 Missiles: (12) 3 on each wing hard point.
    • UMM-7 Missile Pods: (4) 1 pod that carriers 15 missles can carried on each wing hard point.
    • PRIMARY PURPOSE: Assault/Defense
    • RATE OF FIRE: 1 at a time or volleys of up to all missiles from each hard point.
    • PAYLOAD: Varies

  6. FORWARD MICRO MISSILE LAUNCHERS: Each of the two dorsal boosters contains a micro-missile launcher. Each launcher has a capacity of 12 micro-missiles.

    • PRIMARY PURPOSE: Assault/Defense
    • RANGE: 1 mile (1.6 km).
    • DAMAGE: 1D4x10 M.D.
    • RATE OF FIRE: Volleys of 2 or 4 missiles per laucher.
    • M.D.C Of LAUNCHER:100
    • PAYLOAD: Each launcher can carry 12 micro-missiles for a maximum total of 24.

  7. MICRO MISSILES CLUSTERS LAUNCHERS:Each leg booster has two micro missiles clusters launchers. Each launcher (2 per leg) contains a cluster of 10 micro missiles, making a total of 40 missiles for both combined.

    • PRIMARY PURPOSE: Assault/Defense RANGE: 1 mile (1.6 km). DAMAGE: 1D6x10 M.D.
    • RATE OF FIRE: Volleys 1-10 from max from each cluster. Mulitiple clusters can be fired at a time.
    • M.D.C Of LAUNCHER:100
    • PAYLOAD: Each cluster launcher can carry 10 micro-missiles for a maxium total of 40.
  8. HAND TO HAND COMBAT: If necessary, the pilot of the Valkyrie can engage in melee combat rather than use a weapon. The valkyrie is extremely agile and can execute most typical hand to hand combat moves, such as punches, jump kicks, leap attacks, rolling with impacts, etc.


    • Restrained Punch: 1D4 M.D.
    • Full Strength Punch: 2D6 M.D.
    • "Booster" Punch: 3D6 M.D. (counts as two attacks)
    • Tear or Pry with Hands: 1D6 M.D.
    • Kick: 1D6 M.D.
    • Leap Kick: 2D6 M.D.
    • Body Flip/Throw: 1D4 M.D.
    • Body Block/Tackle: 1D6 M.D.
    • Stomp: 1D6 M.D. (only effective against small objects)



NOTE: The SDP-1 suffers a great loss of maneuvrability comparated to the Super Valkyrie. It uses the same combat that a VF-1 uses but suffers the follows plenties, -1 roll, -1 parry and - 2 to dodge.




  • Macross Compedium's VF-1 Valkyrie Entry
  • Strike Valkyire stats by Dave Deitrich I also used his Html format.
  • Windjammer of the NMMA for be kind enough to tell me what the SDP-1 was when asked him. A few of these verised RPG stats came about after reading the NMMA techical file on the SDP-1.
  • Robotech ResearchKenneth Olson from Robotech Research. When first was starting this project. I asked permission to use his pics. While I never used them. I'm givng everyone credit that helped in any way.
  • SDP-1 Stampede Valkyrie from Lestat's Macross DYRL? Perfect Edition.
  • New Macross Defense Instute For months I had been slowly making SDP-1 for a Macross Setting. The NMDI beat me to it. It's version was a good resource for this one.
  • Masumi MorinagaWho did another translation and background for the SDP-1.

  • Original Designs by: Shoji Kawamori.
    Design inspiration: Stonewell Bellcom VF-1 Valkyrie
    Note: These are specifications created for The Super Dimension Fortress Macross: Remember Me, Skull Leader, and Love Stories games by FamilySoft. Just as in The Super Dimension Fortress Macross II: Lovers, Again, FamilySoft's game trilogy used Studio Nue's mecha designs without its participation in the story.