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The Adventures of Lady Ultra & Co.


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GREETINGS! Welcome to this site. I call myself "Da Jinx" and I am the creator of this site. I have always been a fan of comics, anime and Sci-Fi/ Fantasy genre but stories of Superheroines have always been my favorite, Especially when they are in peril and facing incredible challenges. I have been inspired by the Villain's Superheroines Demise website, and a number of other websites devoted to this genre to create this one (You'll find links to their websites here). In my website you will find my original drawings, primarily of my character "Lady Ultra". But you will also find drawings of other characters and artwork from other artists, some well known.

WE HAVE A BRAND NEW SITE AT WWW.ULTRAHEROIX.COM! We feature live action videos of Lady Ultra and her superheroine friends as they fight evil and try to overcome countless perils, dangers and overwhelming battles!

Check out our new site and enjoy the show!!!

Check out our new site:!!