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Character Profiles

Character Profiles

Inu Yasha:"A half-human, half-demon hybrid son of a human mother and a demon father, Inu-Yasha resembles a human but has the claws of a demon, a thick mane of white hair, and ears rather like a dog's. The necklace he wears carries a powerful spell which allows Kagome to control him with a single word. Because of his human half, Inu-Yasha powers are different from those of full-blooded youkai-a fact that the Shikon Jewel has the power to change." Inu-Yasha has a hot temper and is always ready to jump into any battle. He's very pompous and overestimates himself, especially when he has his faithful Tetsusaiga katana by his side. However, behind that quick temper and pompous grin, Inu-Yasha cares deeply for his friends, especially for Kagome, and would do anything to save her and his friends, even if it meant giving his own life. Weapon of Choice: The Tetsusaiga. It is a fabeled blade of his father's, who was the Great Demon of the Western Lands. It was made from his father's fang, which is why it is called the "Steel-Cleaving Fang" or "Wolf's Fang." It's purpose was to project Inu-Yasha's mortal mother from danger, and that it why the blade's true powers can only be shown when protecting a mortal. Also, only a human can wield the blade, that is why Kagome could only pull the blade from it's resting place and it's powers were shown when Inu-Yasha promised to protect Kagome.

Kagome:"Working with Inu-Yasha to recover the shattered shards of the Shikon Jewel, Kagome routinely travels into Japan's past through an old, magical well on her family's property. All this time travel means she's stuck with living two separate lives in two separate centuries, and she's beginning to worry that she'll never be able to catch up on her schoolwork." Kagome first arrived in the Warring States Ear when she was pulled into her family anceint "Bone Eaters Well" by a centipide monster woman. When she came out of the well, she was in anceint Nippon and it was there she first saw Inu-Yasha, pinned against an old God tree by an arrow that was fired by the priestess Kikyo. When Kagome is captured by the villagers, she is said to be a reincarnation of the priestess, and this is proven when Kagome is cut, the Shikon Jewel falls from her cut, which was supposed to have been burned with Kikyo in her funeral pyres. The centipide woman attacks the village again when the jewel has been set free and Kagome ends up freeing Inu-Yasha from his anceint sleep spell in order for him to kill the monster. He tries to take the jewel from Kagome but Kaede, the village's priestess, places prayer beads around his neck and Kagome binds him by the word "SIT!"

Shippo:"A young fox-demon, orphaned by two other demons whose powers had been boosted by the Shikon Jewel, the mischievous Shippo enjoys goading Inu-Yasha and playing tricks with his shape-changing abilities." Shippo is fisty and a trickster and a shapeshifter. He uses a small, magic leaf in order to take many different shapes, and one he used to try and take the shards from Kagome, but Inu-Yasha "popped" his bubble, literally. Shippo and Inu-Yasha may constantly argue, but both respect eachother in their own ways, and Shippo adores Kagome and because she scratches him behind his ears. He travels with Kagome and Inu-Yasha because he wants to avenge his father's death to the Thunder Brothers, and bug inu-Yasha.

Miroku:"An easygoing Buddhist priest with questionable morals, Miroku is the carrier of a curse passed down from his grandfather. He is searching for the demon Naraku, who first inflicted the curse in hopes iof finding a cure." Miroku is an adorable and funny character because he portrays himself as a holy man, but he'll turn around an oogle women and ask them to be the mother of his children. However, he is a loyal friend once you gain his trust, even though he tried to steal the shards from Kagome when they first met. But he proves himself as a friend when he uses the void in his hand to protect a village from being attacked by demon, and telling the people to run for cover. Kagome stops him from hurting himself and knocks him out, and she's concerned she may have hurt him until he grabs her butt and Inu-Yasha almost kills him.

Sessho-Maru:"Inu-Yasha's half brother, Sessho-Maru shares the same father, but has none of the human blood that taints his brother's powers. When the two previously clashed over their father's sword, the Tetsusaiga, Sessho-Maru lost an arm. Now he's taken care of that troublesome handicap..." Sessho-Maru dispises Inu-Yasha because he is only a "half-breed," and will stop at almost nothing in order to get their father's blade. However, thanks to Sessho-Maru, Inu-Yasha could have never discoverd the sword's true power until Sessho-Maru made it seem as if he killed Kagome with his poison claws., but in truth, the aura of the blade protected her because she was a mortal. Inu-Yasha ended up taking Sessho-Maru's arm with the blade and now he tries to use a human arm with a Shikon Shard embedded into it, given to him by Naraku, who is the demon that placed the curse on Miroku's family and tricked Inu-Yasha and Kikyo into hating eachother in order to get the jewel.


Quotations Copyright of Rumiko Takahashi