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::A priestess emerges from the entrance of the old shinto shrine. She is dressed in a beautiful white Chihaya and red Hibakama, the formal wear of a shrine Miko, with her long black hair pulled back into a flowing ponytail. She wears a pair of wooden Settas and tucked between her fingers is an Ofuda, or scroll. She approaches you as you step further and further up the shrine's steps, beneath the large Torii and before the entrace of the shrine. On either side of you are statues of fox spirits or kitsune, and a beautiful rock garden off to the left with a statue of what seems to be a half human, half dog man, holding a katana. You look to the priestess and she smiles, giving you a deep bow and you return it with respect. She looks at you once more and raises her hand towards the shrine:: Greetings and welcome to the Shrine of Inu-Yasha. I will be your priestess and tour guide. My name is Kagome and I am well versed in the story of Inu-Yasha because I was there. ::She giggles a bit and motions you to follow her. You do so and she leads to you to many different sections of the shrine:: Here you shall find a variety of places to visit to make you more familiar with the guardian of this Shrine, and my...::she trails off, her cheeks glowing a soft pink color. She smiles and continues:: We have an Image Gallery, Character Profiles, Manga Covers, Fanart and Soon to Come, Fanfiction. ::She gives another deep bow and walks back towards the Shrine, before turning towards you and smiling:: If you need anything, just look for my scroll and it will guide you back to here ::With that she raises the Ofuda and throws it at you and suddenly you are transported into the Shrine...::

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