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R-Zone's Yu-Gi-Oh! Tournaments and Champions

Screw Upper Deck. We play our own tournaments.

Welcome to the R-Zone's area for Yu-Gi-Oh! Tournaments and Champions. My friends and I hold our own tournaments (and yes, Japanese and Promo cards are allowed!) and see who really is the King of Games. So far, we only had one tournament: a four person Elimination match. Here are the results:

1st Place: Bobby
2nd Place: Ryan
3rd Place: Koji
4th Place: Edward

I got knocked into third because my first match was with Bobby, and he's not that easy to beat!

Here are the results of the Duelist Kingdom Tournament:


I was absent that day because of personal reasons. Our next tournament is my BATTLE CITY TOURNAMENT! Unlike Kaiba's, you won't have to lose a card if you lose. But like Kaiba, I will offer a spectacular prize: "Yu-Gi-Oh! Duelist of the Roses" for PlayStation 2! So register for the tournament, and let's begin the duel! (Unfortunately, this only applies to Tucson, AZ as that is where I'm going to be for this tournament)