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Yu-Gi-Oh! Duelist Hall of Fame

This is the hall of some of the greatest duelists. If you feel you should be in the hall of fame, email me with your name, dueling style, the name of your deck, and some of your greatest accomplishments in the Yu-Gi-Oh! game.


Dueling Style: Pegasus
Deck Name: Inversion Deck
Accomplishments: Won the first R-Zone Tournament; collected the rarest cards; first of our group to summon Exodia.

Modest and very skillful, Bobby has proven the best of the best. All of his decks are exactly 40 cards and are either completely Japanese or English. Some cards he is known to use are Andro-Psycho Shocker, Hysteric Angel, Cat That Brings Unhappiness, and Inversion of World and Hell. If even possible, Bobby has rarely lost.

Koji Katsuya

Dueling Style: Kaiba/Bakura
Deck Name: Shadow of Light Deck
Accomplishments: Collected 3 of the 4 Structure Decks; summoned Exodia; first to have three Blue-Eyes White Dragons

It may not seem like it, but I can get very dangerous if you're not careful. Some cards I've been able to bring out and win with include Dark Magician Girl, Magnet Valkryon, Wingweaver, Blue-Eyes Ultimate Dragon, and Red-Eyes Black Metal Dragon. Usually, I go for a strong defense at first, then an all-out onslaught. The only thing I hate more than anything is when my Dark Magician Girls are destroyed by opponents. That's when I get major vengence. All of my decks also have the same personality as Bakura/Yami Bakura: They play nice at first, then can have a complete turn to darkness.


Dueling Style: Joey
Deck Name: Crappiness Deck (Though it's really not crappy)
Accomplishments: To my surprise (and Bobby's), he actually won Bobby's deck with Exodia. But immediately lost it in a rematch.

Ricky has almost, if none at all, confidence in his abilities as a duelist. But he has proven that with a good strategy and powerful cards, he has what it takes to win. He's known for using Cat That Brings Unhappiness, Mirror Force, Cockroach Swarm, and Blue-Eyes White Dragon. Ricky has yet to beat me in a one-on-one match, and rarely wins when up against Bobby. One thing that confuses me is how in the hell did he win Exodia?!


Dueling Style: Tea
Deck Name: Cute Deck
Accomplishments: Beat Koji in a tutorial lesson.

Marie is a beginner duelist that I'm currently trying to teach how to play Duel Monsters. She likes cute cards like Lonestar Swordsman, Petit Dragon, Petit Angel, and Mystical Elf. She hasn't quite grasped the concept of the game, nor does she have a deck. But her being able to take me down with my Pegasus deck proves that she has what it takes.


Dueling Style: Weevil
Deck Name: No name Deck
Accomplishments: Using "common sense" and "pissing people off."

Ryan has the cards and the possibility to be the best, but when you get mad about losing to myself, Ricky, or Bobby, you're not using common sense. Nonetheless, Ryan has had a few victories,(and I use that term loosely) and has managed to beat Bobby and myself....though it was because we were helping him out. Some cards he likes to use are Kazejin, Suijin, Sanga of the Thunder, and Blue-Eyes White Dragon. If and when he gets better cards and learns to use a bit more strategy, maybe he can be the best duelist using "common sense."


Dueling Style: Yugi
Deck Name: No name Deck
Accomplishments: Royaly beating Koji, Bobby, and Ry-anne

Ker is one of the best, and it may be possible he may one day take over Bobby's place as the best duelist ever. Aside from clever strategy and card uses, Ker has some pretty powerful cards like Shadow Ghoul, Waboku, Seven Tools of the Bandit, and Magic Jammer. I've never truly beaten Ker, but many have proven well when teamed up with him.


Dueling Style: Yugi/Kaiba/Joey
Deck Name: No name Deck
Accomplishments: Defeating Ry-anne, Koji, and Edward

I never considered Aaron a threat to me.... that is, not until recently. Aaron has collected almost the same rare cards as myself, Bobby, and Ker. He is known for using White Hole, White Robed Angel, Cyclones, and Grave Robber. He can deal damage while gaining life points at the same time. He's not so easy to beat, but there will be that day he comes down.....


Dueling Style: Joey/Mai
Deck Name: Bounty Hunter Deck
Accomplishments: At one time, first female duelist to enter a tournament

You may know Ayila from Goddess BAZ, but she is also a feared Duelist among the female group. She likes to use Red-Eyes Black Dragon, Aqua Madoor, Harpie's Brother, and Megamorph. Though she does lose every now and again, it's just a matter of time before she comes back to kick your butt!