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Irashimasse! This is Haruka's Room dot net... your # 1 Haruka Shrine on the Web! How do I know it's number 1? It isn't. I just needed to fill up that extra space, lol ^_~
I'm really mad at angelfire!!! They took back 30 megabytes of space so I had to delete the galleries!! AHHHHH!!! They suck. Oh well.

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This page was opened January 27, 2001, on Haruka-san's 24th birthday!
of you think Haruka is better then Fig Newtons

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No Moonies were harmed during the course of building this website... Ok, maybe just a few. Certain restrictions may apply. Void where prohibited by law. Please do not smoke. Please do not do drugs. Please do not smoke drugs. Stay away from bad people and the friends of bad people -- they will only get you into trouble. When used properly, the use of latex condoms has been effective against pregnancy, HIV (AIDS) and STD's. Are any of you actually reading this?
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