Hello, and welcome to my little asylum in cyberspace. My name is Karen, and I'm the warden of the looney bin here. Please read the following before entering so that there won't be any surprises.


The site you are about to enter contains adult fanfiction material. It's also solely devoted to what's called yaoi, which is a homosexual relationship between two male anime characters, and is also dedicated strictly to the anime Mobile Suit Gundam Wing. This is not for everyone. If that's the case for you, or if you're a minor, do not enter. Sympathy is not a strong virtue I have for one's stupidity. Parents, I could give a s@#% about your children, so don't waste my time with your emails. They're your god damn responsibility, not mine. It's called birth control. Use it.


Mobile Suit Gundam Wing and its characters do not belong to me, rather to its respective owners. No profit is being made. Site is for entertainment purposes only. I'm just an avid fan.

Any questions you can send to Karen. Flames will be returned wholeheartedly and with a 'gift.'

To Frame, or Not To Frame, that is the question.

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