Falling From Heaven Hurts Like Hell

An angel watches from heaven
the turmoil and agony of mankind.
Oh, how they fight and kill each other for personal gains.

He shudders at the horrors they inflict on each other,
and cries for the death of the young and innocent alike
that are brutally killed.

But, this angel of innocence grows restless.
He wants to help, has to help. It is his purpose.
The people of Earth and the colonies are in dire need
to be guided to peace.

A Relena Peacecraft is strong enough to find the right path for peace,
with the will to follow it to its conclusion.
But she needs help.

A Heero Yuy is devoted fully to defend Relena and
the colonies with his life, if necessary.
He is vital for the battle to come.
But he needs help.

A Duo Maxwell is ruthless and cunning, receiving both
the blessings of God and death.
“Yes,” said the angel, “I remember him. He fell a long time ago,
to befriend a dying orphan.”
The angel smiled at that memory.
Who would have thought the angel of death would fall?
But he is vital for the battle to come.
Unfortunately, he needs help.

A Chang Wufei is defiant, strong, and true to his
sense of justice and honor.
However, he has been defeated for the time being,
and because of that his feelings have been compromised.
“Treize,” growled the angel.
He is vital for the battle to come.
“Poor boy,” murmured the angel, “he too needs help.”

Then there is a Trowa Barton, whose past makes the
angel want to destroy humanity himself,
to rid the universe of suck wickedness.
“That innocent child,” thought the angel, “he has nothing to call his own
except for the gundam. However,” cried the angel, “his lack
of self worth and love breaks my heart.
I want to give it back to him.”
But he is vital for the battle.

The angel turns to the omnipotent light behind him,
bowing in respect for his creator
asking if the time is right for his arrival on Earth.
It is.

Spreading his wings, the angel closes his eyes for his final trip from heaven,
to help save humanity down below.
He is the missing link.
He is the key to unite the gundam pilots, when they
are weak or tired, he will be strong for them.
“I am coming.”

Opening his eyes, he looks across the street to a high, black gate.
The rain around him soaks him to the bone, his blonde
hair hanging in his eyes, his arms feeling stiff and sore,
his ribs burning like fire, his legs bruised black and purple,
with the metallic taste of blood in his mouth.
His stomach growls, moaning its need for food, but the angel
doesn’t know what hunger is. “Huh.”

He gets up, wobbling, shakily on his ‘unused’ legs. He
tries to hold his left arm immobile while trying
to cover his nakedness at the same time.
Moving towards the Winner Residence, he knew that it
wouldn’t be a problem to get in, since everyone was asleep,
and that when they woke it would be as if he had always been there.
“Finally, I’m here.”

After jumping over the fence, he landed with a
loud ‘smack’ against the wet pavement, his head throbbing even more.
“At least I can say this much; falling from heaven hurts like hell.”