A Night In Cairo

Damn OZ! What do they think they are doing anyway? Do they think that Treize Khushrenada and the aristocrats give a damn about peace? No! They want to rule the world, not govern. They want power and possession over the colonies, not give power and possession to the colonies. I fight everyday, and would give my life to prove myself worthy of Nataku, and to save those who can not save themselves.

Which is probably why I am stuck in this sorry excuse for a prison cell, with the one and only Quatre Raberba Winner. Quatre Winner. Why is he a gundam pilot? I must admit, any other time I would've seen him, I, without a doubt, would assume he was a spoiled little brat running to his father to get anything and everything he wanted. But assumptions lead to mistakes, and my assumption would've been a grave mistake had we been enemies. Just like Nataku, he fights for honor and justice. He bleeds with me, hurts with me, and would willingly die for me and the colonies if the need arose. He has already proven that. He also once said that in fact he disinherited himself to come here with the gundam. So even after the war, he will return home with nothing; everything he has ever known in his life will be taken away from him, because of his selfishless act and overwhelming sense of kindness. He fights for others so they won't have to, and for that he has been shunned.

There is no justice in that.

But why do I care? I fight alone. I do not need him. If I keep telling myself that, then eventually I will have to believe it.

I watch him sleeping from my side of the cell. We are maybe ten feet apart. I am not sitting away from him because of homophobia or anything like that, but because of the strange feeling I have for him when I am around him. When he speaks to me, I can feel my heart start to race. When he looks at me, I want to embrace him and never let him leave my sight. I want to protect him from everything.

I have never felt like this before, except for one person, and she died on me.

It would be unbearable if Quatre died on me too.


My head shot up at the mention of my name, desperately wanting to get lost in those pools of deep blue he has for eyes. Of course, he could never be mine. For one, my pride wouldn't allow it, and for two, he belongs to Trowa. So I know for certain we will get out of here alive; the green eyed boy wouldn't stand for it otherwise. Also, if we were sacrificed, Trowa would make sure that there would be hell to pay.

"What is it Quatre?" I try my best not to sound worried, but I am. His face is not hurt too badly, his cheeks are just slightly swollen. What worries me is his body. Understand this: we were setting up explosives to blow up a mobile suit factory on this base, when all hell broke loose. A guard dog alerted the guards before Duo had a chance to kill it. We were almost on our way out when the troops caught up to us in their jeeps. Quatre pulled a M-16 A 1 assault rifle out to slow them down.

"Wufei! Duo! Get out of here while you still can, I will hold them off!" He then took off towards the base, allowing time for our escape.

"Quatre, NO! What the hell are you doing?!" Duo's shriek alerted them that there was more than one of us here, but I don't blame him. If I had the courage to express my feelings so openly, I would be upset that my best friend was about to die too. But instead, I grabbed Duo by the hair and took off running towards the truck again. I am so weak.

Once there, Duo jumped in the front seat, frantically turning the key in the ignition, while I dumped my bag in the back and shoved one of my knives up my sleeve. I turned to Duo, who at this time had unshed tears in his eyes from anger.

"Duo, alert the others and meet me here by three. If I am not here with Quatre, I have been captured."

He started to say something when I held up my hand, stopping whatever he intended to say. "I will not leave him with them...alone."

Understanding this, he punched on the gas and disappeared into the darkness of the woods. Turning around, I started to make my way back to the base, hoping to hear the familiar gunshots of Quatre's rifle. But I didn't. Instead, I heard the footsteps of soldiers and a high yell of a woman's voice, telling me to surrender.

My capture was easy, if I must say so myself. This Lt. Noin is a very weak soldier, whining over me because I am ‘just a baby' as she puts it. Well, this ‘baby' is going to kill her and her superiors as soon as I get the chance. Justice will be served.

My breath caught in my throat when I caught sight of Quatre. Those soldiers lit into him when they captured him. Two of them were holding him up under the arms, his face covered with some brushes, purpling under the flourescent light. He hung his head low, and his body seemed to sway like he didn't have a bone in his body.

Every time he tried to stand, this particular soldier with freckles and dark red hair would alternate between kicking him in the shins, or punching him in the stomach. With the last punch, Quatre ended up coughing up blood. I was ready to kill him myself when our target revealed his presence.

"Thompson, do you have the prisoner under control?"

"Uh, yes your excellency."

"Then that amount of force isn't necessary, unless you soldiers are afraid of two boys."

"Uh, no sir, just making sure he doesn't try anything."

I could feel Duo's influence on me when I had to suppress the urge to flip off this ‘Thompson' person and his boss. Where is he when I need him?

So I settled for the next best thing: shouting at them in Chinese. Of course they didn't understand a word that I said, and it didn't help my situation any, but it felt good to curse them and watch the confused look on their faces. But Treize's mask did not falter one bit. In fact he smiled. Now I am really pissed off.

"Take them into Cell G-4. I want to question them myself."

So here we are now, waiting for the interrogation, as if we would tell them anything. They might as well go ahead and kill us, because there isn't anything to be said.

"What is it Quatre?"

"I just wanted to make sure you were okay." Huh. He is the one that is hurt and he is asking me if I am okay? I see why Trowa loves him so much.

"Yes, I am fine. How about you?"

"I'm alright."

"Are you sure? I know you must have at least a broken rib or two. If not that, then your lungs could have blood in them."

"No, I'm fine. Trowa will come for us soon, I know it."

What is that feeling in my chest, is it jealousy? No, it can't be. How can I be jealous? There isn't any honor in that. But as I look at him laying on his stomach, his hands cuffed behind his back, his blond hair tossed wildly about his head, with dirt smudged on his pale, slightly flushed cheeks, I realize that he is still breathtakingly beautiful. Trowa truly has an angel.

The door opened, allowing bright white light to flood into the room. It was blotted out for an instant as three figures strolled into the cell, before the door slid closed. Glaring up, I met the gaze of Treize, that weak woman who caught me outside, and a man with long, almost white blond hair. Damn, his hair is almost as long as Duo's!

"Hello, Chang Wufei. How nice to see you again. Maybe we could have another round while you are here. But business is first unfortunately. This is Lt. Noin, and this is Zechs Merquise."

Zechs Merquise! So that is him with the mask. Even Quatre's eyes shot over to the lightening count. The two most important people in OZ are right in front of me and that stupid woman took my knife. Damnit!

A beep rang throughout the cell as a door opened. The soldier that was hitting Quatre came in with two trays of food. Zechs came behind him as he set the tray of food down in front of me and uncuffed my hands. He moved over to Quatre to do the same thing, except I noticed that his thumb stroked Quatre's cheek quickly before standing back up and letting himself out of the cell. I now have to kill that man for dishonoring Quatre.

Either that or I will die trying.

I glared at the man's back as he left, wanting to drill a hole through him with my eyes. Returning my attention back to Zechs, I noticed a scowl on his lips, his eyes burning into the soldier's back as well. I suppose he also disapproves of the man's behavior towards a prisoner.

That makes me dislike him a little less, but he still has to die.


"Wufei," Treize called, interrupting my thoughts, "I had food brought to you and your comrade in hopes of helping you maintain your strength so that you could help me."

I snorted. That was the funniest thing I heard all day. Quatre sat up, sitting Indian style, looking slightly dazed. I am afraid that he is hurt worse than he realizes. "Or," he continued, his voice even as if he wasn't threatening our lives, "you could tell us where your gundams and the other pilots are."

I opened my mouth to give probably my final word to this man on what I thought of him and his ultimatum when someone, unexpectedly beat me to the punch.

"We have nothing to say to you."

Quatre's voice slipped through the air like a thief. I didn't hear him so much as breathe when he said that. But it was true. There wasn't anything to discuss, and we were prepared to deal with the consequences.

"Fine then. Your executions will be set for the day after tomorrow, and it will be announced tomorrow morning of your capture. I'm sure the other pilots will come to your aid. Unless," he held out his hand, and that stupid woman started to hand him my knife, when a flash of white streaked into my line of vision and stabbed Treize in the stomach with it. The woman screamed for help while Zechs shot it and the thing fell down, pulling a dart out of his shoulder. Quatre's shoulder.

Quatre had gotten up to kill Treize, and almost succeeded.

The guards rushed in, about to impale on Quatre's unconscious body when I jumped up and started attacking them.

"You fools! Forget them. Take his excellency to the infirmary!" Zechs' voice was furious.

The soldiers left us and began to pick up Treize, when he batted their hands away.

"I am okay," he whispered hoarsely. "I guess I still underestimated you pilots. I won't make that mistake again. I was going to ask if you two would duel with me for your lives, that if you won, I would give you a swift and private execution. I see now that you would not take my proposal." With this he left to take care of his injuries, followed by that stupid woman. Zechs stayed a moment longer to glare us to death. Of course, he has not been surrounded by Heero Yuy to know that his glare could never match anything to the hells of fire Yuy is capable of. So after a minute he left, leaving me and Quatre in the cold, semi-darkness of the black cell room.

I crawled beside Quatre, mentally berating myself. I should have attacked Treize. I was closer. Or at least I could've backed him up, but things were moving so fast I didn't realize what was going on. Hell, I didn't even see him until he was shot.

So I pulled his body closer to mine to make sure that he at least stayed warm. I guess they turned off the heat in the cell, making sure we were as uncomfortable as possible for attacking their beloved commander. Ha!

The boy was still shivering slightly, so I ended up pulling him into my lap, holding him closely against my chest. He is warm! Even though he was shivering, the heat radiating off of his body was enough to make me sweat. Resting my chin on his head, I inadvertently inhaled his fragrance. His hair smelled of coconuts.

I can now admit my attraction for him. It is more than his physical appearance. Yes, he is beautiful, but it is his essence that draws me the most. The fact that he is rich and everything would be given to him on a silver platter, yet he chose this route to be his life told me greatly the extraordinary person he is inside. I will always love him for that.

I let my face fall into his hair, wanting to forget where we were just for a moment, and absorb myself completely with him. Either we were going to die, or we would be rescued and things would go as they always had between him and Trowa. This would be the only chance that I would have with Quatre like this, so I better make good with it.

I breathed in deeply the intoxicating smell of his hair, while running my fingers through the silky strands. I am telling myself that I am merely trying to comfort both him and myself. He stirred in my arms, and I risked a glance down to see him looking up at me. He hasn't been out for a full ten minutes! The tranquilizer wasn't that strong. Shit!

He smiled weakly at me, wincing in pain as he tried to lean back to see my face.

"We're not going to make it, are we?"

I wanted so badly to tell him that we were going to make it, and that Trowa would be busting through the door any minute now to take him away from here. But I can't lie to him, and I honestly didn't know what was going to happen. I don't know if Duo got away or not.

"That is very probable."

"You should've left with Duo."

"What makes you think that I stayed behind voluntarily?" I tried to say it harshly as to hide my fear that he knows my attraction towards him.

"Because I can feel it Wufei. You didn't want to leave me alone with them."

I sighed in defeat. I should know better by now.

"Thank you, Wufei."

I was shocked that he said thank you, and was even more shocked when he kissed me. I broke the kiss, too overwhelmed to continue. He smiled softly and brought my chin back down with his hand and kissed me again. This time however, I returned it eagerly. His arms wrapped around my shoulders and I tightened my grip around his waist, fearing if I let go he will disappear.

I broke away to breathe and began leaving wet trails on his earlobe and neck. The moan that slipped through his lips and the way he dug his fingers into my back made me want to kiss him anywhere and everywhere. His lips were so warm, his skin so soft. I see why Trowa loves him so much.

Trowa. Shit.

I broke off the kiss before pulling back and shaking Quatre gently. "We can't do this," I breathed. "What about Trowa?"

"I didn't forget about him Wufei," he stated, looking slightly lost. "I just, I don't know. I'm sorry." He crawled out of my lap and across the room where he sat down with his back towards me. "I need you right now, is all."

I can understand that. I need him too. Not that if we are in trouble, we should bang each other, but that there were some underlying feelings between Quatre and I that we were not aware of. He still loves Trowa, and that will never change.

"I understand." I moved over to where he was sitting and put my arms around his shoulders. I kissed him one last time, finally convinced that staying behind with him was worth the pain we were about to endure.

A beep sounded through the cell and I jumped up, pulling Quatre up behind me. Once the door closed, I could make out a freckled faced, red head soldier licking his chapped lips. He held up a dart gun, and bared his yellow teeth at me.

"I am sorry for interrupting, but I am in the mood for something sweet. After I am done with him, maybe I'd like a taste of you, eh W-U-F-E-I?"

"You will not dishonor him, and you will NOT address me by my given name." Snarling, I moved to make a quick round house kick to his head when he shot me in the calf. I still managed to send him crashing to the floor, but I could feel the effects of the tranquilizer working almost immediately.

"Wufei!" Quatre yelled, catching me before I fell to the floor. "I'm going for the gun." He ran to retrieve it when the soldier's hand shot up and pulled on Quatre's wrist, causing him to tumble to the floor. I guess the effects haven't worn off of him yet.

"No no," I heard him whisper, "you hafta play nice." I rolled to my side to see what he was doing. He sat on Quatre's stomach, holding his wrists together with one hand, while using the other to tear his shirt open. Quatre squirmed underneath his touches, trying to rip his hands free of the man's grip. A sob that escaped from his throat broke my heart, and made my mind scream for blood.

"Damn you!" I ran at him and wrapped my arms tightly around his neck, trying to strangle him. Quatre returned the favor Thompson had given him earlier, punching him in the jaw and stomach. He quickly stood up and holding on to my arms, ran backwards into the wall, slamming me into it. My grip loosened and I let go, falling into a heap on the floor. Quatre ran to my side to pull me up, the frantic apparent in his voice. "Wufei, are you alright?!"

The soldier stood up, hovering a gun at my head, and this one was not a dart gun. Quatre threw his body over me to act as a shield.

"Quatre DON'T!"

The shot rang out, but it didn't touch us. The soldier dropped face first on the floor, landing with a satisfying smack, a dart lodged between his shoulder blades. Behind him stood Zechs Marquise, holding his gun in hand.

"Are you two alright?"

I didn't get the chance to answer, because I saw Trowa creeping up behind him, and Trowa does not use dart guns of ANY kind. So I grabbed the other dart gun off the floor and shot Zechs.

He stumbled against the wall, firing back, but to no avail. He then looked over and saw Trowa standing in the doorway with Duo, both with guns that would leave big holes. I ran over to Zechs to protect him. "I owed him," was all I said.

Trowa nodded, picked up Quatre, and carried him out. Duo came up to my side to help me. "Wu, we gotta go, now!"

Duo grabbed my arm and wrapped it around his neck, while supporting me with an arm around my waist. I don't have the energy to fight him now, but in any case he is right, and I don't have the strength to make it out on my own.

But at the doorway, I turned around to face Zechs, who was still conscious but slightly dazed against the stone wall. "Now, we are even. Do not expect any more favors from me."

He acknowledged my statement by nodding, and facing forward, we made our escape.


The next day was a whole lot brighter. We were staying at one of Quatre's estates in Europe, far away from the Cairo base. We did blow up the barracks, which was our mission, but unfortunately Treize and Zechs weren't there, so they are still around alive and kicking. I don't care right now though. I want to relax, which is hard to do anywhere now with this bunch. Duo is rambling on, as always, about who knows what. Heero is steadily typing away at the laptop, and I am trying to enjoy a cup of tea.

After an eternity of mindless chatter, Duo runs outside to chase all the pigeons off the porch, but the birds flock to where Quatre and Trowa are sitting, cuddling and trying to enjoy a cup of tea themselves. Trowa actually gets up and chases after Duo, for once, and I hope to Nataku that he catches him.

Seeing brief streaks of black followed closely by streaks of green, I shake my head in amusement at the spectacle. In doing so my eyes lock onto Quatre's. Things are not weird between us, as I thought they would be, but I know that it is something that will never be. I however, will always appreciate the time I had spent with him in the cell.

And that's enough for me.

I return his smile and lean back against the couch as I watch a raving, screaming Duo being chased around the plot by Trowa and angry pigeons who are attacking his hair.