In The Bedroom

In the bedroom conspiracies lie,
Protected by the cover of shadows
And during the time when the moon is high,
They commit their crime under the black sky
Thinking no one would know any better

For they knew the difference between right and wrong
Yet insisted on doing the latter
As they met for these trysts in the middle of the night
Between the sheets witnessed by moonlight
They moved in a synchronized manner

But during the day when they were away,
The walls would talk and the house would move
Telling their views on how one day
The night might instead decide to be gray
And cast the affair into sight

Until that day it would remain unknown
Just whispers from the curtains to the door
Shielded by all that was dark and alone
Hushed secrets that were only known
In the bedroom


Doesn't this just *scream* Wufei and Treize?