Well, well well. Back for more, eh? GOOD. ^__^ Well, here's the second saga, or book, whatever you want to call it. Hope you enjoy!

Warning: The g--babes do not belong to me. *sigh* I'm going to go cry now.

Another Warning: Now this one is going to move a hell of a lot slower than the first, and will be at least twice as long. Hope you don't mind ~__^

Big Warning: Lemons!! Lemons!! Lemons will partake in this one also. Count on at least three. Maybe more.

Last Warning: Also, there will be shounen ai/yaoi, language, more language, OOC, AU, lemons, limes, and a scene of sexual assault, but it will be labeled accordingly, as with the lemons. I think my ass is covered.

The Story
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The FanArt
By: Tiffany
Quatre holding his son
The Music
Sorry peeps! I'm taking these songs down temporarily, okay? I plan to post them back to the site around 10th August or so, when I'm able to buy more space. These songs take up alot of room!
By: The Eagles
Hotel California
Album: Hell Freezes Over

By: Radiohead

Pyramid Song
Album: Amnesiac

By: Alicia Keys

Never Felt This Way (Interlude)
Album: Songs In A Minor

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Completed July 2002.
*Note* Bird pic not mine. See "Raven's Aviary."