Another Murder of Crows: Part 35

The cold and the wind wasn't nipping too badly at my ears. All the same, I wish I had some earmuffs. But Heero and I walked on, not pacing ourselves as we should have in an attempt to reach some destination. The others were left back at the mansion, hopefully not at each other's throats, while Heero and I searched for food, other supplies, and (this is terrible) a car we could steal to get us out of there. I've stolen mobile suits and such before and I wasn't proud of that, but desperate times called for desperate measures. I'll just buy whoever it will be a house or something to make it up to them.

Before we left, Heero moved the ring and necklace to the tree. I guess he wanted to move it further away from Duo to prevent any attacks that could happen while we were away. I'm actually surprised he came along with me without any protests. No, I take that back. I'm surprised *I* chose him to come along with me. Thinking about it, I should've brought Dorothy. We were on the same wavelength as far as what's going on goes, and she was the only one I wasn't mad at. I wasn't mad at Relena, but she's not as physically strong as Dorothy, and I'm not sure about her fighting and endurance capabilities. I can't bring back what we need if I have to carry her over my shoulder.

Wufei and Duo were out. I'm so ticked at them I think I'm developing a tumor.

Trowa was just...Trowa. I didn't know what to think about him. I'd either kill him or kiss him.

That only left Heero. My luck was just not here today.

I had a lot of bebop in my step trudging through the snow, mostly running on the remnants of anger and hurt. I just could not believe last night happened. The problem with us was that all of us were too close. We're in each other's business too much, and know so much because we're all so close. That might cause our downfall. Despite what I said to Wufei earlier that morning, the truth of the matter was that I was angry at Heero for betraying Relena. I was angry at him for using Duo. Because of that action, Duo and Relena were now worst enemies than before. That friction might keep us from focusing on the main objective.

Maybe that was Krahe's intention.

I shrugged my shoulders tightly, trying my best to cover my ears without using my hands. My ears were starting to get colder, and that in turn was making me crabbier. Heero walked beside me in silence, either completely unaware of my feelings towards him or just ignoring them. I think he's ignoring me. He can be just as vindictive as Duo.

We lost sight of the house about half an hour ago, and we've been walking west for about an hour. Our direction was pointing us to Wiesbaden, a city close to Frankfurt, but there were a few small towns that were along the way. Hopefully these small towns will have little grocery stores and whatnot where we can get our supplies. Regrettably, I didn't have any money on me at all, not even credit cards, so we were on a major stealing spree.

"Even between the two of us, we won't get very much. More than likely we'll have to do this again tomorrow."

"Yeah, I know," I said. "But if we get our hands on a car, it won't really matter. We can get on a train and be out of there in a few hours. More than likely, I own the railroad."

"You do, actually," he said, looking ahead of him. Well, if he said so then I must. Heero knows more about my businesses and contacts than I do.

That wasn't important though. All I wanted him to do was shut up. I was mad at him, I was alone with him in the middle of nowhere, and my temper was about to become undone. The more I tried to keep everything to myself, the more I wanted to explode. Knowing Heero, he would say the necessary thing to get me to go off, and I really didn't want to do that. Not now anyway.

In my little mental rant of anger, my pace sped up, leaving him a few steps behind. When I did notice it I should've slowed back down but I didn't. Maybe the distance between us would help my temper some and work off the excess anger. I wanted to be a cohesive unit, not a bunch of squabbling teenagers.

"Quatre, slow down. You have to pace yourself."

"I know, but I'm getting cold. I want to keep moving. Just keep moving."

"You're no good to me if you can't make it back, and I can't carry you."

"Then leave me!" I shouted, whipping around to face him. He stopped in his tracks and stared at me. We haven't looked each other in the face since we left, but the expression on his face let me know he wasn't surprised at my outburst, and that he was harboring some ill feelings towards me as well. "Leave me alone," I said calmly. "I don't want to fight."

"Then don't," he responded, just as calmly. "But you're making too much of this."

"Am I really?" I asked sarcastically. "I don't understand how I'm making too much of this. You betrayed Relena, used Duo, and now everyone is at everyone else's throat. We can't function in that type of environment. Odin, we didn't have this much disregard for each other when we first met in our gundams!"

"I thought you'd be happy," he said with a slight sneer in his voice. "You've always wanted Duo and I to get back together."

"No Odin, I want all three of you to be happy, whether it's Relena and you or Duo and you. And you two didn't get back together. You slept together. I don't see any love in that action. That's something animals can do. I'm not impressed."

"I'm sorry then Quatre. I didn't know we had to seek your approval."

Now that HURT. A great deal. I saw his eyes widen just a tad, maybe at recognizing the hurt in mine. But things like that tend to spill over, because you always want to hurt the ones that hurt you. "I can't believe Duo was stupid enough to let you touch him."

He quickly stepped up to me, gritting his teeth together. "What did you call Duo?"

I blinked, took a deep breath and said, "Stupid."

Heero's fist collided into my jaw at the same moment I brought my knee up to impale him in the stomach. We both stumbled back for a brief second before going into full battle rage and doing our best to pound each other to the ground. I think of it like that cartoon Duo always watches, Dragon Ball Z I think...yeah. When they're fighting, all you can see are arms and legs flying. That's basically how this fight went. I got in a few good hits and so did Heero, but most of it was blocking and going on the offensive.

I didn't know how long we were fighting. It could've been a few minutes to about twenty. I was so angry at him I didn't know what to do with myself, and he was just out of control to begin with. Anyway, the next thing I heard, besides me swearing under my breath, was the sound of a horn honking. I pulled away just when Heero jabbed me in the ribs as I kicked him in the shin, and saw an older man pulled over on the side of the road (we were fighting in the middle of it), standing outside of his car, honking the horn at us. In half a second Heero was by his side to render him unconscious as I pulled the driver's seat forward in his Bug to lay his body across the back seat. Once that was done, Heero and I jumped in and drove in the direction of Wiesbaden.

"This isn't suitable. It's too small." Heero frowned as his knees touched the steering wheel.

"I know. We'll find something once we stop. Besides, I'm not too keen on keeping this one anyway," I said as I stared at several pairs of the man's handcuffs that were attached to the doorhandle, along with his issue of ‘Whips and Chains' on the dashboard.


"Do you think we need anything else?"

"Nope," I said as I munched on some potato chips. I love barbeque. "This should be enough. Here, did you want an apple?"

"Yeah," Heero said, and I tossed the apple to him as I climbed into the passenger seat of the van. This van was a company van of some type, where it had the two seats in the front, a screened window, and nothing in the back. Just the two doors that opened and closed. It was enough for us to stuff our things in along with ourselves. "Let's go Quatre. He's almost done taking a piss."

I closed the door. "I'm in, let's go." Heero drove off sharply, leaving the man who drove the van behind at the gas station. He'll be alright though. We managed to get quite a lot from a store that had a scary resemblance to Piggly Wiggly (Duo's favorite grocery store) and I was able to even bag what we were stealing because the cashier kept going on and on about Heero's eyes. She did catch me, but one smile from Heero had her wobbling at the knees, and we easily strode out of there. I understood why though. He has a beautiful smile. Anyway, we had that man's Bug (with him still knocked out in the back I'm afraid) and were on our way back to the mansion when we spotted this white van stop and it's driver run into a little gas station. We loaded up, left the guy and the Bug at the gas station, and here we are now, driving back for the others. I'll be glad when this is all over. Besides, I'd love to have some chicken wings with these potato chips.

"Put your seatbelt on," I said as I carefully chewed around the chips. Heero really did a number on my jaw. He gave me a dirty look, but put his seatbelt on nonetheless. At that, I reached over and pulled the strap of his seatbelt hard, so that it fit especially snug around his lap. After all, it's the least I can do since I can't talk without worrying about my jaw falling off. "Isn't that better?" I said coyly, batting my lashes at him.

He couldn't help but smile. He tried to suppress it, but I saw it. Even Heero can't resist me. I guess Wufei was right. It's hard for anyone to deny me anything. Except Trowa.

At that thought I pulled the visor down, hoping that there was a mirror there. There was. I started to mess around with my jaw, trying to wash away that thought. I didn't know where it came from, but I wasn't happy about it. It just jumped into my head, and it shifted my mood very dramatically. At least I managed not to think about him for three hours.

"What are you doing?" Heero asked.

"I'm trying to put my jaw back into place," I said, a little playfully. "Somebody was kind enough to nearly take it off."

He didn't let the humor escape him. "I know the feeling. I'm having a few problems breathing, and I can't seem to see clearly out of my left eye because of the swelling." He paused for a moment. "I'm sorry I hit you."

I sighed. "I'm sorry I kneed you so hard."

I didn't see his face, but I felt his eyebrow quirk upward. "Sorry you kneed me so hard?"

I shrugged. "Yeah."

"But you're not sorry you kneed me?"

I laughed. "Heavens no. You deserved it."

He laughed a nice, hearty, healthy laugh, and it seemed as if all of the stuff that happened the night before didn't matter. It did though. There was a comfortable truce now, but the problem still wasn't resolved. Things seemed alright right now, but we still had to face the others, and they aren't as forgiving as I am. I knew I would become defensive as soon as I saw Duo and Relena. In fact, I didn't want to even see Duo and Relena.

"I wish you didn't call him stupid," he said out of the blue. "He's not. I remember when the Earth and the colonists first saw him. They couldn't believe someone who looked like that could be a gundam pilot."

"So did you," I shot back. "I'm sure you thought he trusted too easily and talked too much."

He smiled, but it was to himself. "Yeah. I did. But I soon knew better. Still, to this day, he's thought of as stupid and uncareful. You're his best friend. I wouldn't expect you to say that."

I leaned further into the seat. "I know he's not stupid Odin. But what he did WAS stupid." He peered at me out of the corner of his eye. "He loves you very, very deeply, but he has to let you go. You want to be with someone else and you have to make that clear without being cruel."

He shifted slightly in his chair. "I don't know what I want anymore."

I nodded my head. I figured as much. "Then tell Relena and Duo that. Don't stay by her side and sleep with him to satisfy them both. That's not how it works."

"This wasn't his fault Quatre. You can't blame it on him."

"Yes, I can," I said after I thought about it a moment. "And this is why. You understand what you feel, but oftentimes you do wrong with it. Dr. J and the others were very cruel to you, and there's no way that you aren't going to have some...confusions over your feelings. You had them before, most of the time with Relena. So he has to draw the line with you. How else are you going to learn?"

"I don't understand."

I crossed my legs and tried to think of an example. "Okay, how about this. Dogs. Puppies. You want to potty train them. How are you going to do that?"

He frowned, then shrugged. "When they go inside, tell them no and bop them on the nose. Reward them when they go outside."

"Exactly. Of course, we don't want you to be bopped on the know what, I think that was a terrible example. Let's try another one."

"No," he said slowly. "I think I understand what you're trying to say."


"But it's still not his fault. It was mine." He frowned more, and his eyebrows drew together. "I shouldn't have...I shouldn't have...left him."

That answer totally blew me out of the water. I started to choke on my potato chips. "What?"

"I shouldn't have left him," he repeated, more resolute in his answer. "Should I tell him that?"

He looked at me, with those blue eyes of his so confused and so sad. I had to turn away. I couldn't stand it. "No," I responded quickly. "Not unless you want to be with him. Until you're sure, tell them you don't know what you want right now, and let your feelings settle some. Otherwise, you'll make them both your enemies."

"Is that what happened between you and Trowa?"

The question stung. I flinched, completely unprepared for it. But I answered nonetheless. "Yes, that's what happened between me and Trowa." I was silent for half second before I said, "I don't want to talk about this anymore." He didn't confirm whether or not he heard me, but his lack of response was good enough. From there, we just drove on in silence until we were able to see the mansion from where we were.

In a matter of seconds we were approaching the edge of the grounds that we believed was part of the mansion. As we neared, I began to think Heero went to sleep with his eyes open because he wasn't slowing down. "Uh, Odin, don't you think you need to slow down? This part does have ice on it since no one drives around here, and the snow is high..." I let that thought trail off as I watched Heero stomp repeatedly on the brakes, yet the van was not slowing down. Angered, I started to shout at the roof of the van. "Krahe, this isn't funny! Knock it off!"

"I can't slow down," Heero said calmly, although I detected a hint of excitement in his voice. "Something's wrong. I don't know what."

"No! Odin, look out!" I saw that we were headed towards a tree, the same one Duo and I hit that time two years ago. I didn't know if the tree had grown in the middle of the road or what, because just like that last time, it was in our path.

Heero, seeing the tree, turned left to avoid it but ended up overcorrecting. The van started to slide sideways, and Heero turned right to correct it, but this time the van was thrown to its side and started to tumble. He held on tightly to the steering wheel as I gripped the bottom of my seat, both of us trying not to be thrown around as well. I could hear our things in the back get slammed against the wall and crushed against the steel gate of the window.

I tried to keep my jaws clenched tightly as I watched the world go upside down and right side up. I didn't want to scream, (which wouldn't help in the slightest), but I also didn't want to bite my tongue off. At least this time we're wearing seatbelts and I'm not flying over the seat. However, this time the vehicle was rolling. I'd take a regular crash over this any day.

After the third roll, the van lost its momentum when it landed on its roof and slid the rest of the way until we stopped against the tree. My door was crushed in, but the glass didn't break. It only shattered. Thank you Allah! Heero was fine as far as I could tell, just a little...well...peeved. That's as much as I could gather, considering he looked like he was smiling from ear to ear. But since we were upset down, I guess that meant he was VERY unhappy. "Odin?"

"I'm fine," he said hotly, now crossing his arms across his chest. I continued to look out what was left of the front window, wrinkling my nose at the cold air being blown in. Heero and I just sat in the van, upside down, amazed. I understood that things could go wrong time and time again, but there should be a cap on such things like this. For example, if you're involved in a near terrorist situation, then involved in a plane crash, followed by being pulled into portals, nearly abducted and drowned, you shouldn't be involved in car accidents.

"Aren't you glad I told you to put your seatbelt on?"

He paused. "I knew you were going to bring that up."


"I just KNEW you were going to bring it up."

"All I said was ‘aren't you glad I told you to put your seatbelt on.' That's all."

"You didn't have to say anything Quatre."

"I didn't have to but I did." I paused. "Are we going to stay like this all day or what?"

"Don't worry. I see Duo, Wufei and Trowa running out now. We'll be fine."

I snorted. "Yeah, but we could've been out of here two minutes ago." I placed my feet against the dashboard, pushing back hard. I placed one hand on the roof as the other undid the seatbelt. My left arm felt odd, but I ignored it for the time being. I fell to my knees, allowing for the blood to rush from my head. I had to sit still for a few seconds for the dizziness to go away. "Odin come on. What are you waiting for?"

He crossed his arms even tighter. "My leg is broken."

I had to close my eyes. The stars in front of them weren't going away. "I should've known."

"Shit guys, are ya'll okay?!" Duo's voice was frantic as he ran around the van, summing up the damage. "Hey, can you guys hear me?"

I used my foot to gently knock my window out, kicking some of it around the tree. The trunk blocked half of the window. "I'm fine Duo, but Odin's leg is broken."

"Which one?"

I turned to him. "Which one?"

"The right one."

"The right one," I shouted through the window. "And hurry guys, he's still upside down."

"We got it," I heard Wufei grunt as the door gave way to his and Trowa's pulling. Duo was alongside them in a heartbeat.

"Okay. Duo and Wufei, grab his head and his arms. I'm going to release his seatbelt and catch his right leg. Odin, are you sure you don't have any more injuries?"

His eyes rolled up in his head as he mentally went through his body, but came up with nothing. "No, it's just the leg."

"Alright guys. Here we go. One, two, three." I released the seatbelt and caught his leg, where the other landed on my thigh. I didn't want his leg to fall against the roof. Anyway, Wufei and Duo had his head and arms, so he was easily pulled out with minimal difficulty. I started to climb through when a hand was reached out to me. I took it and was helped out by Trowa.

I thought that I was okay until I stood up. That's when I felt it. My neck. Every muscle in my neck simultaneously screamed and locked up. I couldn't turn my head to the side. It refused to move. I groaned.

"What's wrong? Is it your neck?" Trowa asked as he started to reach for my head. I held up my hands to stop him when I felt another pain radiating from my left arm.

"Now what on Earth could that be?" I said to myself as I looked past Trowa to Heero, Duo, Relena and Wufei. She had come out after we had gotten him out of the van. Dorothy was making her way towards us. But right now, Duo and Relena were helping Heero back to the mansion. Wufei was on his way back to me, with Dorothy trailing behind him.

"Okay Quatre, how do you feel–Christ, you look like shit." He held my chin in his hand lightly. As he started to turn my head, I flinched and backed away from him. "Okay, looks like you might have a case of whiplash. Your holding your neck very rigid. What the hell happened? You look like you've been in a fight."

"It's a long story," I said as I started to walk towards the back of the van for the supplies. "I'll tell you when I feel up to it." We didn't have the back doors locked, and Heero had to hot-wire the van, so they opened easily. But I felt the depression again as I saw the damage done. Many of the batteries were cracked open, allowing the acid to spill out which ate away at the foam plates. That, in turn, might have made the food inedible. One of our flashlights were broken, and the rest was just a mess. "How could he?" I mumbled to myself as I started to reach for the good things to carry back. The pain shot up my arm again, causing me to call out in surprise.

"What's wrong with your arm?" Trowa asked quietly as he walked around to my left side. "Is it broken? You're favoring it funny."

I looked down to the arm in question. "No, I don't think so," I slurred slightly.

"Wait, he might be going into shock." The edges around my vision were starting to get dark, then suddenly Wufei was the only thing in my sight. He held the sides of my face carefully, not wanting to hurt me further. "Quatre," he said slowly, "where's your Bowie?"

I looked to him. He seemed worried. "Up my sleeve...oh dear."

"Shit," he said again. "Trowa, he needs to get back to the house. He's hurt. Dorothy and I can bring in what's usable."

"Alright. Quatre, come on," Trowa said as he held my shoulders, bringing me closer to him. The cold around me was nipping at my ears, making them cold again, therefore I was getting crabbier. I walked up to Trowa, allowing my face to bury itself in his coat. I didn't feel like moving. My neck hurt. My arm hurt. My feelings hurt. My ears were cold. I wanted to get back to the mansion, but I didn't feel like walking.

I looked up at him, pouting a bit. "I don't think I can walk," I said, and after I blinked, I saw that I was no longer outside by the van, but inside, next to the warm fireplace. Trowa seemed to be standing stiffly in front of me, not willing to let go or step away from me. "Trowa?"

"It–it's alright Quatre," he said as he finally released my shoulders, pulling the coat off of me. "Don't worry, just–just don't worry about it."

"Hmm okay." I stood there as Trowa took some of my clothes off before he helped me lay down on the bed. That's when I realized that I was in my room. Huh. I didn't even remember coming up the stairs.

Trowa got most of my clothes off, leaving on my socks, t–shirt and boxers as he treated my arm. I couldn't tell what was wrong, and I didn't care. I was extremely tired and I felt like I was a thousand years old. I only stared at the ceiling, wishing my neck would stop aching and feeling my eyelids fall closed. I couldn't last much longer.

"Trowa," I tried to say, to let him know I couldn't do it. I couldn't stay awake. But he didn't hear me. I didn't have the strength to say it out loud. I couldn't last any longer.

" did you do that?"

I fell asleep.