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Series Fiction

The Murder Saga A trilogy series, along with sidestories, that focuses on Quatre combating a supernatural spirit, the spirit's minions, the gboys, and himself. 3x4/4x3, 1x2, 5xS. [ ET of completion: July 2004 Only God Knows]
Running With The Moon Series A three to five fic series about Duo and his adventures with the supernatural because of his relationship with a werewolf.

Multi-part Fiction

Because Of A Game During my sophomore year of college, one of my best friends and I moved into our first apartment. I am going to throw the boys into an incident that occurred in my world that year to tell you all one of the biggest messes I've ever been in, and that it all started because of a game.... 2xH, 5xS, past 3x2, eventual 3x2, vaguely 4xSylvia and 1xCB at the end. [9 parts, complete]
It Came From The Kitchen
Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3 | Part 4
After a successful battle, the Gundam boys are allowed some downtime in an abandoned country house. Upon arrival, all five could tell that something was wrong with the house. Just what was it? Based off of a childhood experience of mine. Horror, no pairings. Rating: R [4 parts, complete]


Falling From Heaven Hurts Like Hell This was my first shot at writing during the longest football game of my life. I almost choked myself to death, on purpose. Luckily the gboys saved me. ^__^ This is the corniest thing I have ever written. All Quatre, no warnings. Rating: G
Fishing On The Moon This is the result of three consecutive days of insomnia, Nyquil, and the opening credits to 'Gladiator'. It's a conversation between Trowa and Duo about the moon. A lot of people have said they liked this one. Standard 1+2, 3+4 pairings. Rating: PG
Won Best Shortfic in the Gundam Wing Fan Fiction Contest
On A Heroin High This is shortest I've written so far, but I like this one alot. It's Duo's thoughts on Heero (duh). But if you add Dr. Pepper together with HBO documentaries, this is the result.... Rating: PG-13
Sun In A Bottle After an "interesting" dinner party incident, Heero explains his feelings to Duo. Sucky descrip I know. Anyway, this is dedicated to my amazing beta reader, DD, who has one hell of a job. I would've driven an English teacher insane. Rating: PG
The Skunk Parade I really can't explain this one except to say that it's really weird. If you're ever drunk for an entire five days, expect these kinds of thoughts. 1x2 pairing. Rating: ?
To Kill A Fly Wufei is alone for an afternoon and tries to relax when an annoying insect interrupts his plans. Scary attempt at humor. Mostly Wufei. Rating: PG
Different Cells Of A Prison This is MY introspective (emphasis on the "my") on why the five boys chose and/or accepted the role to be the pilots of their various gundams. Slight angst. Rating: PG
How Could You? This is a surprise POV with surprise pairings--yes, pairings--as in more than one. Very short though. This is truly an experiment on my part. Angst, meanness. Rating: PG
As The Candlelight Flickers Nine years after the Mariemaia incident, Relena runs into someone she never thought she would, to talk about a certain someone she hadn't seen in a long time, to find out that things were not as good as she believed. Another introspection on my part. Rating: PG
Old Hwy 90 This is based off of a legend a coworker told me. When I heard the story I just *had* to write it, GW style. Horror. Pairings: 3x4, slight Iriax3. Rating: PG-13
When I Stand Before God This is actually one of my poems from my 'Padded Room' section that I thought would fit Duo. The poem is verbatim just about. Slight introspection, majorly weird. Not much else to say. Rating: PG
Won the Naked Samurai Award in Nanashi: GW Fanfic Contest
In The Bedroom This is a poem I wrote that got chosen for publication! *throws confetti* No names were used, but a pairing was definitely in mind. Take a guess who!


You're Not Mine Duo and Trowa have come to a point in their friendship where they must decide whether or not to keep a promise they made to themselves and if so, what will it mean? Very angsty. Rating: PG 17 for adult situations. (Revised 1/28/07)
It's Been Awhile Sequel to "You're Not Mine." It's been awhile since Trowa and Duo have last seen each other, and when they settle down for dinner, as friends, they find out that their love lives haven't been any better in spite of their decision. What will this mean for them now? Very, very angsty. Rating: PG-17 (Revised 2/1/07)
What It Feels Like For A Girl Relena decides to do an all--or--nothing stunt to win over Heero's affections, and in doing so sought out the help of Duo Maxwell. Will her serenade work? This may be the only Relena sympathetic fic I'll do. Rating: PG (Revised 2/1/07)
If You Leave Hilde has had enough of the hard times and decides to leave Duo for something better. Will the one she loves leave with her, despite the relationship he's in? Surprise pairing. Rating: PG-13 (Revised 2/1/07)