Because Of A Game
Part 8: The Decision

Trowa kicked the sheets down to the edge of the bed so that the morning breeze could wash over his body. He snuggled further into his pillows, happy that it was Saturday and that he didn't have to be anywhere (since he quit his job) and that he was alone in the apartment. Since it was going to be a little warmer today, he decided he would turn off the heater to save electricity and just walk around naked for the rest of the day, eating ice cream. /Tap tap tap./

"God damn birds," he moaned as he pulled the pillow over his head. He might as well call the manager again since those people still didn't fix the gutter like he asked. Those birds are probably laying eggs by now. /Tap tap tap./

Trowa pulled the pillow down harder to the point where he almost couldn't breath. If only he hadn't sold his gun to that Meiran chick, then he could've spent his morning in touch with the character of Elmer Fudd.


"Ah!" he yelped as he sat up quickly, the momentum of the movement throwing his pillow onto the floor. He glanced around the room as fast as his sleep--filled eyes could manage until his eyes met the culprit's at the window. "Catherine? Don't do that! You scared me."

Catherine had lifted up the window screen and was currently sliding under it. "Well, I didn't want to startle you and then you would pull a gun on me....again." She pulled down the screen and plopped herself on the bed next to her brother. "For the umpteenth time."

"Oh, and screaming my name through a window is going to help? God Cathy, will you ever let that go?" He whined as he turned his sheets into a pillow. "It's not like I meant to do it those other times, it's just a reaction."

"Sure sure," she said, waving away his excuses. "Don't worry about it. Anyway, what are you doing in bed? Don't you have to be at work by one or so? It's eleven thirty now."

"Nope," he said, stretching, "I quit yesterday."

"What?" she squealed incredulously. "And you're still alive?"

He gave her a cautious look. "Of course I'm alive. Why wouldn't I be?"

She rolled her eyes. "I mean, Wufei didn't kill you, which I'm sure he would have."

When Trowa thought about it, he discovered that he didn't tell Wufei. He forgot to. Why wouldn't he...oh yeah. "Something came up and I forgot to tell him, which is probably why he didn't ask what I was doing home early yesterday."

"Why? What happened?"

The next twenty minutes were spent recapping the events from the day before. Of course, Trowa's summation was interrupted frequently from Catherine's outbursts of "that bitch!" and several other variations. When he finally did finish, she was smoldering with anger.

"After I kick her ass, I'm kicking Duo's."

"Come on Cathy. This isn't Duo's fault. You know–"

"Like hell it isn't! Trowa, I'm telling you, you're getting shit on."

"No Cathy, I'm not getting shit on. It's just–" /Splat./

Both of them turned simultaneously to see a yellow substance slowly running down the window and puddling onto the white window sill. Catherine, after staring at it for a few seconds, stood up and pointed to the window. "I know god damn well that that's not an egg on your window!"

"It's okay Cathy. I'll just call management and she'll be kicked out." /Splat. Splat./

Catherine, upset to the point of no return, looked out the window to see who was throwing the eggs. "Is that the bitch?!" she screamed.

"Well," was all Trowa managed to say before Catherine, without waiting for a response, stormed out of the room. Trowa, clad in only his boxers, immediately got up and ran after her, but was hampered a bit when he stubbed his toe against the door. "Catherine, wait!"

She had already unlocked the door and was out, her heels clicking loudly against the steps. Trowa ran after her still, his feet now burned from the hot concrete, which had been warmed by the sun. He flew down the stairs as quickly as he could, and landed just in time to see Catherine punch Hilde square in the eye. Hilde, not easily defeated, punched Catherine back, but hit her in the cheek. The only thing that was heard was the sound of flesh hitting flesh and muffled, angry cries coming from both girls.

"Stop you two!" Trowa hollered before he launched himself between the two, receiving a blow in the back and in the head. He managed to push Catherine a few feet away and turned to see Wufei holding Hilde under the arms, even as she kicked and screamed. Heero and Quatre watched in shock, and Sally collected what eggs were left from the brawl.

"Perfect timing you guys," he called to the others.

" slut!"

Unfortunately, something else prevented him from commenting further. "Can't you think of something else to call me? That's getting a little old you know."

Hilde yanked her arms out of Wufei's grasp and reached for an egg that was on the ground near her when Sally grabbed her wrist. "Look, I know you don't know me, but believe me when I tell you that if you even think about throwing that egg, you will have to deal with me AND her," she said, glancing to Catherine. "And I don't think you can take the both of us. You hear me?"

"You should kick her ass regardless," Quatre called from where he was standing. "Catherine, you already started it, might as well finish it. Sally should join in on the fun too. Of course, topless wouldn't be too bad either." Catherine only scoffed as Sally hit him upside the head with the egg carton. "Well, I'm only telling the truth," he said, smirking.

"Look Trowa," Hilde sneered, "I don't know what you're trying to do, but whatever it is it's not going to work. See, Duo's with me. He doesn't need you."

He only shook his head. "Hilde, that's not good enough. You have to care about him as much as he cares about you. You're too spoiled and conceited to do that for him. It has to be both ways."

"Oh, so you think your little speech means something to me? Don't think I don't know anything. Duo told me last night about everything. I know that you all played basketball. I know about Heero," she drawled out his name, "and I even know about the bus ride home." Trowa glanced around and didn't see any surprised faces. Quatre must've told them all. "And I know that all of this came out because of that stupid game you played that night."

Trowa shrugged. "Nothing came out Hilde. It was there all along. Just needed to be brought back to the surface."

Hilde made a face and placed her balled up hands on her hips. "Well, don't we think we're a poet. Next thing I'll know you'll be trying to spout sonnets."

"Wow Hilde," Quatre busted in. "I didn't know you knew words like that! You're not nearly as dumb as I thought you were."

She made a lunge at him but was quickly caught under the arms by Wufei again. After struggling for a brief second, she relented and decided to glare at Trowa instead. "Do you think he really gives a shit about you?"

Trowa smiled. Thinking about what Duo said before he left for the store, he realized that Duo was trying to see if he really had feelings for him, like they did on that bus those years ago. Trowa cared for Duo, and Duo loved him back. "Apparently he does. Otherwise, you wouldn't be here, throwing eggs at my window."

She practically ripped her arms out of Wufei's grasp. "You assume too much."

"Oh wow, an actual intelligent response! That's two in under five minutes!"

"Shut up Quatre! Look Trowa, I'm telling you to leave him alone." She took a step forward.

Trowa, however, was unfazed and stepped forward as well. "And I'm telling you that's not going to happen. Period."

"So you're going to fight me for him, huh?" she asked harshly.

Trowa's smile widened. "You better believe it bitch."

"No one's going to fight anyone," came the slightly worn voice. Duo strolled down the sidewalk in a loose pair of jeans and a white t–shirt. His hair was braided, but it seemed to be coming undone, and he had large bags under his eyes. He didn't seem to have slept well.

"Oh Duo!" Hilde squealed, attaching herself to his arm. "It's about time you got here. Do something, they're all ganging up on me!"

He pulled her off of his arm and held her by the shoulders. "I can't even go get the mail without something happening. What is it with you?"

She glared at Duo, wiggling herself out of his grasp before standing next to Trowa. "Fine then. I'm sick of this crap! You all make me sick. Either he goes," she pointed to Trowa, "or I go. I want you to choose. Now."

"But Hilde," he interrupted, "I don't think this is the time or the place–"

"Now!" she screamed angrily.

Duo, defeated, calmly walked up to Trowa, where he took one of his hands in both of his, and lightly stroked the soft skin. His eyes were red from lack of sleep and aggravation, and the thin lines around his eyes made him look older. "Trowa," he started, "I'm so sorry, but I can't be with you..."


*Notes* None of this stuff happened, but that girl and I did have a go for throwing eggs on my window.