Because Of A Game
Part 3: The Game

Heero, Trowa and Quatre woke up about three hours later, feeling very refreshed. Stepping out of the room, all three were shocked to find that Wufei and Sally were actually studying instead of having sex. But what had Trowa slightly disturbed was the fact that Duo hadn't returned or been heard from. It was already nine o'clock in the evening.

"Maybe he went to Hilde's parents' house or something," Quatre suggested.

"For all that is pornographic I hope not," Wufei grumbled from a couch. "He can do so much better than her yet he keeps throwing himself at her corn covered feet."

Heero and Trowa only looked to each other and shrugged, while Quatre picked up a controller and started to play Spyro. "Well, maybe he's in love with her," he said, matter--of--factly.

"Like hell he is! I'll kill him if he is."

Quatre and Sally laughed as Heero leaned against Trowa and commented, watching the others. "I doubt it. He hasn't really been involved with anybody since me, so he might be taking this pretty hard. That's all."

"Wow, I really want to meet this girl." All action stopped as the four boys focused on Sally.

The face Heero made seemed as if Sally announced that she had an Oreo up her ass. "And why do you want to meet her?"

"Well, I'm curious about the type of person she is. You guys are the sweetest people I've ever met, but you all talk about her like she was Satan herself, and don't you dare comment Wufei." His mouth closed with an audible click. Trowa snorted. "So I want to see what type of person could get such a rile out of you guys, especially you Trowa. The only person that seems to upset you is the crack-head next door."

"Well, he doesn't seem to know that searching me for money and fondling me are two separate things, not one and the same."

She laughed out loud as she approached Trowa, cupping his face in her hands. "You know what Trowa Barton? I think you and your friends live a very interesting life."

"Hn. I'd rather be bored, to tell the truth. Trust me. I'm going to be committed by the time I'm twenty five." A light knock at the door interrupted their conversation and all heads turned to the offending object, staring at it as if it would open itself.

"Who is it?!" Wufei shouted at the door.

"It's me Wuffie! Open up, I'm freezing my ass off out here." He immediately got up and answered it, pulling a shivering Duo inside. "Thanks. Sorry guys, I couldn't get the beer. The guy that usually lets me buy it without ID, Otto, isn't there tonight. I'll have to go tomorrow."

"S'ok," Quatre said, freeing a frozen dragon. "You can get it tomorrow then. In the meantime, what are we going to do? I have homework I'm trying to avoid finishing. And how come it took you over three hours to figure out that he didn't work tonight?" His pink tongue darted out in the corner of his mouth in concentration.

"Oh, it didn't take me long. I just went walking for a while, and started thinking–"

"Uh oh, that's not good–"

"Shut up Quatre! Anyway, I started thinking, and I owe you guys one hell of an apology. So instead of swallowing my pride and apologizing, I decided that all of us, including you Sally, since you're part of the group now, should do something kinda fun together."

Everybody looked to one another for an explanation. Even Quatre paused his game to peer over his shoulder. "Duo, are you drunk?"

"Nope, never been more sober in my life."

Trowa exchanged a curious glance with Heero before facing Duo. "You wanna do something ‘kinda fun' together?"

"Why did you say it like I was pulling your leg? I'm serious here. All of us haven't been in the same room together in months! Come on guys, it'll be fun. Help me out Tro."

Trowa sighed reluctantly and nodded. "Fine."

Sally clapped happily. "I'm in too."

Wufei only growled and stood up, putting the books on the coffee table/magazine stand/foot rest. "Oh great. If Sally goes, then I have to go too. I hate you Maxwell."

"I love you too Wuffie," he said, winking.

Heero nodded his agreement and Quatre started to put up the Dreamcast, setting it on top of the television.

"So, what are we going to be doing, Duo?" Trowa asked quietly, a sense of foreboding overcoming him at his friend's cheery grin.

"I want to play a game, but I want to play an adult game. How about Street Fighter II?"

"Oh yeah Duo, that's real 'adult' like–"

"No no no Wuffie, that's not what I mean. We should play strip Street Fighter II. Anybody can challenge anybody else, but if you lose a set, that is two or three rounds, you have to take something off. Jewelry or watches won't count for clothing."

"Damn." Sally smirked.

Duo winked at her. "But if you win a set, you don't have to take anything off, but you can't put something back on either. The one wearing the most clothes wins, but we have to keep track and make sure everyone plays the same number of times. And we should play at me and Quatre's townhouse, since it's larger and has more space."

The entire room went silent as each person debated with themselves. "Come on guys," Duo whined, "we're all adults here, right? It's just a game. Nothing serious."

"Oh what the hell." Trowa's answer stunned the others as he turned to go back to his room.

"Trowa, you're going to play?" Wufei asked incredulously.

He looked at Duo, gracing him with a small smile. "Sure, why not? It's just a game."

"Great!" Duo clasped his hands together. "Meet me and Quatre there in ten minutes then." Grabbing the blonde boy's hand, both of them shot through the door and down the stairs, their feet pounding against the metal stairway until they hit the ground.

Trowa, once in his room, dug through his drawers and pulled out some pants, socks, extra underwear, and a few shirts. Heero followed in behind him, putting on the clothes Trowa tossed over his shoulder in his direction. "Thanks Tro."

"No, problem. Knowing Duo, he's been practicing all day and before we know it, we'll be butt naked and freezing in there while he sits there fully dressed laughing at us." He threw a pair of socks to Heero, while tying up his shoe laces.

"Don't you think he's acting funny?"

He stood up and bit his knuckle in thought. "Yes and no. This game idea of his is normal, but that he's doing it today after Hilde broke up with him is strange. He doesn't usually throw his feelings away like that. It took him months to get over you. I can't imagine him getting over Hilde this quickly."

Heero nodded. "I agree. It's just...this isn't sitting right with me."

Trowa smiled at him. "I know. I don't like it either, but we're his friends and if playing this game makes him feel better for a little while, then so be it."

"We're gone!"

"Right behind you ‘Fei!" Trowa called back. "Let's get a move on then."

Both boys swirled around and stared in shock at the phone as it rang. Heero glared at the banged boy, who was biting his lip at the indecision. "Trowa, you don't have to answer it. Let's just go, Wufei and Sally already left."

"Shhh! It could be important."

"Trowa, don't answer–"


"Oh hell."

"Well hello, my daddy longlegs."


"Who else did you expect it to be, hm?

"I can't talk right now. I gotta go strip for Street Fighter."

A brief pause. "What?"

"I gotta go. Street fighter is stripping for me!"

Another pause. "That Treize person is not going to be there, is he?"

"Yes, that sounds great. Gotta go bye." Trowa hung up the phone and hurried outside after Heero, locking the door as he batted away the moths.

"You know Trowa, you have more ex--lovers than I have fingers and toes."

"So what's your point?" Trowa shoved his keys in his pockets and quickly went down the stairs, followed closely by Heero.

Heero only shook his head. "Nothing, I suppose. I just don't understand how they know about each other but instead of getting mad, they compete for you."

He only shrugged his shoulders. "What can I say, I'm just that good."

Their laughter filtered through the air as they jogged across the street to Duo's.