Because Of A Game

Disclaimer: As everyone knows, I do not own them. If you thought I did, you're stupid.


True story -- This unfortunately is a true story about a situation some friends and I got in during my sophomore year of college.

Corniness -- This fic will contain quite a bit of corniess. It's meant to poke fun at the situation I was in.

Stupid dialogue -- Some of the dialogue is just dumb or redundant. Unfortunately, alot of it WAS said, especially from the person Hilde is representing.

Incomplete details -- The problem the gwboys are in is correct, and how they got into the problem is correct. How the problem was solved and other unmentioned facts will remained unmentioned. This is considered a crime, so complete details can't and won't be given to protect the guilty.

General Warnings -- Yaoi, het, language, SEVERE OOCness, especially in Trowa's case, attempt at humor, obsession of coffee, root beer, and Dr. Pepper, references to drugs, drug use, sex, and a lemon.

~ Parts of the Game ~
The Apartment | The Breakup | The Game | The Mistake | The Next Day |

The Shit Hits The Fan | The Confrontation | The Decision | Because Of A Game

~Players of the Game~
Lawrence -- Played by Heero Yuy. Lawrence is a good guy, but loves weed (marijuana) like the sun loves to shine. He's not complete without his best friend Joe. In nine years, I've seen Lawrence without Joe, twice.

Quincy -- Played by Duo Maxwell. Quincy's a nice guy, but he's the type of person more worried about having a relationship and outward appearances than having his ducks in a row.

Me -- Played by Trowa Barton. During that year, my only purpose was to get laid and to get in trouble. I've succeeded in both many times.

Joe -- Played by Quatre Winner. Joe is Lawrence's sidekick, hysterical, a smartass, and loved weed as much as Lawrence, if not more.

Cynthia -- Played by Wufei Chang and Sally Po. Cynthia is my best friend and has been so for ten years now. She's two characters in the fic, because at the time she didn't know everything that was going on with me. She was always halfway in and out of the dark.

Angie -- Played by Hilde. Angie was the type of girl that was the only child in the family and spoiled rotten. She was also a really stupid romantic, and didn't cross paths with reality much.

~ Game Over ~