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This is a GW site, in Portuguese! These girls translate English fics for the Portugues reader.
Shenlong Deb has a huge archive of fiction surrounding our favorite braided baka, along with many pairings for different tastes!
I stumbled onto this site somehow and just fell in love with it. Great place, great theme, great everything. Go look for yourself.
It's about time I added this link. The lemon queen herself. Her fiction is the type you would *definitely* need to read in alone in a dark room...
I get really behind on my writing because I spend *alot* of time here. Love. This. Site.
This is an absolutely HUGE GW archive! Amazing fics from all kinds of authors, whether you want yaoi or non-yaoi. You definitely must visit this place often!
This is another site you want to visit if you are a rabid 3x4 fan. Has great doujinshi, fics and other 3x4 links!
The best 1x2 fics around are archived there. If you love 1x2 (and are over 18) then this place you have to visit! Check out the ramblings section too if you're up to debating.
Katsu no Miko is one of my favorite authors in all of Gundam Wing. It's her writing that got me into writing actually. Read. Now.
Fablespinner's site is amazing and her fics and pics are mindblowing. I worship her. I highly recommend that you read what she has. Has left GW, but keeps popping back in.
Ashkara is another author that I'm seriously getting into. I love her 'Coffee Shop Encounter' series and she also has recipes posted for the greatest snacks!
Caroline knocked me out of my chair with her 'Afterimage' fic. You'll want to stop by if you love 1x2 or even 5x2. Great stuff. (At least I think so).
I have heard too many good things about Death and the Dragon, and now that I've finally checked it out I can't stay away. Mel and Christy's 'Death and the Dragon' Arc is great!
I've been reading Arigatomina's fics for a year easy, and she's good! But I need help pestering her for more, so read her stuff!
If you want to see Duo in a few possible gboy pairings, this is your place to go. Also check out her contest page!
I've been meaning to put this site up forever. It's a newer version of Stellar Soldiers, so if the theme looks familiar, you know why!
I've been a fan of Keelywolfe's fanfiction for years. Why I am just now adding her site is a mystery to me... Keelywolfe's Fanfiction Shoppe
WHOA. That's all I can say. This lady is intense. Don't read if you don't have all day, because you'll be up all night wondering about the next chapter. The Erotic Fiction of Becca Abbott

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