Last Updated: 16 February 2005

  1. Read the rules. ^__^

  2. A fic can be nominated by anyone.

  3. Any fic submitted to the contest MUST have Duo *OR* Quatre as the villain. No exceptions. That's the point of this contest.

  4. Duo or Quatre don't have to be the villain for the entire fic, but they do need to be so for the majority of it.

  5. Submitted fics must be completed.

  6. Any genre of fic is accepted: songfics, multiparts, lemons, etc.

  7. If a fic contains a lemon, I must know beforehand. And all stories must be labeled with the appropriate warnings and disclaimers.

  8. There isn't a cap on the number of entries--as of yet.

  9. Each fic can compete in a maximum of three categories.

  10. Only five fics per author will be accepted.

  11. Only two fics of a given author may be in a category.
  1. I would appreciate it if the fics were archived. But if not, just email me.

  2. Once I receive the nomination email, I will send the nominator and author (if they are different people) a confirmation email. If you don't receive the confirmation email within two days, you can email me to make sure I received it. If the author's email bounces, I will delete the nomination email.

  3. This contest will now be held annually.

  4. If your fic did not win one year, you CAN resubmit it for the next. But after submitting it twice, it can't be entered again for another year. Winning fics can not be entered again--ever.

  5. Anyone submitting a fic can not be a judge.

  6. The nominated fics will be posted, along with the (screen)name of the author. I will not post email addresses.

  7. After the contest is closed for submissions, I will announce the winners four weeks after the closing date. The award banners will be sent to the winners shortly thereafter.

  8. The decisions of the judges are FINAL.

  9. Rules are subject to change without advanced warning. However, if they DO change, fics already submitted will not be disqualified if they do not meet the new rules. That's my problem.

  10. The category for 'Best Overall' will no longer be a category to be nominated for. It will be picked by the webmaster.


  1. The winner will be decided by adding up the scores by the judges and dividing them by the number of judges (being the average).

  2. There must be at least two judges to judge all fics.

  3. The scoring for this contest will be on a point system. Each factor will be worth ten points, fifty being the highest that can be achieved.
    Spelling and Grammar -- 10 points
    Flow -- 10 points
    Characterization of villain(s) -- 10 points
    Overall Storyline -- 10 points
    Interest -- 10 points
  4. All scoring will be kept on Microsoft Word Excel spreadsheet and in a teacher's recording book.

  5. Scores by the judges will be kept anonymous. Only the webmaster (myself) will have access to the fic listings and scores.

    Any questions? If so you can email me with your questions.