Did you read the rules? You better had. *winks* For all nominations, please use the email address kkchitown@yahoo.com . For the subject heading, use something like "Fic Entry" or "Fic Nomination" so that I'll know that I have to open that email.

This is what I want:

Name of fic:
Name of author:
Author's email address:
Nominator's name: (if different)
Nominator's email address: (if different)
URL of story:
I'm going to link to the url of the submitted fic, so I want all links to be DIRECT. If they aren't, I'll be kind enough to find out where it is to make it a direct link. I may not be that kind in the future. For those fics not archived, just email the fic to me. And please don't use attachments. I'm funny as all hell about them, and tend to delete them on sight.

But if you WARN me that you're sending your fic in an attachment, that will be good enough for me. Please send me an email FIRST that you're sending an attachment, THEN send the attachment. I'm telling ya'll, I delete first and ask questions later, if I think about asking questions.