Best Tragedy

I expect all of the fics to be tragic in some way, but this category is for those fics that make the reader feel that the world is just not fair.

Best Suspense

Category for fics that are going to give me a heart attack figuring out how they may end.

Best Surprise

For those fics where I say, "damn, I did NOT see that coming..."

Best Horror

I can't imagine a contest geared for the evil that doesn't have at least one fic that will make me afraid to sleep at night. Bring it on baby!

Best Drama

For fics that have a somber theme, with humor sprinkled here and there...

Top Awards

Best Villain

For fics whose depictions of Duo/Quatre are well-rounded. Not because they're being bad for the sake of being bad.

Best Overall

Category for best fic overall. (Duh!)