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Sunday, 22 July 2007
I'm Back Home!
Mood:  happy
Now Playing: John Legend - 'Ordinary People'

Hey hey!

Well, I'm back home in Texas. It's kinda nice to be back. I missed my family and it's good to see them. The last time I visited, I was only staying for a week and I spent that week trying to buy a new vehicle, setting up the wedding arrangements for my best friend and other shit I can't remember. It was stressful. This time around though, I have a month off (my next contract starts the 13th of August) and have nothing planned except to lay on my ass, write and shop.

Speaking of writing, there was a slight...mishap with BiS. First off, my laptop mysteriously crashed. (Darn Itunes. This was the fourth time it did when I used ITunes.) But this time when it crashed, I couldn't get it up and working again. I had saved what I had of BiS on a disc, so I was like, 'no worries, I'll update when I get back home.' Unfortunately, when I got home, the disc had an...accident during the drive. I can't find all the pieces. I wanted to get pissed off and throw a fit, but I couldn't. I was too happy to be back home with all my electronic toys, and other stuff I can't bring with me thru my travels. So this week I'm going to break down and buy a jump drive with other stuff. I guess from now on I'll have to make backups of the backups. Don't worry, I'm working on the chapter again, as well TFM and making copies of everything AGAIN. Jesus Christ.

And I bought the final Harry Potter book! It breaks my heart that this is the final one.

Watch me not read it until the 7th movie comes out. That's so like me.

Posted by Karen at 22:16 CDT
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