Inside The Padded Room

This section will consist of either essays or off-the-wall things that pop into my psychotic little head. Also, as more and more people ask questions about me personally, I'll add tidbits on who I am and how I became as nutty as I am. Just be very careful tromping around here. And remember, these are my opinions, not fact!
Regarding Fiction To read, or not to read. That was the arguement.
My Dearest Dr. Pepper Just plain stupid. No other way to describe it.
Is It Murder To Kill Insects? A surprising encounter made me question my feelings towards killing bugs -- sort of.
Bottom Of My Shoe An affair that shouldn't have happened made me realize how cold I can truly be.
Why I Like Yaoi Just what the title says. You probably won't like my
answer though.
The Coolest Thing I Ever Sawed A shopping trip turned deadly! -- almost.
My Thoughts On Pairings What the title says.
When I Stand Before God A poem contemplating what I think my life after death should be before God.
Death's Fingertips My recollection on the day I could've died.
Dear Dalandis A letter to a very dear and beloved friend.
It's Only Your Imagination Night + imagination = no sleep.
Just Drive A fantasy/thought/daydream I've been having.