1x4 Proof

I'm gonna need somebody to make me feel like you do...

Welcome to the Proof page. If you don't believe that there is any sort of yaoi relationship between these two, I have some proof here to show you that, however obscure, there IS an attraction. Observe:

Take a look at THIS! I swear to God the only thing I did to this image is highlight Quatre's hand! Now, why would Quatre be doing THAT??

Aw, c'mon, you KNOW that's what those two are thinking...and that's cleaned-up!

Isn't that cute? All the other pilot kitties are elsewhere clinging to Quatre, and you can tell that Heero is giving Duo that "What are you still doing here?" look.


I believe that these two are an adorable couple. Why?? Well, Quatre wouldn't be as annoying to Heero as Duo, Heero would actually be nice to Quatre, plus the sex would be fantastic^_^. No, seriously, I believe that they could learn a lot from each other and grow as individuals and as a couple. Back to Base