Hi! Page Of Linkshi!

Hello! This is my page of links! just below you will find some banners that you can use to link back to this site! Save one to your hard drive, upload it to your site, then link it back here! It's that simple!

Check out my list of links to other sites.
- Anime Couples! A great site!
Gundam Fanfics-Another wonderful site, also by a friend of mine.
Anipike-That's where my site is listed!
Pocket Bishonen-Gotta Catch 'Em All! ^_^
Otaku World-A great place! I recommend the Kisekae Paper Dolls...fun fun fun!
Caerfree-Wonderful 1x4 site. Very nice!
Seriously Messed Up Gundam Fanfics These are hilariously screwedup fanfics...guaranteed laughs! Also by the same person...
Very cute animated Duo-related stuff!
Gundaniums and Honey A very neat-looking site that lets you marry a Gundam Pilot! Nae-chan recommends! Back to Base