Nae-chan's FAQ

Ok, here's some questions that people have asked me. Don't worry, it'll grow, of that I'm sure. ^_^
What's with the bubblegum ball?(Of Sandrock and Wing Zero, chapter 2)
Well, there's no real significance to that. Just something Duo might do for the heck of it.
Will you put more stories up?
Yep. In due time.
What's going to happen next?
Yes, I've actually gotten this one! C'mon, like I'm gonna tell you guys?! You'll just have to wait until I put the next chapter up!
When will you update?
When I'm good and ready to! Seriously, I've got school, and I don't always have time to work on this site there. So until there's a break, things might be comin' a little slow.

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