You have to appreciate the weirder things in life!

This is just a bunch of random stuff I've put up for no real reason except that they're taking up space in my hard drive and not really being useful. Have fun!


I knew it! I KNEW it! She's Satan's right-hand woman!
I usually don't like raspberries...but in Quatre's case I can make an exception.

Sleep? Now?? We're just getting started!

Looks good, hon. Why don't you go cook for J-chan? Then you two can go and spar off to burn some calories!

Here's some Anime Kitties I adopted from Adopt A Kitty site! Thanks to Ghost for the neko wa kawaii!!

Oh my gosh! My dream come true! I GOT TO MARRY QUATRE!!!!! Hee hee...Mrs. Quatre Winner... Renee Winner...:::sigh::: Yes, dear, anything for you.  You want some violin music?  How about some tea??Back to Base