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The stories on this site may contain objectionable material: yaoi/shounen ai, some mild yuri action, some swearing, some drunk behavior, and some sexual references. If such things offend you, I ask that you do not read these stories. If you read this disclaimer, ignore it, read the stories, and get offended, I will not be held responsible. It is up to you, this disclaimer is just a warning. DO NOT flame me if you do not like something. I don't take criticism well...^_^

I don't own these guys, either. They are owned by Sunrise/Sotsu Agency. I'm not out to make money with these. I just borrow them for tort...I mean, use in my writings.

About the images: If you see any images on here that you have made, I will either take them down or give you the credit you deserve by putting your site in my Links page.
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