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Konnichi wa! This is the Bios page, where I tell you about my friends, namely the ones in my fics, but I'll put some more up as I draw them : ). Enjoy!

Starting from left to right...

The one in the calico suit is my friend Ran-chan, or Katie. She is an extremely fun person, especially to fight with. She also has a wide array of pictures which I have taken to fill up my hard drive ^_^. She is a big fan of Dragonball Z as well as Gundam Wing.

The girl in the orange suit with spots is J-chan, or Jessica. Her older sister is Anne. Extremely cute, she is obsessed with Wufei and is another interesting character in our crew. She is a freshmen, making her the youngest in our group of sophmores, but that doesn't make her any less cool!

The next person, in the yellow tiger-striped suit,! I'm Nae-chan, or Renee. If you haven't noticed, I've got a thing for Quatre, and am unanimously voted Most Likely To Crack Her Head Open Skydiving. Obviously, I'm also a porn writer ^_^.

And last but not least, there's Suke-chan, or Anne, in that cute little black number over there. Her younger sister is Jessica. Named after an original character, Netsuki Shatomo, she is probably the one you don't want to completely piss off if you value your internal organs. Otherwise, she's sweet as sugar. Being obsessed with Duo, she doesn't believe he could EVER be gay. I could change that...>: ).

This handsome guy in the stripes is William. He's the one who I bow down to every time I see because he made my site look as cool as it does. Not officially part of the crew at 20 going on 21, he's still kick-ass!
Well, that's the crew as it stands today. Keep watching for other people to be added to this site as they add their own personal touches to this page. Arigato for your time!
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