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Hi my name is Rusty! This is my first time to make a websites..well actualy the second time around, well it's because my first site I just kinda forgot my password and I lost track of what I'm doing! So I'll take it one at a time...This is a Graduation Sim Game website so enjoy!

UPDATES so far...

I've been kinda busy in school and I'm having trouble making downloadable gooddies so I've made another site just CLICK HERE! and see my site that I made from school.


3/15/01 Made another Image Gallery and a Poll! Please Vote below!

3/21/01 New gifs are done and a download page is here!

5/11/01 New Graduation links pagehere! and I made another site!


Welcome my name in Bubba Coritmittoe, I'm the principal Seika girls school. Your job is cut out for you, you'll be the homeroom teacher of five highschool girls. These five girls are not your average girls, but have truly unique personalities. Weather they graduate, go into the working world, attend college or fail the results are in your hands! With your teaching, counceling and guidance I'm sure you'll help them succeed. Your the most recent addition to our reputable teaching staff, AREN'T YOU LUCKY! You'll get to spend all your time with young highschool girls your gonna love it! GOOD LUCK!!


Hi there! I'm the new prof, here in this institute! Hmmm? What's that...are you saying I look like that guy from streetfighter? Hell no! I'm the new professor at Seika girls school. I've got my work cut out for me and I'm having trouble just teaching these girls! What you need advice in taking care and teaching these girls? You bought the "GRADUATION SIM GAME"! Well good for you! As a professor I can give you a few tips and advices click below and look for what you need to know about this game, the personalities of each student and the credits and makers of this cool sim game. If your tried of being a Streetfighter or a student in RivalSchools, try being a professor like Mr. Hideo and Ms. Kyoko sensie and let's see how you do as a teacher! Oh and by the way if there are any comments or suggestions here's the email address of the one who made this Graduation (Sim Game) website and visit the makers of Graduation (Sim Game) at

Makers & Credits of The Game
Images(You just love pictures of young teenage girls)
Tips in playing the game
Read the graduation theme song!
Similarities between the OAV girls and Game girls.



Sari (at first glance she's tomboyish, but...)
Misa (looks pretty nerdish and serious, but she's...)
Cyndi (Yeah! your tipical out going gal...)
Rica Atani(cheerful and childish yet...)
Myna (your fragile femine girl still...)

You Are Student Number

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NOTE: I don't wanna get sued by just making a websites for a game I like! GRADUTAION (Sim Game) is alrights reserved by Mixx Entertainment Inc. and Original Japanese Version by Headroom/Tenky, Image Works Co. Ltd. and all capcom game images here are from Capcom. ^_^ any comments or mistakes I made please a email me thanks!