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Welcome to the 2001 fighters oddesey New Letter.

This Rpg is now up and running. So start joing, sparing, trash talking, and battling. Stay tuned to this page for more updates on this RPG. If you get any members to join you will get a lovely bonus of $500. Just make sure we know who recruited who.

News Central

On July 21,2001 a riot broke out right around Time Square. 13 year old Bra Briefs purposly slams her mother Bulma Briefs into the wall for flirting with a man they call Android 17. "It's not my fault she wants this." 17 says. "Ladies always wanted a piece of this Android." he says. While 17 explained to us wha happened, Bra comes from behind and tackles him. "YOU BASTARD!!!HOW DARE U MESS WITH MY MOTHER!!!!I'LL KICK YOUR METAL ASS!!!" she says. Can you believe even flirting hurts as much as love?Do you know anyone that is just like this? I so call 1-800-kic-kass.

*NEW* We Have the mighty Android 17
1. What state where you born in?
  • New York.
    2. Favorite sport?
  • Football and Hockey
    3. What are your hobbies?
  • Makin pics, THC, Dungeons and Dragons, PS2
    4. What is your favorite DBZ character?
  • Cell