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You mean she actually UPDATES??
YES, despite the fact that I
almost NEVER have ANY time to
do ANYTHING. Anyways, here's
where I record all the recent
updates (no duh) and stuff like

4-19 @.@ oy it's been so long since I last
updated! Well, I only have a month left of
school so homeworks won't get in the way ^^
OK, well today I updated the Downloadables
section and added some groovy AOL Icons! I'll
try & work on the Image Gallery Problem ASAP,
5-28 Holy gravy train has it been this
long since I last updated??? Well, sorry,
I was grounded for a month UU;; I spent
most of the time fixing my layout and
some webring problems. Maybe later
today I'll make a more interesting layout.
This one looks so...ew...
7-28 - Wow I thought I'd actually
have time to update over the
summer ;_; I'm sorry for the lack - I
spent most of my time out of town! I built the image
gallery!! So go gawk at the well-
built bishounen this shrine is
dedicated to!