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The OmegaTech RPG

- First, click that link and read those rules if you plan to join!
Taken Characters
- Next, you must look at the taken characters. So there are no duplicates.
The Application
- Now for your last deed, follow the direction, and fill out an application.
RPG Board
- Once you have cleared all the above up... Let the gaming begin!
OOC Board
- This board is for anyone. Don't come in here being an asshole. Any questions about the site, you may want to ask them here. This is basically just a random discussion area though.

Hello my gaming comrades! Another year has begun and after InsidetheWeb screwed up our last RPG I have decided to take it upon myself to start anew. I am bringing back the originals, and I'm just waiting for those new people to send applications. So feel free to submit an application anytime.

Your GameMaster Russ

Any problems with the site, or questions, or maybe you're just some hot chick who wants to talk to the new age Fabio. Just click the above link, and write me.