Animated Gifs

Asuka Gifs:
Asuka turns while wearing a towel
Asuka yells with tea
Asuka Yells at her Cell Phone
Asuka makes a fist
Asuka makes a fist and jumps
Asuka Turns and Smiles
Asuka Runs
Asuka sees her chance
Asuka Shrugs
Asuka is mad and embaressed
Asuka Growls
Asuka hits Shinji
Rei Gifs:
Rei Falls Down
Rei in the entry plug
Bitch Slap!
Rei turns and sees Gendo
Misado Gifs:
Misado takes off her glasses
Misado Drinks
Shinji Gifs:
Shinji wakes up
Angel Gifs:
Zeruel attacks!!
Eva Gifs:
Unit One Shoots
Other Gifs:
Introduction Part One
Introduction Part Two
Evangelion logo 1
Evangelion logo 2