The Morning After -A sequel to “Sleep is Difficult to come By, Due to a Pesky Author”

I don’t own any of these characters, Stanley Steamer Carpet Cleaners, Crest, the Theme from Shaft, or Yebishu Alcohol(interesting assortment, eh?), so I can’t give you permission to use them or their names. Hell, I don’t even have permission! Although I don’t think Asuka or Shinji is going to complain about you using their names, Gainax and ADV Films might have a problem with it. This fan fiction starts the morning after “Sleep is Difficult to Come By”, but it does not include the author’s notes at the end of the story, as they were simply for fun. This story is rated Lime, or R for explicit language, and sexual innuendoes. Enjoy! P.S.: If my girlfriend is reading this, remember it is FICTION!

AUTHOR- Stax E-mail-

Little Friend/ Little Shinji = Well, guess! And if you can’t figure it out, don’t read this fic!

Misado awoke at her usual weekend time of 10:00. She swore at the clock, however, because she realized the pilots all had synch tests today, which started at 12:00.

“Shinji, Asuka, Rei, are you awake yet!?!”

Silence. Hmmm… The Operations Director for NERV thought to herself. Even if Shinji and Asuka didn’t, Rei would’ve remembered the Synch tests. I wonder why they all aren’t awake?. As Misado stood up, she remembered something else, how much she had had to drink last night.

“Oooooooohhhhh, my head…………..”

Pen-Pen poked his head in to see what the noise was about.


Misado looked down. What’s up with Pen’s voice? Her question was answered immediately. Asuka’s panties were stuck on his beak, forcing it shut.

“Oh my god! What was Asuka doing last night!?!?!”

Misado remembered the young pilot’s screams for Kaji and made a guess (an incorrect one however) at what happened.

“Ohhhhhhhhhh, she was masturb-EWWWWWWW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!”

Misado ripped the undergarments off of Pen-Pen’s beak.

“Buggghhhh!” He sighed in relief as he trundled off to the kitchen.

“Well, one crisis averted.” She fell back onto her bed. Once again she stared at the clock.


“Oh fuck!” After a minute of leveraging, she lifted herself back up.

“God I hate hangovers.”

She walked out into the small hall that lay between Asuka’s and her own bedroom. How could Asuka do that to Pen-Pen, she thought. Ms. Katsuragi stood there a moment, trying to think of a way to punish her.

“Hmmmm… No T.V… No Dinner for a week… no Shinji.” She laughed. Even if Asuka wouldn’t admit it, that would be the worst punishment of all for her.

“Wait, that’s it! I’ll make her tell Shinji what she did with Pen-Pen!” Misado chuckled, imagining what the look on Shinji’s face would be like if Asuka were to start talking about Pen-Pen’s long beak entering her deep, va- * poof! *

FAN FICTION POLICE: “Stop, in the name of the law! This is a Lime fic, not a lemon!”

“Oooops, I have a hangover so I forgot…… And what’s with the title? ‘The Morning After?’ The Morning After what!?! And where is the author!?! Ooops again, sorry, hangovers make me angry.”

FAN FICTION POLICE: “Uhhhh (remembering where the author is), can’t talk, got to go. Bye!” * poof *

“God I hate when they do that, it makes me nauseous…”

Once again Misado was jolted back to reality by a whimper of awakening from Asuka’s room. Misado opened the door.

“WHAT THE FUCK!!!!!!!!!!!”

There before Misado lay a scene that would be burned inside her skull for all of eternity. Shinji was lying, awakened by Misado’s yell, across Asuka. Both however, were very, and completely, nude. Shinji blushed so hard it looked as though his head was going to explode.

“H-h-hi-i Mi-mi--s-a—do…”

Asuka whimpered again and snuggled her head up against Shinji.

“Shhh, baka, I’m trying to sleep. You can have your horny dream later…”

“You too, Asuka!”

Asuka’s eyes bolted open. She stuttered a little before speaking.

“Mi-mi-mi-sado, hi! Ummmmm…….”

“What. The. Hell. Happened. Here.” Misado spoke with such conviction that the author had to make each word a sentence just to keep it behind its period.

Asuka’s sense of sarcasm returned to her. “I’ll give you three guesses.”

“I, just, just, can’t deal with this right now in my state. Just, get dressed or something and cum, NO, COME, come to breakfast. We’ll talk about this later. Don’t forget about the sex- SYNCH! Synch-test this afternoon!” Misado blushed and walked out of the room.

What am I going to do with those two? She wondered. She was thinking about this when she walked into the living room.

As Misado entered this room, she began to look like a broken door, or at least her lower jaw did. It resembled a broken door as it had just unhinged itself from Misado and was currently hanging somewhere near the floor.

There, on the living room floor and under some heavy flannel covers, was Rei. But she was neked as a jaybird. And she wasn’t alone. Underneath her was the author, with a large smile plastered on his face. Both were awake and talking to each other as though it wasn’t strange at all that they were both nude.

“Thank, thank you Stax. Last night was, well..” Rei smiled and Misado’s jaw fell even further. ”..well, you know.”

What the hell!? Misado thought-yelled. What had happened to the cute little teenagers who had been here last night?! What made all of this happen?? She wasn’t able to think anymore on that subject, for Stax began to speak.

“Hoho, you are correct ma’am!” He said in a horrible impression of Johnny Carson. Stax leaned up and gave Rei a little kiss on the cheek. He then mumbled something Misado couldn’t hear.

“I’ll never leave you Rei. Ever.”

At that moment, Shinji and Asuka came out of her room. Asuka was nibbling Shinji’s ear.

“Morning Misado-san, how are you..”

Misado whirled around and told them to be quiet. She motioned at them for them to come look. When they saw what was happening in the living room, they reacted just as Misado had. Soon three jaws were dusting the floor (a floor which badly needed a dusting) with their chins.

“Hey Misado, is that what I think it is?!” Asuka whispered amazed.

“Well I think you would know after what you and Shinji did last night-“

“Not that, THAT!” She pointed at a red/white aerosol can and open plastic box on the floor next to Rei and Stax.

“WHIPPED CREAM AND STRAWBERRIES!!” Misado was quite good at showing her astonishment in hushed tones.

“They must have had one hell of a night,” Shinji said in wonderment, staring at Rei moving back and forth, back and forth hovering over the author. He began to get a little, well, no, his long, no I can’t say that in a Lime fic either, Damn! Let’s just say his buddy Little Shinji made his presence known to the world, through Shinji’s boxer shorts.

“Hey! What are you so happy about!?” Asuka asked quietly, but angrily. But to make sure she got a truthful answer, she, ah, put Little Shinji in a headlock with her hand; and squeezed hard.

Shinji rushed a reply in an attempt to free his friend.“ Owowow! NoAsukait’snotlikethat! IhadalotoffunlastnightandIwasthinkingabouthatjustnow! That’swhatdidthat!” He whimpered. Asuka let go, but not for Shinji, she thought to herself, but because I couldn’t have any fun with broken toys. She snickered. Somehow throughout this whole little encounter neither Rei nor Stax had turned and noticed the little troop of Peeping Tom’s.

“mmmMMmmmm…” Rei’s head began to move down under the sheets.

“Oh Rei! You don’t have to do that if you don’t want to!”

“But Stax, what if I do want to?” Rei lips upturned again into something that resembled a devious smile. She continued downwards.

“Stop!!” Misado yelled. She had cried out at the worst moment for myself, the author, as it denied me any fun. Rei’s eyes were currently level with my navel.

“What are you doing with innocent little Rei?!?!?! And I mean besides the obvious!!”

“I’m not so innocent anymore, Major.” Rei’s devious smile held up to Misado’s stunned, yet angry glare.

“I can’t believe I’m saying this to Wondergirl, but.….. right on!”

I, the brave man that I am, stepped in to avoid confrontation. “I can explain Miss Misado. I just happened to come along(Misado’s thoughts: Yeah right, just happened to.) and I saw Rei run out of Shinji’s room.” Shinji and Asuka both turned their heads slightly, puzzled. ”It turned out that last night she had decided to, ah, um, do something to Shinji, jeez even now I have a hard time saying it, ummmmm…”

Shinji himself was the first to realize what I meant. His eyes popped out of their sockets and landed somewhere near the lying pile of entangled flesh that was Rei and myself. Shinji’s friend came along yet again. But Asuka, seeing this, flexed her hand into a fist. Little Shinji’s visit was very short.

“But when she saw Asuka-“

“I didn’t hear anyone come in though,” Shinji said, after recovering from his fear of Asuka’s hand of pain.

“Well you were a little busy, weren’t you Shinji,” Asuka intervened matter of factly while giving Rei a dirty look. Shinji blushed even more. Although the blush was no longer able to get deeper, it just covered a larger area of his face, you could see the difference.

“Anyway, when she saw Asuka she realized she had been too slow and was too late.”

“ Damn right! Shinji’s mine!” Asuka hugged Shinji tight from behind. Shinji’s blush widened some more.

“Anyway, I myself had decided that the next time I saw Rei I had to tell her how I felt. It was just dumb luck that we met. (Misado: Yeah, dumb luck. That’s what I call a dumb excuse) I comforted her, and told her how I felt. Well, backrubs led to hugs, hugs led to kisses, and kisses led to, well, this.” Stax waved his hand around the room, which, as impossible as it may seem, was even messier than usual.

“Mein Gott!” Asuka exclaimed, when she looked around the living room for the first time this morning. She was dazed. Bits of plastic, old magazines, fish skeletons, used Tampons, and then there was the stuff the writer and Rei did. Broken lamps, cracked walls, and there were some curiously smelling stains on the floor. “Hehe..”

“Both of you get dressed now! Yes Mr. Author I’m ordering you around! Get your butt moving! Rei here’s your dress-eww.. what are these stains? * sniff * * coughing * Oh, never mind, just wear this!” Misado threw her a dress that looked as though it had been lying on the floor since the 80’s. The 1880’s that is.

The composer of this piece was frightened by Misado, even though he knew that with a wave of his hand he could make her disappear. The way she was now, he was afraid he wouldn’t get that wave. Stax stood up partly before he realized that he wasn’t wearing any clothes.

This time Asuka and Misado’s eyeballs got flying lessons. Shinji looked annoyed that his girlfriend was getting horny for someone else, just as he had, but he couldn’t do anything about it without taking a risk with his Little Buddy’s happiness. But if he so much as looked below Rei’s chin he would get slapped (not by Rei though), or worse. This sucks, he thought to himself.

The author, as if reading, Shinji’s sat right back down and apologized. Asuka, after recovering from her shock (Author thought’s: Hehe, shock from looking at my hot naked flesh), and tried to cheer Shinji back up.

“Don’t feel bad little Shin-kun * hug *, he’s nothing compared to you.” Asuka then winked at the author over Shinji’s shoulder. The writer replied by shaking his head, rolling his eyes, and sucking on Rei’s shoulder. She let out a surprisingly loud moan.

After a minute of uncomfortable silence the author said,” Well, if you don’t want to see us naked, but you want us to get dressed, you might consider leaving for a minute!”

“Now mister, in my house, I give the orders. Now everyone, uh, um, hmmmmmm, leave so that they can get dressed!”

The little group stepped out of the living room and into Asuka’s (it was the closest).

“Uohhhhhhh, What is that smell. It seems familiar… Like the stains on Rei’s dress- EWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW!!!” Misado ran out of the girl’s room leaving Shinji and Asuka alone. They had learned their lesson however( don’t do the wild thing if Misado might catch you) so they sat down to wait.

After a few minutes, Asuka, Misado, and Shinji heard Ayanami call out that they were ready, so they returned to the living room. As Misado walked in, she groaned.

“UHHHHhhhh, now that I’ve had a breath of fresh air, this whole house smells like, well, god this is uncomfortable!! We’ll have to call a cleaning company, and you will all chip in to pay for their visit! But who can I call on a weekend?…”

Pen-Pen walked into the room, and surprised everyone with his squeaks. “How about ‘Stanley Steamers, tough on dirt, gentle on carpets! Reasonable rates! Get 6 areas in your home cleaned for just $24’ ?”

Everyone stared at the little penguin.

“Well Misado, the only things that work and that I can use during the day around this house are the T.V and the phone, so of course I’ll pick up a little English!”

Everyone still stared. Misado broke the human’s silence. “Well, that explains the delivery boy who was here when I came home early that time. Hehe…. Silly penguin…. Come on, let’s eat!”

The group did not discuss the previous night’s happenings at all. But, since it was still on everyone’s minds, conversation was awkward.

Misado started the meal off as usual by popping a beer, and then making up an excuse for drinking it. “What the hell kind of shit are you eating Asuka? Don’t you know that a traditional Japanese breakfast is bread, some miso soup, and a little sake?!”

“MMhmmm, sure Misado. I personally like these cereals with marshmallow thingies.”

“Yeah, they’re magically delicious.” Shinji muttered, laughing under his breath.

“What did you say?!?”

“Nothing! Nothing! Absolutly nothing!”

“Good. As I was saying, this cereal is really good. I like putting strawberries on it. Sometimes even some whipped cream to wake myself up in-“ Asuka stopped talking realizing what she had said (Whipped Cream and Strawberries). Shinji snickered again.

A moment of silence overtook the room. To everyone’s surprise, Rei was the one to break it. “Thank you Major, for taking me in last night.”

“Oh Rei, I told you before, it’s nothing. I’m sure you would’ve done the same for us if we really needed it! Now as for you,” Misado pointed at the author with her spoon, “ You were uninvited!”

Stax stopped staring at Rei and jumped away from Misado, as though being awakened from a trance. He blushed. “ That reminds me, I really must be going. Ciao!”

Misado muttered, still angry that the author had been able to talk to Rei more (and do more than talk!) in one night than Misado had in all the time she knew Rei. “Ooohh, so fancy. If it were up to me I’d shove all your ‘Ciao!’ up my royal Japanese as-“

“Uh, Misado….” Shinji poked the head of the house (how many different ways can I say Misado, crimeny!) on the arm lightly with a spoon.

“Ooooops, hehe, did I say that out loud?”

Mr. Stax got a frightened look in his eye, sort of like a (pardon the cliché) deer caught in the headlights of a car. * poof! * and he was gone. For the first time that morning, Rei looked at the rest of the table besides where Stax had been sitting. A forlorn expression came onto her face.

“Well, I’m done,” she said getting up from the table and pushing away her still half-full bowl of oatmeal.

“I don’t blame you Wondergirl, that oat stuff is nasty!”

She kept walking to the living room without responding. As she reached her bedding from the night before, her head shook a little and she kneeled down to put it all in the wash.

“You know, if I didn’t know her, I might think something was wrong. But this is almost exactly how Wondergirl acts normally!”

“Shut up, Asuka.” Asuka cast a dirty look at Shinji for his remark.

” And when did you start to care about her so much anyways, O Master and Lord Shinji?” Asuka responded, nudging Shinji.

“I, uh, just, ummm, feel bad for her. Yeah, I actually have a sense of empathy unlike some people in this room.” Shinji pretended to cough. “Ch-asuka!”

“Well then, if that’s how you feel, you should look forward to an empty bed tonight! Hmpph!”

Shinji, ” No, Asuka, Noooo! Please, I’m sorry, I’m stupid, dumb, not worthy of your presence! Please!!!”

Misado snickered while watching the proceedings. “You’re getting pretty good at controlling him Asuka. He’s whipped!”

Shinji’s blush the side of a small Volkswagen returned. To hide it he ducked his head under the table. Right into Pen-Pen’s bowl.

“Ppsslapphhh!” The Third Child spat Penguin food onto the already dirty kitchen counter.

“Crimeny Shinji, if your that hungry, finish Rei’s oatmeal!” Misado chuckled again.

In the hour that followed breakfast, the crew had packed into Misado’s sporty 2-door sedan and driven off towards NERV’s Central Dogma Parking Complex and Mini Mall (NERV needed cash badly). Asuka, however, to save room, had come up with the idea of sitting in Shinji’s lap. Rei sat in the back with the two of them. Shinji didn’t complain.

“Asuka, you do know that there are 4 seats so you can sit without being ON Shinji-san!”

“Ohhh Shinji, you heard Misado, do you want me to get off?” Asuka put on her Bambi eyes, full power.

Shinji’s eyes bulged out of their sockets. He swallowed hard as he looked up and down Asuka’s curvaceous body, which, luckily for the Third Child, was right on his hip.

“Uhhhuhuhuhuh, nononono, that’s ok. You don’t have to use up the energy it would take to move because of me! “ His voice than screeched into an octave so high that dogs in cars passing by howled. He smiled shakily and Misado rolled her eyes.

“ Why thank you Shin-kun, I won’t!” She smiled a smile at him that melted any thoughts in his head that weren’t Asuka-related. The sun caught one of her gleaming white teeth, which in turn, reflected into Shinji’s eye. That brought him back to reality.

“OOOOOOOOOOOOWWWWWWWWWW!!!!” He clutched his eye in agony.

“ See Asuka, I told you not to use so much of that Crest Extra Whitening!!”

“Ohhh, Shin-kun, do you have a boo-boo?”

“You’re damn right I have a fucking ‘boo-boo’ !!”

“Well! If you talk like that I won’t kiss it to make it go away!”

Shinji shook his head, as he was stuttering so much he could barely speak.” No, I’m sorry about my potty mouth. I uh-um-hmm-hehe-uhhhhaouhhhh…….”

He was cut short by Asuka, who, instead of kissing his eyelid, started to suck on it.

“MMmmm, does that feel all better now?” Let’s see if you have any other boo-boo’s.” She started to rub her hand under his shirt and wash his face with her tongue at the same time.

“Hey hey! Cut it out!!” Misado turned around and pulled the two apart.

“There,” Misado said exasperated.” Now don’t do that again! Stop being so horny!!”


“Yes Rei?”

“If you and both your arms are here in the back with us, who is driving the car?”

Everyone turned and looked out the front windshield. They were on the wrong side of the road. As cars whooshed past, snippets of their driver’s comments could be heard.

“What the fuck-“

“Where did you learn to driv-“

But our hero’s weren’t paying attention to those voices. All eyes were on the eighteen-wheeler Mack truck that they were heading for.

“Oh shit-“ was all Misado could say as she tried to grab the wheel. But, before she could, they hit. BAMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! As Misado fluttered into unconsciousness, she swore that she could hear the author’s voice.

“I leave you kids alone for an hour and look what happens-“

Rei’s eye’s opened slowly. Above her was a ceiling she had seen to many times. The NERV hospital ceiling.

As she tried to sit up, a surge of agony shot through her side. She looked down at her hip. Wrapped around Ayanami’s waist was a bandage so large it almost looked comical. Or, at least it would have been comical if not for the deep crimson stain that could only be one thing. Blood.

She looked around the room she was in. All around her were the others who were sitting in the car. Shinji and Asuka to the left and right, Misado straight across. Also, sitting asleep next to her in a chair was Toji. Rei poked him.


“Wha- I didn’t do anything! I wasn’t involved! Huh? Oh, hehe, hi Rei..”

“What are you doing at my bedside?”

“Oh, um, the teacher gave me these printouts that have been piling up on you, Shinji, and Asuka’s desks. Here you go!” He looked down at the papers he was handing Rei. He tried to pull away a photo that was on the top, but it fell into Rei’s lap. It was a photo of the class rep kneeling with her legs wide open. Scribbled on one side were the words, “Hey Toji: If your still hungry after lunch, why don’t you come and eat me?”

“Why do you have a photo of Hikari in-“ Rei looked closely at the photo, “in a leather bikini?” She gave Toji a skeptical look.

“Duh, uhhhh, heeeehee, ouhhh, hmmm, nnnnnn, uh, you know Rei,” Toji avoided the question, “ You’ve been unconscious for three days now.”

“Three days! Did an Angel attack??”

“Well, for a while they thought one was attacking but it turned out that Shigeru had plugged his electric guitar into the Magi and it screwed with their systems.”

“Oh, thank god!” Rei then started to think about how silly it was of her to thank god for that. If ANGELS were attacking, then messengers of God were attacking. Thinking about the Angels being messengers of God brought back memories of Shinji(who had once pointed this fact out), which in turn reminded her of ,me (she thinks about me a lot, eh?). The forlorn expression returned.

“Well, I’ll just be going now Rei. I hope you can come back to school. It’s to , uh, quiet, * Toji snickers * when you’re not there.” He walked out of the room, stopping to put Shinji and Asuka’s paper’s on their bedside tables.

Rei lay back down in her bed. Toji had left his photo of Hikari on Rei’s lap. It was so odd seeing the class rep in such a strange outfit. Rei started to think about the idea of something going on between the two. She looked closer at the picture.

“Hello Rei, I see that your awake.” Dr. Ritsuko Akagi walked into the room.

“Dr., Dr. Akagi!” Rei shoved the picture under the bed covers.

“Good, good, so no amnesia, eh? Hehe…” Sarcasm? That was nothing like the Ritsuko that Rei knew.

“Uh, I suppose not. I remember everything.”

“Well then I have a small matter to discuss with you. Some of my test results show that your virginity seems to have, ah, vanished.”

Rei’s eyes bulged. How could they know about that? She (Rei) had been unconscious for the whole time she was in this hospital.

An image appeared of a doctor strapping on a latex glove with Rei’s unconscious body lying on an examining table with a back-less hospital gown on. When the doctor became visible however, it made a little more sense.

She saw Ritsuko. Somehow Rei thought that Ritsuko, uh, “floated that fetishy boat”. But even so, no self-respecting doctor would do that. Once again Ritsuko’s image appeared along with Gendo who was giving her the “suck it” sign. Hmmmmm……. Rei started to question Ritsuko’s self-respect, but the good doctor’s rambling’s brought her back to reality.

“In fact, our tests show that you seem to have lost it to a handsome young man, who is also quite muscular. Interesting…” What!!! Rei thought, What kind of test tells you what your first timer assistant looks like?

“Yes, quite muscular, AND intelligent. Hmmm, you’re quite a lucky girl…..”

Wait a minute, Rei thought again, she had heard this kind of exaggeration before. But it had been a joke by, Stax. Oh.

“You can put down that silly charade Stax.”

“Damn! I thought I had you fooled!” * poof! * Ritsuko disappeared and was replaced by a tall boy with dirty blond hair and a ponytail. “I didn’t know if you would want to talk after I ran out of Misado’s apartment and left you.”

“It’s all right, just come here.” Rei reached out her arms. The author steps over and grabs Rei with both arms and started to cry.

“I’m sorry. I should have known better than to leave you in MISADO’s care if I wasn’t there to watch over you!”

“It’s all right, it’s all right. I just want to know, why did you come into my room ?”

“Well, for two reasons. First, I wanted to see you as soon as you woke up, but Toji was already there so I had to wait. Second, you were about to look at that photo Toji left, right?” Rei’s mentally slapped herself. Of course, Stax can see everything in this fan-fiction. “Well, of course you were, but I didn’t want you to go getting strange ideas about Hikari and forget little old me now did I?”

For the first time in her life, Rei blushed.

“I could never forget you…”

A month had past since this incident. Finally, the trio of pilots had returned to school. Not that they learned much, however, as the teacher just kept talking about the Second Impact over and over again. Also, Asuka and Shinji, who had had worse injuries than Rei, had gotten addicted to pain killers. This addiction and it’s affects on them, are seen in this encounter at school.

Asuka: “Hey stupid teacher person, SHADDUP!”

Hikari: “Asuka, why don’t you show some respect and shut up!”

Shinji: “Don’t you be talkin’ to my woman like that!” * Shinji grabs Hikari’s collar *

* bam! * Toji punches Shinji and Shinji loses his grip on Hikari.

Toji: “I don’t care if your on drugs, hands off!”

Shinji: “Huh! You think your soooo big, but I could* bonk! *” Shinji falls over and hits his head on his desk.

* The Theme From Shaft begins to play and the world zooms in on Toji *

“He’s a complicated man, and no one understands him but his Wo-o-o-man… Suzehara! He’s one bad mother-shut your mouth! I’m just talkin’ bout’ Toji…”

Toji, “You damn right!”

Hikari, “Sit down, Toji!” She then grabbed him in a place she didn’t usually grab people.

“Oo-o-o-oo, Ok….”

“And shut off that music!”

* Shaft Theme gets really quiet, the voices start to whisper, and the world turns to look at Hikari *

“She’s a complicated gal, and no one understands her but her guy pal…Hikari! She’s one bad mother-shut your mouth! I’m just talkin’ bout’ Hikari…”

“Heehee..” * Hikari blushes *

Another month had passed. An Angel had come and gone. It was common knowledge now that Shinji and Asuka slept in the same bed each night. It was also known that the amount of money that Rei spent at the supermarket monthly had gone way up, mainly in the whipped cream area.

As another day of Eva practice draws to a close, our heros are descending on an escalator. Rei interrupts Asuka to say something.

“Well, that fumigation they did in my apartment didn’t stick, they’re going to do it again. I guess I will have to stay in a hotel….”


Author’s note’s:

Hahahahahahaha!!! Thus I end another brilliant piece!!!! REIREIREIREIREIREIREIREIREIREIREIREIREIREIREIREI! I want Rei so bad, I ask for her by name!!!!! EEEEEEEEHEHEHEHE!!!!

Toji punches the author.” Ah! The only good parts were the ones with me in em’!”

“What about me?!?!” * Hikari puts on her women’s wrestler look *

“Uhhhh, and the parts with you were great!”

Asuka, raising a fist at Toji, “AND ME!?!?!?!?!?!?”

“The parts with you were good too, no offense was meant!”

Shinji, “Uh, hi Toji..”

“Finally, someone I can beat up!” * punch! *

For the lazy bums who can’t be bothered to look at the top of this fic: Author: Stax

The Real End