Vegeta's Gravitron

Welcome to my Veggie page.Feel free to run around(if the gravity isn't too much for you)and touch everything...including Vegeta in his "painted on" pants!

One of personal favorets...he really is made of steel...or at least he looks metalic.
(GT)The layout of Veggie being possesed.
An outstanding pic of the prince that any veg. fan would love.
On his way to Earth before he joined the forces of good.
The prince on Namek...and he doesn't look happy...then again, when does he?
You know,Bulma...if you don't wash him,he'll just stay dirty and think that everyone fears him over reputation(more like B.O.!) ^-^
Bulma knows he doesn't want help, but this time he needs it.
Getting a good work out in the gravitron...he is wearing pants, right?
Getting a bird's eye view of were Gero might have run off to.

...and many more to come!!!