My Other page

Welcome to the "Other" page. Here is where I store all those "other" bad guys that I couldn't make a whole page from.Hope you find who your looking for! ^-^

Android 19 reaching out to Goku's energy blast.
A scan of Android #13 from my magazine I got in Spain.
A scan of Android #8 from my mag. I got in Spain. He was a sweety and good friend of Goku's in the Dragon Ball series(regular,not DBZ). Goku called him 8ball for short...they were a cute team too!^-^
Dr. Gero(A-20)head shot.
Gero is looking especially scarry when a car almost runs into him.
Dr. Gero(A-20)killing Yamcha.(dam* him)
Freiza's dad...that's a
Red guy I scaned from my mag....(looks kinda cool)'s Knappa in hand-cuffs!(not by a woman I can asure you)
Ugly Syibamen who pop out of the ground when planted.(ak!)
Good pic of Garlic holding Kami in a jar.
Spiceboys...more like HOCHY boys to me!
Ah, an eye!...of one of the Spiceboys(?)
It's Princess Snake's guards forcing Goku to stay.(could you blame them?)
Goz and Mez are ogars in HELL that try to prevent Goku from getting out.
Goz and Mez
Zaacro and Raiti are imatation Namekians.
Z and R reveil themselves and try to keep Bulma, Gohan, and Krilin from reaching the real Namek.
Princess Snake trys to convince Goku to stay with her.(could you blame her?)
Aaahhh...this is what happens when Goku turns her down because he loves Chichi(you go Kakarrott!)

...and many more to come!!!