My Other page

Welcome to the "Other" page. Here is where I store all those "other" good guys that I couldn't make a whole page from.Hope you find who your looking for! ^-^

This is a screen shot of Gotenks(Gohan/Trunks)from one of the many video games.
This is a screen shot of Vegetto(Vegeta/Goku)from one of the many video games.
It's the eternal dragon in all his glory!
The eternal dragon from one of the many video games!
It's Chiaotzu using a blast in training.
It's King Kai...putting up with Goku and his habbit of eating people out of house and home. Now we get a feel for Chichi and the root of her crabbyness!(It has a good least he's cute, Chichi)6_~
A classic sceen of father and son(Bardok & Goku).
It's Tapion, YAY! He's so cute and cool. I'd do him in a second! (jk)
This woman(Bulma's unknown)is SO happy that her eyes never seem to come out of the squint mode!I dodn't know WHAT she's been drinking but she needs to put it away!!!
It's Oubu!...trying to blast S-17 with the help of others and it never seems to be pretty!(I'm rooting for both teams, actually...S-17 and the Zcrew...sorry Goku, his hair is so pretty with devious eyes like ice...could you forgive me guys?)
As much as I despise Mr. Satan, being Videl's father is what keeping him off of my "to kill" list.(I'd hate to see Videl with out a matter how EGOtistical he is!)
yay(non enthused)'s Mr. Satan again...god I hate that guy!
Oh lookie, it's Chichi's daddy, the Ox King!(I wonder who her mom is...I mean, he's a big guy, you see...never mind)

...and many more to come!!!