...in person!

Hey there! My name is Mirna. Here are some things to learn about me...^,~...besides my obsession with DBZ. :P

NAME: Mirna

SEX: Yes, please...0_o...(just kidding)female

AGE: 19 (made this web page when I was 17)

FAV.color: green

FAV.animal: cheetah

Anime I like: DBZ,SM,Tenchi Muyo,S. Hunters,Slayers,
Outlaw Star,Blue Sub6,Ghost in a Shell,Bastard,Key the
Metal Idol,Saber Marionett,Digimon{for my inner child},R. Kenshin,...

NAMES: My first anime was Sailor Moon...that explains
why my "e-mail me" button has Jup on it...I was dubbed
by my SM freinds as sailor jupiter(Lita). Then I got into DBZ...
and my DBZ friends dubbed me as Marron(18+Krilin's
daughter), but since I don't have many pics of her, on the
internet, I pose as my mom, #18.

HOBBIES: I love to roller blade,swim,draw,make Kiss dolls,
drive accross town for anime goods,and participate in track
+field and cross country events...6_6

PETS: I have a female "bird dog" who will eat anything!!!...
including the laundry...(glare out side my balcony window at a
brown, fuzzy object up rooting the rose bushes)...stupid dog.
And I have a pet rat...a black one named Vegeta. It suits him
well...he hates pretty boys(the hampsters)and will take on
anyone, despite his hight!*I always had better luck
with rodents any way*...(glance over at the "shark bite" in my
board)X_x!!!...stupid dog.(the one before her was a sweet-
heart...the new one's a monster!)

EXTRA: My mom is from Spain(came here when she was 18)so my sisters(4 of us)speak spanish as well as my dad(he's American). So, I speak English and Spanish fluently...so if you ever need any help with translating...I can help! I also model...so if you need any tips or wan't some info on getting started, E-mail me...I'd love to talk to you! ^-^

DBZ OVER SEAS: Spain loves DBZ and their back to school folders have GT pics on it! I bought as much as I could while I was their and as soon as my dumb as* scanner DECIDES to work, I'll put my comics, and other stuff from Spain,up.