Gohan's Study Hall

Welcome to my Gohan page. I just love the fact that he grows up to be a sweety like his dad and poses as the Great Sajin Man in high school! Videl is so lucky...he's smart, cute, sweet, and fights!

This is good head shot.
This was from that cute episode when he looses his new dino friend to a t-rex.
Here he is with his dragon friend Icarus.
This is from a group shot in the Turlus movie...Oooh, Turlus...too fine!
Here he is later on in life with Trunks, and the whole bit.
Here he is under the training of Piccolo-san while Goku crosses snake way.
Here's a screen shot of him from one of the many video games.
This is at the end of the Dead Zone movie when he decides to kick Garlic Jr.'s as* for hurting his daddy.
Here he is all cute and ready to go to school.
It's Great Sajin Man trying to defeat a cell-like thing.
(running up to the screen).

...and many more to come!!!