The Ginyu Force

Welcome to my Ginyu page.This is the elete force that Freiza was forced to summon when the Z fighters gave him trouble on Namek.Their first impresion was quite memerable...they were so gay and funny that I couldn't help but laugh at them and love every enterence they made.They're just too funny and entertaining!

This is Jace(or however you wan't to spell it). He's my favorit member of the GForce.
This is Berter. Lots of people tend to like him, although I'm not sure why.
This is Recoome. He seems to remind me of Knappa so don't get the two confused!
They await in the shadows for their big enterence!
And here they are!
And here's a beter clip of the group, looking cocky and over confident.
Jace and Veggie are batling it out!
(On the ground and pleaing for mercy) "Oh, thees ees jus greit! Noow I'v goot doost in my hair!"(my fav. quote)
Jace is ready to attack Goku...but can he handle it?
Berter is ready too.
They're both going to try an attack together.

...and many more to come!!!