Freiza's Ship

Welcome to Freiza's ship. If you're a sajin, beware for you will become his new slave...and if you're Zarbon...lets just say you'll be a "slave" of a whole new level...and it pays well too!(it's hard being a pretty boy)

Freiza's dad is so incredably GAY that it sickens me to see him(and hear him...I hate his English voice).
I love this pic!He looks cute with that eye was random, but true...or at least I think so.
He's back from hell(literally)and plans on fighting older Gohan.
Good pic of him all dirty 'n stuff!(DB)
I like him in this form...despite his double nipples... o_0
Cool screen shot of him.
Oh,yeah...he's got that smile like he's got something on his mind...
I love his facial expression in this one.

...and many more to come!!!